Funny little frog in my throat

Hiding away from the world and the camera seems to be what I do best these days. Keeping busy may be good for my bank balance, but not so good for my normal rest and play balance. I've been keeping up the running 3 nights a week which I am really getting into the rhythm of now. I went a 3.5 mile run with John on my day off, and I found it hard to keep up with him but my stamina is definitely improving.

I've got about a week and a half left on this movie, then I am off for two weeks - with the list of all to do lists! Things like selling stuff on ebay, having a car boot sale, updating my website etc. Once those 2 weeks are up, I'm back on another job for 6 weeks with the current designer I am working for. Mark designed the likes of This Is England, The Magdalene Sisters, and Neds. So I am really honoured to be a part of his team for the forseeable future.

I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately. What I like to read, and what I think other people like to read. I'm seeing a lot of the same old same old, repeated one after the other. I think I've seen enough glossy boxes, disco pants, ombre hair and instagram photos to last me a life time. But I also dabble in every one of those categories (well, Instaphoto for BB!) so I have a cheek to even comment. I don't know if I'm just feeling this way about life in general at the moment, but I feel in serious need of an upheaval, a spring clean - something fresh and completely different. I don't quite know what I'm trying to say here, but I guess my blogging mojo goes a bit haywire when I look at how often other people post, and how present they are across all their social networking platforms. I feel like I don't give enough in terms of regularity and popular content. I just come on here whenever I can, say whatever I feel at the time, and hope that you guys enjoy. I shouldn't feel like a failure when I see everyone elses blogs blossoming rapidly and mines stuck at the same gradual pace week after week. I want to be here for the long term, not just a one hit wonder because I've got the latest trends down to a T, or the most sought after bag or beauty products. I'd be writing the same old shit whether 1 or 1000 people were reading this. So, insecurities aside, I suppose I better get on with it eh?

As always, here's a little insight into the things making me smile recently...

My Glamorous dress/vest and Litas as planned from the last post, for Leah's house party. Why oh why do I indulge in the wine? This night ended before it even started, as I arrived at my lovely girl Leah's and started to play catch up with the already tipsy household. Fast forward to two hours later and a rather toxified Ayden being sick out the taxi window for the whole of sauchiehall street to see. Making a wee habit of this aren't I? I have never been a big drinker, and it is quite clear that I never will be. Wide awake at 8am on sunday morning, full face of makeup still on and no hangover :) But I am not proud, so please don't follow my lead.

(Dexter sneaking in for his daily morning cuddles, even though I stunk like a brewery!)

On my bestest behaviour the other 99% of the time, I got a lovely wee parcel from BooHoo delivered to my work last week. A hard copy of their A/W lookbook. Now, we've already explained that I'm no fashionista, but there was something really lovely about a hard copy of images bound into a lovely little book. It was a pleasure to look through, and I am going to give you a sneak peak at what they have to offer but I've left the book at John's, so it will need to wait until the next post. Lets pretend in reality he has been sitting flicking through it, oogling over all the lovely outfits while I ignore him and play on the xbox ;) Maybe in a parallel universe...

My fail number two - I have still to try out one of the John Frieda hair tutorials! General consensus from the last post seems to be for me to attempt the 60's beehive :) But I wanted to wait until my mum had cut and dyed my hair - she ended up feeling ill and cancelling on me last weekend so I'll be getting it done this sunday instead. Will be sure to give it a wee go after that. Did any of you end up trying them? I already had the full repair styling spray (above right) which I use on a daily basis, so was very pleased when the lovely folks at John Freida sent me the shampoo and conditioner from the same range to go along with it. For the first time in my entire life, I only have to wash my hair every second day (my hair is normally so oily that every day was a necessity, much to my mums dismay) and feel good knowing that they are giving protection to my abusive blow drying, straightening, curling and colouring. I've been darting between different shampoos for the past 6 months, but this combo actually manages to make my hair feel extremely clean, as well as managable, so I will be sticking with it for as long as I can.

Apart from working, eating, sleeping, running, and stealing whatever spare time I can with my nearest and dearest... do you know what else makes for a bloody good week?

Puppies! Our production dog Daxon Five gave birth to a litter on her last day/scene (good timing eh?) a few weeks ago, and the owner brought her and the pups back onto set for us to pick up a little bit of filming with them. There are 3 (the 4th one died just after it was born, sadly) and they are chihuahua/sausage dog cross. I am not usually a dog person, but ehm, c'mon! My house is already like a farmyard, but you have no idea how close I was to wanting to tuck one of these babes inside my jumper. If you love baby animals and need cheering up after a tough day, Cute Overload will solve all your troubles. Promise!

Ayden x

Where have you been all my life?

Blogging from work again because I'm such a cool kid! (Edit* I started this post at lunch and ended up not getting it finished until this evening, typical) I jest - as a member of the art department in the middle of a 5 week shoot, I spend most lunch times eating at my desk and replying to emails etc. I'd saved these pictures last night so just been waiting for a quiet 20 minutes to sit down and add some words :) No rest for the wicked has certainly been my motto over the past month or so. Now that we have finished prep and started our first week of filming last week, absolutely every day is different for me, and I've been driving all over glasgow on errands and to our different locations for the film. One good thing about hanging around set is the catering, but I've actually tried to be on my best behavior when it comes to food, which I'm about to explain a wee bit more about below.

Despite working 12 hour days, 6 days a week I have somehow found this sudden burst of energy inside me to actually do something about my weight and fitness. I bought new trainers, leggings and an ipod holder for my arm, and have been going out running 3 times a week. I am a complete beginner when it comes to this, so when I say running I really mean jogging! But it's a start isn't it? I'm lucky to have a big park right next to where I live so have worked out a decent route that is safe in the evenings by the time I get home from work. I literally come home, get changed and dart back out the door again. My flatmates must think I am mad.

Along with the exercise, I have also been eating healthily and sensibly, with the addition of Skinny Sprinkles to curb my appetite and give me energy to complete such a hectic day. I'm normally quite dubious about this sort of thing, but after reading Lori's review and completely trusting her opinion, I decided to give them a go for myself. You can read all about them on the website, but if anyone wants me to do a more in depth review on these then let me know :) But they are really helping. In a week I have lost about 5lbs so far, and that's in 7 days but with two days at the weekend being much more lazy with my eating (you'll see why in a second) My goal weight is 9 stone, and at the moment I am just over 10. I don't mind sharing my weight on here, it's something that doesn't bother me but even though I am a size 10/12, I would like to tone up and become much fitter in general. I know it will take me a while to get there but I finally have the kick start to get on with it, so hopefully that continues.

Spending more money on my animals and my house rather than myself these days! Some recent buys however (apart from the skinny sprinkles) include these studded shoes, pink crazy colour for my ombre before I go back to brown, and some cute earrings from the Gin In Teacups market when it came to Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. I suppose working lots and not having much time to spend money is a good thing :)

Working lots has however meant seeing less of my nearest and dearest :( So at the weekend, me and John went for an overnight stay at the Blythswood Square Hotel, to spend some much needed quality time together. You've probably heard me speak of the Blythswood on here before - it really is one of my favourite places in Glasgow! With the best afternoon tea I have ever tasted, and the most wonderful spa which I've been lucky enough to experience a couple of times. This time it was John's turn to enjoy some pampering.

We got our room as part of the sunday night deal, which included an overnight stay, 3 course dinner and full breakfast in the morning.

There was a sliding window between the bathroom and the bedroom, which was perfect for watching tv from the comfort of the bath :) As you do! The bathroom was marble, everywhere. We had a bath which was so nice in itsself, because I only have a walk in shower in my house and really miss a good old bubble bath from time to time.

We arrived in the afternoon, checked in and headed straight down to the spa. We chilled in the thermal experience for a couple of hours, before John went for his ILA Vital Energy full body massage. I had went for a Anne Semonin Black Sand Jewel massage a few weekends before, for my birthday, so it was nice to see my boy get pampered this time instead. John was extremely nervous before going for his treatment, but I suppose most guys would be if they weren't used to this kind of thing. This was his first ever massage, and I reassured him that the therapists at the Blythswood are so professional and they take away any awkwardness you'd maybe expect to feel. I promised him it would be worth it! And aren't girlfriends always right ;) He was so pleased with how it went, and for being such a 'guyish guy' (you know what I mean) he said he'd definitely recommend it to other guys out there. I know this is maybe not the kind of thing a man would book on his own accord (John admitted this!) But if you fancy treating your man, ladies, then you've got John's word that they won't be disappointed. And hopefully we won't be starting a rather luxurious habit for them...

After our time in the spa, we got ready for dinner. John was wearing a Levi shirt and jeans, and I had on a starry shirt from New Look, black American Apparel disco pants and my grey suede Jeffery Campbell Lita's (I'm a walking blogger cliche right here) You can see that after 4 days of washing, my super bright pink ombre has faded to a sort of washed out looking, candyfloss pink. I'm kinda liking it though. Planning to go back to brown soon so I just wanted to have a bit of fun with it before I do. I will probably pop some pink crazy colour back in it again for my friend Leah's house warming party this saturday. My faves AX Paris have got a sale on at the moment and I've been eyeing up so many things from the website, which I wish I'd ordered in advance for this weekend.


They've got an extra 10% off for my readers on top of the sale prices if you fancy grabbing a bargain :) Just click the banner above. Anyways, at 7.30pm we went down to the restaurant for our 3 course dinner.

Duck terinne, which was very nice but I always wish there were more crispy bits or toast with this sort of thing. Feels weird eating it on its own!

Steak frites, oh my, need I say more? So simple but delicious.

A very happy John ready to tuck into his steak.

Our desserts were fantastic too! John had a chilli chocolate torte with malt ice cream, and I had the lime cheesecake with mango sorbet. I had a cocktail (Amaretto Sours, my favourite) and John had some red wine to wash everything down. As much as I am really trying to eat healthy and loose weight, I let myself go a bit this weekend but it was so worth it.

After dinner we went to the Tiki Bar for a cocktail. Well, a massive cocktail in a giant shell! We shared this Rum Bongo between us (suppose it measures out to be pitcher size?) and we could have stayed there for hours, but unfortunately had to call it an evening as I was working at 8am on monday morning, and we both wanted to get up to have breakfast together before I left.

Haha, think this picture suggests it was maybe a good idea that we stopped where we did :p Woke up bright and early on monday morning for a wonderful breakfast, feeling well rested and well fed. It was so lovely to spend such quality time together amongst what has really been a busy time for both of us. If I had the money I'd love to do this kind of thing more often, it felt like a wee night away from reality and normality, even though we were in the middle of glasgow city centre. Dexter is getting so big, and is super naughty right now (as kittens are) so it was strange having a night away from him with no one to nibble my ankles under the covers or jump out on me in the middle of the night on the way to the loo! I did miss him though, the wee rascal. 4 weeks left on this job then I will hopefully have some well earned time off. Are you working a lot over the summer or jetting off on holiday? Please make me jealous and give me some inspiration! :)

Love, Ayden x

Blue Jeans & California Dreams

 One of the most fun things about living with one of my best friends has to be embarking on little evenings like the one we had last week. We decided to do a bit of dressing up and have some fun with items I have received for review on the Little Blog Of Horrors. You guys know I am deadly honest when it comes to things like this, I just couldn't not be! So I thought the best way to test these goodies and share the outcome was to create a little challenge for ourselves :)

Lana Del Ray for me, and Katy Perry for Katrina.

Hot Hair headpiece (You'll see what's inside further down the page)

Hot Hair 'Clip in colour'

Skin Art temporary tattoos

I used the Hot Hair Brigette 3/4 Hairpiece as the main component of my look! Katrina gave me a floral headband and white tunic to help me with my Lana-ness a bit more :) Okay, I know I look nothing like her but she gives me ultimate hair envy in the video for Born to Die! This is a 3/4 wig piece because it actually combs in at the top and doesn't have a built in fringe. You can see the idea on the website is to tie this in with your own hair pinned back over the top.

I think the con about this, is that this would be more suited to someone who doesn't mind having their forehead exposed (which was a biggie for a fringe lover like myself) However, my own colour at the moment is not very far off this hairpiece. So I could technically wear my fringe down and use a headband to cover up the start of the headpiece (which is hidden under the flower band above) and just have it placed further back on my hair. I think that combination would look a lot more natural than a full wig with fake fringe - I think that would be slightly harder to pull off. I really do think you'd need to spend some time playing around with it to see how it works for you and how you'd wear it. But the con doesn't even touch the overall pro - instant gorgeous locks! I've even put my facebook profile picture to one of me wearing it because I really don't think it is obvious that it's a wig. What do you think? I am actually going to get rid of my ombre next week and get my overall colour to match this headpiece, so I can wear it more often and blend it into my hair easy peasy :)

Having had boy short hair a couple of years ago, and been trying my hardest to grow it in, this piece is the perfect addition to keep me distracted for a while longer as I wait for my own hair to grow. At £84 it doesn't come cheap, but if you consider how much people pay for hair extensions (Katrina actually got a proper weave in her hair last week which she adores) then I think this is a decent price for a hassle free option that doesn't need much upkeep, and for someone like me who would probably only want to wear this at the weekend rather than to work every day. The piece I have can't be heat styled but instructions say you can freshen up the wig by washing it in cold water and leaving it to dry, and apparently the curls will snap back into shape. So I'll let you know if that is the case when it comes to washing it!

I then had a play about with the Skin Art temporary tattoos. I did some writing on my hand just like Lana's, and also a little loveheart on my ring finger. As someone who has already got quite a number of tattoos, the main appeal to me was testing out on skin that I've maybe been thinking about getting a tattoo on, and seeing how I feel about it. I'm not too much of a fan of the side of my hand, but I would quite fancy a heart on my finger one day and this simple transfer gave me a realistic taster of what it would feel like! You can see the slight shine in them due to my flash on the camera, but in the flesh they genuinely look very convincing close up. The shiny bit is cut so close to the black of the transfer - I am 99% sure you could fool a friend or family member into thinking you'd been inked.

I wish I had taken these during the day without flash to show you how realistic they look. You can sort of see how matt the start of the 'nothing' appears in the above picture, that is probably quite a good indicator. These are the ones we tried on Katrina. The loveheart is something similar to what she's been thinking of getting, along with the writing on her inner arm - which is of course where Miss Perry has a tattoo also. Katrina especially loved the transfers, she only has one other tattoo but they felt like a complete novelty to the both of us :)

We had far too much fun with them, and as you can see we had so many to choose from. I think they are absolutely perfect for someone who wants a quick, non committal tattoo, for a night out, festival, or even on your holiday. I would definitely recommend these to someone who was thinking about getting a tattoo, but was unsure of placement and size etc. I know the existing Skin Art designs might not have the tattoo that you are looking for, but I think they're a great indicator to get you started. They apply just like normal temporary tattoos you'd get when you were wee, damp cloth on the back of the paper, wait 60 seconds then peel off :) I think the only con is the fact that they don't last as long as a henna tattoo for example, maybe just for a few days - but if you want it to last, go get the real deal done ;) They are available at boots for £7.99 per pack, and each pack has a different theme. I've heard they also do glitter tattoos, which I would LOVE to try out for my girly holiday this summer!

Katrina also used the Hot Hair clip in colour extensions, which are heat friendly so she was able to curl and style them into her own hair. I say her own, Katrina has actually just got a weave put in and I think it looks fantastic! Katrina has had full clip in extensions in the past, and said the coloured ones were just the same as these to use. They come in a strip so you can choose the placement in your hair, and when I wear these in the future I will probably get my mum to cut them into my own hair shape a wee bit more, so that if I keep them straight they blend in well. Each strip costs £12 and they are available in 17 different colours (the smaller single strip is £8.80 and available in 9 colours) I chose the pink and blue because they reminded me of when Katy Perry had her hair like that. I find it quite hard to keep up with Katy's hair colour these days! Has anyone seen her film yet? We went on thursday night and it was bloody brilliant. Broke my heart a wee bit though, seeing her cry such genuine tears :(

All in all, lots of fun to be had with these bits and pieces and some quality time with my flatmate :) Now I'd like your opinion on the likes of hair extensions and tattoos. What's hot, and what isn't? I think the major fact is that both subjects can look awful when they are done cheap and nasty. I never thought I'd be so impressed with fake hair and fake ink. It makes me want to grow my own hair super long and get lots more real ink!

Ayden x