All my friends are living saints

My little brother Max, tucking into some ice cream (lucky boy! his wee gums are killing him at the moment) He is an absolute sweetheart. I can't wait to be a big sister again in May :)

Haha and now my big boy, tucking into some ribs! We went for a Tony Roma's before going to see the Muppets at Xscape. The 'bone bag' freaked me out a bit but those ribs were bloody good.

Bumped into this absolute babe in the Cathouse! We were both rather merry but it was lovely to finally meet in person :) Move back to Scotland now plz so we can be buds?!

Out with my good friends Ando and Iain for Iain's birthday. Iain works in a bar in Glasgow that I'm going to be redesigning/refurbing a few bits of the interior for. First time that I've done anything like this but I'm really excited.

Same night I met Kate at the Cathouse, we were all out because one of my best gals Erin was home from down south for the weekend. I miss her dearly :( The title of this post is actually the words she got tattooed on her while she was visiting, as a wee birthday/christmas present from me. I've had a lot of good times with my friends lately, as well as a lot of busy times with work. Still trying to master the balance between the two! Now here's the latter...

Spending a lot of time at the BBC Propworks, sourcing props, drinking tea and writing lists with my designer from the Irn Bru adverts. They went really well, and will be a total hoot so be sure to look out for them on the telly over the next month or so. Looks like that dude in the picture above had been waiting there a wee bit too long. LOLZ!

Putting my painting skills to different use this time, I've been doing some scenic artwork for a company that provides antenna shrouds for buildings. These are called 'the undetectables' as they are meant to cleverly blend into the rest of the building, whilst holding the antennas inside. Above are the first set I've done for the company, and they actually got put up on a building just around the corner from my house. Could they have fooled you?

I had a fantastic time art directing the Cbbc and Cbeebies 10th birthday bash in Glasgow! It was good to catch up with my friend James, who played Raven, and also telling him that John and I were now a couple. It was a theatre job we all worked on together last year that I first met John :) and after a pretty shitty year I think James was pleased to hear how things had turned out for us. I couldn't take him seriously in his Raven costume though!

I remade the Pres desk setup for Hacker and Dodge's Q&A session up here in Scotland. They gave me the seal of approval, and posed for a picture even though they told me I'll now have fleas :( Great.

All work and play aside, I've been spending what free time I have trying to get organised, have massive clear outs and I've now got a HUGE pile of stuff for ebay and a car boot sale that really needs shifting. My mum came across all my old Motocross gear in her cupboard, and it was a real blast from the past laying out my body armour, tops, gloves etc. I'd love to get back into an extreme sport like this, but to be honest I think I was more fearless when I was 16 in compharison to what I am now. I missed getting up north this season with my snowboard, but hope to get surfing this summer and I guess I can just dream about having a dirtbike again (and all of the above will be getting used as a halloween costume!)

How do you find your balance of work, play, and hobbies? And is there a past time you used to regularly enjoy but now just don't get the chance to? I have a list as long as my arm for all the things I'd do with an extra day in the week.

Ayden x

I'm made of wax, Larry, what are you made of?

Hello! Jeez - I feel like every time I come on here I'm apologising for it being so long since the last time I updated :( I wish I could blog more often, but my little life is super busy at the moment. I am loving every minute of it though. I've got steady work coming in, good people around me, and lots of hard work to be done but lots to look forward to also.  So as long as you don't mind me popping my head in to say hello whenever I can, I hope you will all keep reading :)

Currently sitting in bed with a cuppa and some toast and nutella. Its 11pm on sunday night, and the last couple of weeks I have been working away on some scenic projects and 3 new irn bru adverts to be aired at the end of march (I think) It was brilliant fun - first proper ad work that I've done and it was very fast paced with 16 hour days and 6am starts, but I was totally buzzing throughout it! Could tell I'd reached my peak when I fell asleep after my friend Olivias 21st at her house on friday night, as everyone partied away in the living room. But I've had the weekend to recharge my batteries and I'm ready for my next job starting this week. I'm designing the CBBC 10th birthday bash celebrations at BBC pacific quay, so that will be fun. I've got a belated valentines date to enjoy with John tomorrow, lunch at the Blythswood with a movie at the GFT or Grosvenor afterwards hopefully. I've got my dress all ironed and laid out, I'm very excited, what a loosa! After sleeping off our hangovers from Olivia's birthday party, I came home last night and spent the evening and the whole of today completely gutting the house. Tidied and cleaned every room, did FOUR washings, and rearranged a lot of my bedroom with all the new bits and pieces I've bought for it over the last couple of weeks (curtains, rug, frames, fairy lights...) Not exactly a wild weekend, but it was so satisfying. Would you like to see a picture of my room in the next post maybe? I've also spent quite a bit of money on new stuff for the kitchen and bathroom. Completely drooling in Next Home, Ikea and Tesco (of all places! their home stuff is so cute) has skint me but a lot of the stuff I previously had from the flat was inherited or bought with my ex boyfriend. So it's kinda nice to start a fresh and have things that I've bought all by myself, y'know?

I have so many pictures to share as bloody usual, so I'll give the first few in this post and save the rest for the next one! Also, thanks for all your questions for my Q&A post I plan to do soon :) Feel free to leave a comment/question on it if you haven't already had a chance to. Knowing my luck it will take a couple of weeks before I get around to actually posting it! Anywayssss, here's some bits and bobs of what I've been upto:

I held afternoon tea for my ladies along with a Jemma Kidd Makeup Masterclass, which I won via Jen's blog :) THANKS JEN! We had a great time, our tutor was so nice and it was brilliant fun being able to do something like this from the comfort of your own living room (and what better excuse to get the tea and cakes out?)

My face chart - my GOODNESS I've made it look like a clown, haha but this is what it looked like on my actual face...

Our class was about perfecting a natural makeup look. It helped me to think of different ways of approaching my makeup. I tend to be a fan of the 'slap it all over and hope for the best' technique, with foundation first and eyes etc afterwards. But we actually learned to do our eyes first, followed by selective facial coverage afterwards (something that out of habit I have never, ever done before, cue fear!) And I was worried at first about how it would look and if my face would appear patchy. But it actually turned out pretty well! and mascara splodges or eyeshadow fallout were so much easier to fix, because they'd fallen onto bare face rather than a thick layer of foundation (a situation I ashamedly often find myself in)

All the ladies at the end of the class :)

Me, Dominique and Leah - What d'ya think? :) We were all really impressed with the Jemma Kidd makeup too. At first I thought the products were quite expensive but to be honest they are no more expensive than the fail safe options I always end up going for at Mac, Benefit etc. Her brushes were very easy to use, and I particularly liked the foundation and the creme blusher, normally I'd always stick to powder but it had such a soft and smooth finish, I'm definitely a fan! I think a class like this would be perfect for a hen night (with their night time look class) for example. Because we all had a giggle but genuinely feel like we learned a lot.

From makeup to other girly things... here's some new things I bought for the kitchen. From the home section at Tesco, I am in love!

New toaster and kettle, hiya! The lid fell off the top of my kettle, so I went to buy a new one and went all weak at the knees when I saw there was a toaster to match. Such a sucker. Also got new stuff for the bathroom but they are a bit boring (ha, MORE boring than the above!) so I'll leave them out for now.

My flowers from John :) They match the lillies on my side perfectly, such a beautiful colour when they were all in bloom. Dead now :( I LOVE FLOWERS. But hate that they don't last forevz.

I don't even know why I take photos of my glossybox anymore, as there are always so many floating about but I actually wanted to discuss with you all if and what boxes you subscribe to? I was ready for cancelling my glossybox this month, but I'm glad I forgot to as news of the Harrods themed box has reeled me right in again (see, I told you I was a sucker) I totally can't justify the £12.95 a month anymore when I'm not using most of the products I receive, but I just knoooow as soon as I cancel there will be a box with something amazing in it and I will have major regrets! Woe is life eh. I think I actually just like getting things in the post that's not bills or dominoes menus.

John was doing the sound at the Scottish Wedding Fayre at the SECC, and whilst being surrounded by bridezilla's and beauty counter girls he was still thinking of me and managed to snag me a really awesome goody bag, which one of the ladies passed around some of the stalls for them all to put a little something in for me. What a boy! I got a wonderful wee selection, including YSL blusher and bracelet, Philip Kingsley Hair Selection, Destination Skin facial cloth, Medik8 Cleanser and a prescription facial worth £75 at Frasers. Mega brownie points to him :)

John's sister Eilidh (HEY if you're reading this lovely!) also got me a brilliant present back from her holiday to Shetland. This recipe book does just what it says on the front - and has the cutest selection of mini nibbles. Even little ice lollies, so sweet! Think this will be perfect for the summer. Can't wait to buy deckchairs for the back garden, sitting out sunbathing with a cider, bbq and lots of little goodies like above. Thanks Eilidh ♥

I was digging through my bookshelf as I put my new book on it, and came across this Cath Kidston book my friend Dominique got me for a birthday (or maybe christmas?) a wee while ago. I've been desperate to use it but never had the time. Hoping when I'm next off I can take a wee run to Mandors and Hobbycraft to buy some supplies and get making. Really enjoyed cross stitching last year, and I'd love to make the time to do all that kind of crafty stuff again for my own personal self rather than for at work.

I guess that's all from me for now. I've added a buttons/banner page at the top which have pictures that Cameron from Cameron+Whitney made me :) So feel free to steal any of them if you fancy my wee chubby face enough. Hope you're all swell, lots of love as always....

Ayden x

Kittens & Cupcakes

Myself and John at his auntys 40th. Wearing my new Missy In Love dress from F&F thanks to the lovely Jen! John with his River Island cardi and Black Dahlia Murder tshirt cause he's a pure goff.

Currently enjoying Mac's Girl About Town lipstick. I like making his cheeks pink with kisses!

Dinner at Xscape followed by John winning me a cupcake from the claw machine. What a champ.

A cosy sunday night hot choco for me, made by John at his dad's hotel. I know all the pictures above are a bit boyfriendy-mushy-falala but he's such a gentleman and we have a serious amount of fun together, it makes me smile a lot.

A dreaded wardrobe clear out. Yeah... this was about half of the stuff I had to sift through. Anyone want a link to my ebay once things are up? Also selling my compare the meerkat Aleksandr teddy in order to raise some funds - desperation eh? Hehe.

I don't need a new snowboard, I certainly can't justify one anyways but if I could THIS WOULD BE IT! Reminds me of my crazy cat loving friends, Gem and S.J

I've been working on a drama through in Edinburgh recently, containing a couple of actors that I really like, from Skins and also one from Misfits. It's only the pilot so I don't want to mention too much just now. I can't say getting up at 5.30am was made for me either, it's an awfy long drive :( I'm such a sleepy head in the mornings.

My Paper Portrait from Cameron and Whitney was featured on their blog recently too. His work is seriously amazing, if you haven't heard or him, or seen his wonderful paper creations then I suggest you head on over for a nosy. He is one talented fella! And they are two of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of 'meeting' via the internet. Big hugs to them :)

Here I am! :)

A bit of an eclectic post as usual. For some reason I can't get the comment replying option opened up on this layout I have. Sorry I've not had the chance to reply to any questions asked in the last post :( It's so much easier to email me - but then I had a thought. Since I've reached over 1300 followers, I think there is a fair few of you who don't know me as well as the people who've been reading my blog for quite a while now. So I thought I'd open up the floor to some questions, and make my next post a little Q&A session (that is, if more than like 3 people ask a question haha) It may be a complete flop if y'all aren't bothered, but I thought I'd give it a try anyways. Ask me anything, and I'll answer it in the next post (within reason though... you cheeky minx's!)

Ayden x