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I've always loved writing lists, and the satisfaction of ticking things off those lists is such a good feeling! Most of the notes I write are always for day to day and short term goals, but more recently (ok, as the big 3-0 approaches next year) I've been thinking more about longer term goals, and what I'd like to achieve before my 30th birthday in 2019. Thus, the 30 before 30 list is born! I hope by recording these on the internet that I'll definitely try my damn hardest to complete as many as possible, and I think it will be really cool to do an update of how I got on with reaching my goals come next year. So, here goes...


1. Get married
I don't want a massively long engagement, but with me on maternity leave and other things a financial priority at the moment, I'm hoping that it's not too adventurous of me to plan to be married by June 2019.

2. Honeymoon somewhere exotic
Oh baby! Perhaps the Maldives? I'm sure we will have zero cash after our wedding but a girl can dream of white sandy beaches eh?

3. Take Reuben on his 1st holiday abroad 
LOL I don't think baby boy would be coming on honeymoon with us, but I'd love to take him on his first holiday next year. Location tbc - any suggestions?

 4. Move house
We currently live in a 1 bedroom flat, and are keen to be renting a 2 bed asap, hopefully before Christmas this year so Reuben can have his own room (that would be the dream)

5. Get more tattoos on my legs
My arms are officially full of tattoos now, so it's time to start filling the gaps on my legs. Feel like I've not been tattooed in so long! So I think I'll ask for a wee voucher for my birthday in June.

6. Sew patch collection on my denim jacket 
I bought the 'perfect' denim jacket last year, which I have been saving all my patches for. They're all iron on ones but I know they will need reinforced with sewing too, which could take a while! Perfect activity for a crafternoon.

7. Learn to cook with my mum
I'm hoping to start a monthly cook off with my Mum to master some of my favourite recipes which she cooks. I think we are gonna take pictures along the way and put together a little book as a keepsake too.

8. Reach my goal weight 
I know it shouldn't be all about the numbers, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to eat better and stay active. So if that reduces the number on the scale for me then that would be great. Not a massive amount mind you, just enough to fit back into my pre baby body clothes.

9. Volunteer locally 
I've always wanted to volunteer in the local area but not even sure where to start. This is something I need to do a bit more research on!

10. Save a deposit for a house
Moving into a rented 2 bed house is our priority right now, then once we have done that we'll start thinking about saving a deposit to buy our own home. Can that be done in just over a year? I guess we'll find out haha.

Outfit details

Jacket - Want That Trend // Shirt - Lazy Oaf (old) // Shoes - Want That Trend // Watch - Nordgreen //
Engagement Ring - Bloody Mary Metal // Pin Badge - Little Arrow Studio (sold out)

11. Read more
I don't read anywhere near as much as I used to. I'd love to get back into reading books, even if its just one new book every 1-2 months. Any suggestions for getting me started?

12. Use the manual setting on my camera 
My photographer friend Ashley always encourages me to switch my camera from auto to manual, and this is something I'd like to not be afraid of and eventually master!

13. Blog once a week
I've never had a proper blogging schedule as such. I really take my hat off to those of you who manage to post on the regular! I'd like to start posting once a week and be consistent with that.

14. Hit 10k on instagram
This will probably be pretty impossible considering the strange algorithm that's been going on in recent months. But I hope if I continue to post good content and up my engagement with the people I follow, I'll perhaps be able to build my following to 10k! (shameless plug while we're here haha, @hellorogue)

15. Keep chickens
It's always been a dream of mine to have some chickens! Hopefully if our next house has a garden we will be able to do just that.

16. Work on another feature film
The tv/film industry is booming in Scotland at the moment. When I do eventually get back to work I would love to get onboard the art dept on any feature film shooting up here. The last one I did, The Wife (with Glenn Close and Christian Slater) should be in cinemas next year too.

17. Design and make tshirts/tote bags
I'd love to do a LBOH x Black Pine Coffee collab with Pete! Some tea/coffee inspired designs that I just need to get out my brain and onto paper.
18. Learn how to make coffee
Considering my other half owns a coffee shop, I still don't know how to make a proper coffee with fancy shapes in the foam! Is foam even the right word? Don't tell me I've stumbled before the first hurdle...

19. Hold a dinner party
I mean like a proper grown up come dine with me style party. Gotta learn how to cook from scratch first though huh. And get a house big enough for a dining table.

20. Do Veganuary 
I'd like to start making changes in my diet with more veggie and vegan choices. Once I feel prepared enough, I'll try to be vegan for a month and see how that goes. Definitely before next january though.

Nordgreen watch

 21. Work on my personal style 
I feel like I don't have a defined style at all, so it would be good to start gaining more confidence with my fashion choices. Lynsay, Amanda and Sheri are my inspirations for this!

22. Sing karaoke and share the proof online
Hahahaha. I'm serious! Will probably need a few gins before I do this one though.

23. Learn how to do French plaits/braids 
In between cooking sessions I'm hoping my hairdresser mumma can show me how to do ALL THE BRAIDS.

24. Go scuba diving 
Perhaps a potential good one for honeymoon activities if Pete was up for it too. I just love the water, and swimming, and think scuba diving would be bloody amazing.

25. Run a 10k
In my bid to get healthier and fitter! I'll probably start with a 5k first though.

26. Book a personal shopping session 
Thinking about improving my personal style, I should probably book a personal shopping session to explore clothes outside my comfort zone, suggested by someone with a totally unbiased opinion )I know Victoria does these at Intu Braehead and they are totally free too)

27. Go camping in Scotland
The Scottish countryside is absolutely beautiful and I'm dying to see more of it. Maybe a log cabin would be better though if it's a totally mad idea to take a baby camping? It is, isnt it... Don't think I'll be getting nominated for Mum Of The Year any time soon hahaaaa.

28. Get more ear piercings 
I've sorta maxed out the amount of facial piercings I want/have, but after seeing all the amazing jewellery Lola at Forevermore Tattoo stocks I think I'm gonna start getting more ear piercings with some pretty gems to match.

29. Take Reuben to the tattoo convention in Edinburgh
The Scottish Tattoo Convention is actually a really fun family day out, and I'd love to take Reuben when it comes back next March. Don't worry - I know he's a bit too young for a tattoo at the moment ;)

30. Migrate my blog over to wordpress
Blogger has done me so well all these years, but I feel like now might be time to move over to wordpress (or a similar host?) for various seo and user friendly related reasons! I still haven't worked out why blogger has reduced the quality of the photos in this post when they're crystal clear in Flickr. Another annoying reason I'm over this platform now. If anyone knows how to fix that in the meantime let me know.

Joolz Day2Geo

Pram - Joolz Day2Earth // Changing backpack - Amazon (Sold out)

SO, that's my plan of 30 things I'd like to achieve before I turn 30. Do you have any similar lists you're working on at the moment? Link me, I'd love to have a wee nosy. Before I hit publish on this post I read the list out to Pete, and with a massive grin on his face he just exclaimed UH, GOOD LUCK! Oh boy, just you watch this space...


  1. You’ve got some goood ones there.


  2. My dad was an extra in The Wife he said he loved working on it :)

  3. Great list lovely! I've actually been really in the mood for a drunken karaoke night out lately... although, if you're nervous, I'm sure there are places in town you can hire a room with your besties, we did that at Hummingbird for my hen (admittedly eight years ago now so I've no idea if they still do it there).

    I'm putting running a 5k on my 40 before 40 list, which I'm publishing soon - I learned from the last time that a year isn't enough, haha. I've walked one before, but never run... further than 100m...

    Lis / last year's girl x

  4. That's a pretty jam-packed list! I love the idea of learning to cook with your Mum and I'm a sucker for a tote bag so yes get designing please aha.

    Good luck with your goals, I hope you smash them all!xx