10 good things

10 of the best things which have been making me smile a lot lately...

My favourite tea house in Glasgow, situated in a leafy part of the West End just off Kelvingrove Park. On a sunny day it is perfect for sitting outside, with a cosy and concealed decking area -  and their selection of teas and vegan food/cakes is the best I've ever tasted. We also dabbled in a cherry flavoured shisha pipe last week which was yummy too. Above is a Mary Poppins tea with chocolate fudge brownie.

 2. Katy Perry - Prismatic Tour

I'm not over exaggerating when I say this was genuinely one of the best nights of my life. Myself and a few pals had tickets for Katy's latest tour at the Hydro, inside the 'Reflection Section' - which was basically a pit inside the stage.We had a front row view and Ms Perry was close enough to touch! I got to meet Katy at a Meet & Greet a couple of years ago but it was still really overwhelming watching her performance from so close. You can see a video I took from the gig over on instagram (@hellorogue) and I did actually cry at a couple of slower songs :( Ive been in quite a vulnerable place lately and they really tugged at my heart strings.

3. Catching up with Mum

I really miss not living at home with my Mum, and truly cherish when we get to have a proper catch up amongst both our busy schedules. I went to meet her on friday for a haircut (got quite a bit chopped off as you can see!) and then we went to a lovely new restaurant called Ox and Finch. My Mum is a massive foodie so you know when she recommends somewhere to eat, it's gonna be good. Scallops, Steak, Poached Eggs and Asparagus are amongst a few of the things we ate. Absolute heaven!

4. Quality time with the animals

During that last job I had been like passing ships in the night with all the animals of my household. Feeding, watering and cleaning out their tray/cages were about the only interaction we were having. So it's been nice having a bit of time off to rectify that! Dexter and Tinkerbell received a lovely parcel from PetShop.co.uk last week. Dexter only eats dry food, and has ever since he was a baby. So he had a sniff at the Lily's Kitchen food but left Tink to get stuck into it. They both had a good old munch at the Symply Salmon biscuits, and are currently very kindly sharing their favourites - the Dreamies! I don't know why but they go absolutely crazy for them. Dexter also has a major soft spot for catnip, and wasn't up for sharing his Kong Wubba toy (which is catnip infused) as you can see above. Boys will be boys ;)

5. Friday night munchies

Emma and I had a lazy friday night in as we knew we'd be out at Radio One's big weekend on Saturday and Sunday. So on Friday night we watched the live feed from George Square, and had a light snack rather than our usual weekly takeaway. I got us both a light sponge/mousse cake from Patisserie Valerie (which were demolished before I got a chance to take any pictures) Then I made us up a batch of Peach Pear and Honey Ice Tea from Fruitbroo's new ice tea range, which was nice and refreshing on these warm summer nights. I've been a bit obsessed with cheese and ham croissants lately (I do tend to go through phases of eating a certain food until I get sick of it) and since Emma is a veggie I made us an alternative with Quorn bacon rashers, which I have been wanting to try for a while now. It didn't taste much like real bacon at all unfortunately, and missed that salty and smoked taste. Definitely just more like a normal ham! So I teamed it up with a nice applewood smoked cheddar which kicked the flavour a bit. I have no idea how long this croissant obsession is going to last for, but hopefully not too long as my hips won't thank me for it.

6. Spotify playlists

I have had Spotify for a while now, but haven't properly explored it until very recently. I was used to just searching for songs and making my own playlists, but I have discovered a whole load of pre made lists on there, to suit a million different genres and moods - and I am addicted! Most evenings for me now will consist of sitting on the couch or in my bed a bit before bedtime and winding down with music and a book. I pop my ipad mini in this little lapdesk contraption which has a hard surface but sort of bean bag underneath. My evening playlists of choice at the moment are Evening Acoustic, Songs For Sunset, and Sleep Tight (all which you should be able to find under the browse section on Spotify's home page) I'm also a bit of a rubbish reader so have been trying to break myself in easily, and I'm currently reading "Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek" by Maya Van Wagenen, where she decided to follow advice from Betty Cornell's 1952 Teenage Popularity Guide and document the results, what would Betty do?!

7. The Bathory

I am pretty rubbish at being self indulgent when it comes to relaxing and winding down. Reading and listening to music has definitely helped though, along with lighting candles, burning incense (nag champa is my favourite) and enjoying these personalised bath salts from The Bathory. I customised mine with Bergamont, Lavendar and Ylang Ylang essential oils, but only have a shower in my flat so before I'm able to have a full on soak I made myself a mini foot bath which was lovely! :)

8. Dog walks and Beer Gardens

The sunny weather in Glasgow has allowed for nice long walks around the park with Heather and her pups. On the way back from a walk last week we got ice cream from Queens Park Cafe, then stopped by our local Church On The Hill for a cider in the sunshine. This cute little lady above is Cherry, who I believe is a mix between Boston Terrier and Chihuahua. Dat face!

9. Wedding photos

I finally got a copy of some of Luisa's wedding photos (by Vanishing Moments Photography) and they teared me up something awful. Such wonderful memories of a beautiful day. Luisa was only a few months pregnant at the wedding, and now her baby boy Robin is a few months old. Getting to babysit him for a couple of hours on thursday while Luisa goes to the Doctors, so I'm looking forward to lots of cuddles.

10. Radio One's Big Weekend

Theme of the weekend seems to be "I'm getting too old for this sh*t!". What a brilliant weekend though with a fantastic line up, and all on our doorstep. Highlights were definitely Pharrell, Lily Allen, Ed Sheeran and Lorde on the saturday, then Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Sam Smith and Paolo Nutini on the Sunday. I feel like a burst couch after drinking and dancing around Glasgow Green the whole time.

This week I am mostly recovering and getting ready for my trip to London on Friday. If any of you blogging lovelies are around and fancy meeting up for a coffee or a wander then let me know :)

Tattoo adventures

Hello lovelies! A bit of a rewind on this post as the pictures are all from a couple of months ago (with my pink hair) when I got some new tattoos all in the space of a few weeks of each other.

You'll have seen the scissors I got tattooed for my Mum a few posts back (both them and the above are by Stephen Kelly) and next up I planned to get an old school cafe racer motorbike for my Dad. He got me into bikes at a very young age and we had motocrossers for years. My dad has always ridden road bikes but once we got rid of the crossers he went without one for quite a long time. Not long after I got the cafe racer tattoo, I turned up at my Dads one sunday to see this...

He finally took the plunge and bought himself a Triumph Bonneville. So happy for him, and that wee cheesy smile can't express how chuffed he is with his new ride. I'm hoping to sit my bike test this summer, but until then I'll be buying a second helmet and getting a backie on this one :)

With my next tattoo planned, me and the ladies took a trip to the Edinburgh Tattoo Convention which is held every year at the Corn Exchange.

Can you see I'm loving my Adventure Time swim suits?! I got papped at the convention by Dr Martens for wearing my skull brogues. This was on the Saturday, and I went back on the Sunday to get tattooed.

After a wander around the different stalls, looking at portfolios and artwork, I lay down on the bed for 3 hours for my appointment with the lovely Rachel Baldwin. She is super talented and a lady in demand! Which is why I ended up having to pop back over on the Sunday. Here is my little lucky cat she did for me (He sort of resembles Pikachu!)

Getting tattooed at a convention can be quite intimidating, and I wouldn't recommend it for your first tattoo. It's warm, often uncomfortable, and there are lots of people wandering around having a right good nosy at what's going on. We got papped while Rachel was tattooing me and it ended up in a few papers which was a nice surprise! I'm just glad that I look like I'm keeping my cool here. The inner arm is a nippy one and I wasn't looking forward to it. So to be honest, having lots of noise and people wandering about me was actually a blessing as it kept me distracted and helped the sitting fly in.

One of the things I like most about a tattoo convention is getting the opportunity to see tattooists from all around the world, whose work you may not have discovered otherwise. I had been following Rachel's super cute work for a while, but if I wanted tattooed by her I would have had to travel down to Liverpool. Which is fine (I'm actually going to Leeds for a tattoo in July) but more convenient for it to be closer to home. So I jumped at the chance to get tattooed by her when I heard she was coming to Edinburgh.

After the convention I went over to my Mum's house for a good old Sunday dinner. Getting tattooed can be quite a shock to the system, which is why it's important to make sure that you have eaten and drank plenty of water beforehand, and also make sure you refuel afterwards. You are putting your body through a mini ordeal and can end up feeling quite drained once the adrenaline has worn off.

I do get quite a lot of emails and questions about tattoos, so if you have any then drop me a comment at the end of this post and I will answer them for you as best as I can. If there's enough I could even do a wee Q&A post? I'm hardly an expert, but I have picked up a few do's and don't and learned some lessons in my timeline of getting tattooed.

Feelin' Blue

Well HELLO there strangers. I feel like starting this post with my usual excuses of being busy, life taking over etc... and I guess that is the truth. But I'm not gonna moan. I've had a tough few weeks dealing with long hours at work and a break up in the midst of that. I finished up my BBC job on monday and have decided to take a bit of time off to recharge my batteries. I've been running on empty for the last wee while and it hasn't been fun. It's been a hard decision to turn down more work but I need to be selfish right now and have some time for myself. Catching up with friends and family, blogging, sleeping, exercising and going on some adventures are the simple life pleasures I've got my sights on at the moment. So be expecting to see a lot more of me on here from now on :)

The picture above was taken at the weekend when I went away to a big house out in the countryside with some of my gal pals.  A night away in the middle of nowhere, with no phone signal, good company and a hot tub were much needed.

One night definitely wasn't enough, but I had a great time while we were there. I know a hot tub in the middle of May in Scotland isn't the warmest of situations to be in, but the prosecco definitely warmed my blood up. Oh, and noticed the pink hair is gone?! This time I'm feeling blue!

My first blue application a few weeks ago was using Crazy Colour, which washed out quite quickly so second time around I used the dye above by Chill.

On the left is the before, and right is the after (both wet hair) I used the turquoise, which I like as it still has quite a mermaid green tone to it. I'm going to use the blue this weekend on my hair in time for the Katy Perry gig on sunday! You can use the Chill toner to make pastel versions of each colour too. Or of course to eliminate brassy tones in blonde hair! I've not seen my white blonde locks in a while now but I do miss them. Will be sure to post pictures after I use the blue this weekend!

New sunnies and trying to channel my inner Katy P. Anyone else going to her gig this weekend? What colour do you think I should go after the blue?

Up until a month ago I knew TOMS did shoes, but not sunglasses. In case you are not familiar with Toms, they have an initiative where with each shoe purchase, a new pair of Toms is given to a child through one of their 100+ shoe giving partners. I was pleased to hear that an eye wear purchase also gives help to restore sight to an individual through sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses, or medical treatment. So it is nice to know while I am enjoying my comfy black flats and pink retro sunglasses that someone in need is also benefiting.

It had been 2 years since my last eye test so a few weeks ago I popped along to my local Specsavers Sauchiehall Street. Thinking that my prescription has always been quite weak, I found out that it is moderate, I have astigmatism in both eyes and I should be a full time glasses wearer. I was not expecting to hear that! After the super high tech eye test I got to see a photograph of the back of my eyeball. Sounds pretty gross but it was actually quite cool haha. Okay Ayden, okay...

Since I need to wear glasses all day err' day now, I opted for the 2 for £99 from the new Cheap Monday range. I love Cheap Monday! I have jewellery, tshirts and jeans from them, so it was a nice surprise to see they have very reasonably priced glasses now too.

Left or right, which pair do you prefer? I've been alternating daily between the two at the moment. Blue is definitely a theme all around me at the moment - and rocking my favourite new blue Volcom dress from Spartoo. Hurry up summer, where are you?! Mind you, it can be 12 degrees in Glasgow and that's classed as 'taps aff' weather. We are such a classy bunch in Scotland.

Blue things, you can stay. But blue mood, you are getting obliterated! Good times only from here on out ♥