I'm my Mother's Daughter

It has taken until my mid 20's for me to fully appreciate the phrase 'I'm turning into my Mother', and to be honest it's not a bad thing at all. My Mum is everything I could ever hope for and more. She's my best friend, my rock, and a constant source of inspiration. She was only 23 when I was born, pretty much brought me up as a single parent for the first few years, and I am constantly amazed at how well she handles life and the hardships it can bring. My Mum is the ultimate Girl Boss! Fashion wise, I used to steal Mums clothes when I was younger and now it's the other way around! I am not allowed to have any clear outs or charity shop/ebay runs without her running through the contents of all the bags first and claiming a few items.

My Mum is a hairdresser by trade, but now mostly does teaching and session styling for photoshoots. Coming from a creative industry she's always had quite a unique and savvy dress sense, and the pictures above made me giggle because each outfit she is wearing looks like something you could get in Topshop nowadays! Floral trousers, black lace and glittery crop tops. I have a very similar version of each in my own wardrobe at the moment, and these pictures are 15-25 years old (That's a little Ayden in the top photo with the yellow skirt and black velvet jacket)

 Mum is wearing a coat from the David Emanuel range at Bonmarche, dress from Primark and boots from Next.

Last week was my final stint of freedom before starting back work today, so we took the opportunity to have a jaunt up the West End for some lunch and a catch up. This animal print number from Bonmarche has become her staple coat for this time of year, as even though it's woolen it's actually deceivingly light and perfect for throwing on over a couple of layers.

I'm wearing a maxi dress from Primark, denim jacket and Vans from Spartoo, bag from New Look and watch from Daniel Wellington. 

I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but my Bloody Mary Metal crossbones ring and DW watch have become a daily staple. I like to keep things simple and silver! (Daniel Wellington are offering all my readers 15% off with the code 1501aydenmillar, and it's valid until 28th February)

We went to the newly opened Porter and Rye in Finnieston for lunch, which specialises in Steak however we opted for a few small plates to share. My Mum is quite a foodie so I always get excited when she suggests a new place for lunch, but unfortunately we were a bit let down despite how amazing everything looked. The white plate, for example, was beetroot macarons filled with chicken liver parfait, and it just didn't work at all! Which was such a shame. I ended up spreading the parfait over the cheese bon bons and the wild mushrooms, then eating the macarons separate. The bone marrow mac and cheese, and the crispy duck egg were probably the tastiest of the lot. Ox and Finch is still our favourite place for little nibbles like this. I'd still give Porter and Rye another go but definitely try their Steaks next time. It was still a lovely afternoon and catch up, and we went along to Coffee Chocolate and Tea afterwards for flat whites and home made daim bar. My Mammy sure knows how to treat a girl :)

The Brow Game

Eyebrows have been a pretty hot topic for the last couple of years and the general hype doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon. No matter how you take yours - threaded, waxed, plucked, tattooed or au natural, I'm pretty sure for most people it's an aspect of your face you can't help but pay attention to now when you probably never used to years ago. I never realised how important your eyebrows are in terms of framing your face and giving yourself a mini eyelift. Brow chat, tutorials, and even funny memes are absolutely EVERYWHERE.

I look back on pictures from uni and nights out (post brow makeup) when I was in my early twenties and my face looks sort of, bald, if that makes sense? I was very guilty of over plucking when I was younger, because that little eyebrow squiggle was such a good look in high school y'know... and I am still paying the price for this trying to grow them back in years later. On that note, I'd like to introduce you to my Brow Doctor, Angela McCallum.

Angela is the owner of Brow Art Studio in East Kilbride where I visit on a monthly basis. We started my brow journey back in October, where she re-educated me on how important it is that your brows are mapped and shaped to your own face. So a brow shape that suits you may not suit your best friend, neighbour or Mum! Angela uses Billion Dollar Brows makeup and took me through a consultation process to document the journey and make a plan for my brows. Now I know where I need to grow them and where we need to tweak the shape, I'm never tempted to take the tweezers to them myself because I know I have a final goal in mind and I need to be patient. During each visit Angela gives my brows a custom mixed brown tint, maps them out against my facial features, then waxes and plucks to shape. The process to good brows doesn't need to be complicated, but it does need to be accurate - and my goodness Angela knows her stuff!

After tint and wax, no makeup

After 1st visit with makeup

My eyebrows now, after 3 visits and with makeup

Good brows don't come over night (well, unless you got them tattooed on, but ouch...) and I feel like I have came full circle with my own. Absolutely no makeup on them, to too much, the wrong colour, the wrong shape. I feel like I'm no longer rocking that drag queen vibe, and as Angela works on my brows and defines the shape I feel like I need to use less and less makeup on them after each visit. I can still have bad makeup days with them where I go a bit overboard or completely uneven, but I get days like that with my eyeliner flick too (gurl problemz) The goal in due time is to wear absolutely no makeup on them at all and just go for a monthly tint and tidy up.

How are your brows looking at the moment? Are you in need of a bit of brow rehab like I was last year? East Kilbride is only a 15 min drive from my house in Shawlands, so if you're based in or around Glasgow and need some eyebrow TLC I'd definitely reccomend giving The Brow Art Studio a visit.

When Cats get good mail days

CATS. The internet loves them, I love them. Some people hate them and if you're of those people then you maybe won't want to read on. But I think you should, as my fluffy companions have won over the hearts of a few non cat people in my life over the past couple of years. I'll introduce my boys just in case you're not familiar with my blog or instagram (I hold my hands up to being a spammy picture posting pet owner at times, sorry!)

This is Dexter, he's a Ragdoll cat and turns 3 at the end of the month. Ragdolls are a very laid back breed, and I genuinely mean it when I say he is one of the most gentle and good natured cats I have ever met. Dexter has striking blue eyes and long soft white fur which means wearing black in my house is a very bad idea.

This is Binx, my 6 month old wild kitten. He was abandoned by his Mum at 4 weeks old so I got him much younger than you would bring any normal kitten into your home. He only weighed 900g when I got him, so after a lot of hand feeding and round the clock care I nursed him into a healthy strong boy. Binx got the snip yesterday and ended up getting a full on operation due to the hunt for a missing testicle haha. They found it eventually! The vet said he's still got typical characteristics of a feral cat (a gentle way of then telling me he was growling when they tried to take him out of his cage) but he's a big softie at heart and she thinks he is going to be huge. He weighs 4.5kg at the moment and still has years of growing ahead.

Dexter has been very patient with his little brother, who is an absolute ball of energy and constantly wants to play and get up to mischief. Binx is getting slowly but surely better at sharing toys, and sharing the cat game on the ipad (if you're a cat owner, it's one of the best inventions ever!)

Another recent thing to appear on the internet is subscription boxes for Cats and Dogs. I've not been this excited for a monthly parcel since Glossybox many years ago. Dexter and Binx are now lucky recipients of a Purrfect box every month. It is pretty much the exact same as how most beauty box subscriptions work, with the contents being an assorted mix for your kitty.

What's dis?

Sniffing and some closer inspection.

You want that catnip? I'll wrestle you for it!

Each box contains a mixture of treats, toys and hygiene accessories, and the price ranges from £15.90 to £19.90 depending on whether you pay monthly, half yearly or yearly. You create a profile for your Cat and the contents are based on the details you input. Dexter is a fan of the dry treats and the catnip based stuff, whereas Binx likes the wet food. Then I can share the toys and cleaning stuff between the two of them. I normally take a couple of trips a month to Pets at Home picking up little bits for them both, but with this box arriving monthly all I've had to get for them recently is daily cat food and litter. Dog owners need not feel left out, they also do a version for pooches called Pawsome box.

D'aw, the heart beat at my feet ♥ Dexter is trained to sit and fetch (pretty sure he was a Dog in a previous life) and I'm working on teaching Binx to do the same. My friend Andrew came round to the new flat for a mini photoshoot and Dexter seemed to enjoy being a wee poser for the afternoon. I look absolutely knackered on the other hand! (Adventure time tshirt is from Primark, and blue Vans are from Spartoo)

Never thought I'd see the day where my pets would get regular mail, addressed to them personally haha.  If you like the idea of monthly subscription boxes for your Cat or Dog, then enter my competition below and 10 lucky winners can get their hands on a box of their choice! Good luck :)