Our highland elopement

Scottish Elopement Wedding

A week ago today, Pete and I tied the knot! We travelled up north with our two witnesses (our dear friends Ashley and Liam) and stayed in the stunning Driftwood House on Camusdarach Beach in Arisaig. Our elopement was a closely guarded secret, and we only confided in a handful of family and close friends about the plans for our big day. Despite the wild Scottish weather taking a turn for the worse the morning of the ceremony, we still had a magical time and ended up exchanging our vows in the main room of the house, overlooking the beach. What's that lyric about rain on your wedding day?! It might have been ironic but it was still bloody beautiful. I'll let these photographs do the rest of the talking ♥

The postpartum aesthetic identity crisis

Winter sun

Never in my life have I felt less like 'me', than the day I came home from hospital after just having a baby. It's not like the movies, where the mother has a healthy glow, hair tied up in a perfect bun, and a miraculously flat stomach. No one actually told me how long it does take for your pregnant belly to go back to (almost) normal size. Right after the baby is born, you STILL look (and pretty much feel) 9 months pregnant. I guess I had an idea in my head of coming home from hospital, slipping back into my size 10's and just getting on with things. Spoiler alert - I was wrong.

Real talk

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. I totally get it now, how musicians can write and produce hit records after experiencing extreme heartache, and how in that episode of 'You', Beck found the motivation to write her novel after a bit of encouragement from Joe (okay, he locked her in a glass room, but whatever) It has taken me until 10pm on the 24th day of January 2019 to even open up blogger and start writing something. Before now, I'll be honest, even looking at or thinking about my blog made me feel totally, well, meh