Crawled out of the sea

Hello :) Long time no speak, again. Lots has been happening to keep me busy, mainly 'life'! Happy days though. Here's a wee update of some things I've been upto.

Just finished up on one of the most enjoyable jobs I've done to date. Art directing Counting With Rodd for CBBC really helped me to get my confidence back after having a tough time with my personal life last year. Film and TV can be an emotionally exhausting business, so it's a really hard industry to work in if you aren't feeling 100% sure of yourself, and what you are capable of! This job reminded me that there are nice people out there, and that I am actually good at what I do.

So sad to wrap :( Everyone on the team were lovely - we were honestly like a wee family by the end. Really hope I get to work with them all again.

The directors birthday cake being delivered by skateboard :) We worked hard but were rewarded with lots of tea and cake during filming to keep us warm (we were filming in a big warehouse at BBC's River City and it was freeeezing)

Packing up my kit at the end of the job - I actually have to keep all this stuff in my car now as there's no room for it in my house. It just keeps growing and growing!

First saturday off I had a nice afternoon in the west end with John. We went for lunch at Hillhead Book Club, and had a wander around DeCourceys arcade, Ruthven lane and all the antique shops. My bestie Jenn has got a new record player for her christmas, and Footloose is one of her favourite films so we picked this up for her from the Salvation Army Shop :)

Saturday night I went to see Panic! At the Disco who were amazing - totally look me back to my youth :) I tagged along with a few of John's friends, as my wee Louise wasn't feeling too well and couldn't make it. Went to the cathouse afterwards, and didn't wake up with a hangover today. Result!

I am quite enjoying stealing John's friends from him :) Haha. Today myself and the lovely folks I went to the Cathouse with had a photoshoot for Kyles new Chakra Energy clothing range. Me and Teri got changed in the boys loo's (the building was shut, don't worry) and for some reasons urinals really freak me out. So what did we do? Take silly pictures with them! Anyone else feel a bit freaked out seeing inside a boys toilet? I felt the same in high school. Just feels wrong, and forbidden! And smelly. Ewww,

The shoot went really well, and we went for Nando's after which was the cherry on top. Kyle also gave me a new rose quartz crystal, and let me pick an angel card to take home with me. I drew the 'opportunity' card from the pack, which feels very appropriate right now. I need to learn how to use my own angel cards properly, I've been finding it really fascinating lately but I'm going to do a separate post on Kyle and the photoshoot once I get some pictures back.

Just a wee posery picture of me thrown in for good measure :) My hair is getting so long, I have no idea what to do with it!

Some finger puppets that came with a doll I bought for work. I LOVE FINGER PUPPETS!

Got my introduction pack from the Haagen-Dazs Loves club. Anyone else a member? Ice cream shaped usb stick, ice cream scoop, and some yummy cow shed goodies. I am an absolute ice cream fiend, so this has to be one of the top parcels I've been sent since I started blogging. Haha my flatmates were laughing when it got delivered, it was a freezing morning but I managed to convince myself for about 30 seconds that it might have ice cream in it since the box was so cold. Was just the weather y'all. More on this super duper club soon though.

Aww my fuzzy little Dougal is settling in nicely! Thank you everyone who sent me advice about introducing him to Oscar and Alfie. They've had a bit of floor time together, which went well but as soon as I put him in a freshly cleaned cage with the two of them, they got very territorial. I think I will try giving them all a bath next time I clean out the cage, so they literally all smell the same. They didn't fight when they were together, just a lot of bum sniffing, teeth chattering and rumble strutting. But I'm going to persevere and keep trying. Fingers crossed!

And ending on a very random note, I finally got my hands on one of the giant teacup plant holders from Dobbies that I'd ranted about on twitter and facebook. This is the smaller one, there were ones that were even bigger! Think they'd be better for a garden though. But oh my - cool as anything! :) We bought a lot of plants from Dobbies for dressing the set of Counting With Rodd, and I can't wait to go back for a visit and get tea and cake from their cafe. I am honestly turning into such a wee golden oldie. I have a wishlist from Next Home for my birthday. Cute cushions, prints and ornaments rather than makeup and clothes? Seems to be much more tempting right now!

I'm writing this from the comfort of my bed, but it's time to hit the hay now. I've got a busy week ahead but hopefully it won't be too long until my next post. I also wanted to say I hit 1300 readers last week - which is absolutely insane! Thank you for reading, and commenting, and generally all your awesome chat ♥ Wee legends. Until next time...

Ayden x

Ps. Starting the 30 Day Shred tomorrow, I know I'm a bit late to the bandwagon but wish me luck :) and share your stories with me if you've done it too.

Sunday Best

Technically a bit of a belated Sunday Best - but still pictures of what I did with my last sunday off before I started my new contract at the bbc. These pictures look pretty dull, but I still think there's still something kinda cool/dark/eerie about them! Me and my boyfriend took a drive up north for the day, the weather was a bit 'dreich' as we say in Scotland, but that was even more of an excuse to get cosy and have a nice lunch somewhere :)

The most AMAZING teapots at The Coach House Coffee Shop in Luss. They had so many, including a crazy one which was a whole bath set up (rubber duckies and everything, it didn't even look like a teapot)

A wee pit-stop at Luss was for tea and cake, then we drove further onto Ardlui.

View from the car park. Again, I know this would look so much better on a sunny day but there was something appealingly spooky watching the mist and low clouds drift over the hills.

Lunch by a roaring fire at the Drovers Inn ♥ Just perfect for a sunday afternoon.

Established in 1705, the Drovers has some pretty awesome decor and a whole faded grandeur feel to it. Certainly along the lines of the Leaky Cauldren or someplace similar, with taxidermy on the walls, old paintings, and log fires on the go. A friend of mines once stayed in one of the rooms there and said it was beautiful. But there's too many ghost stories surrounding the building that would honestly make me too scared to spend the night there!

I've had some good time off over christmas and new year, but now I'm back at work on a kids show for cbbc. It's been brilliant so far, and everyone is really lovely, I just know I'm not going to want to leave by the end. I was out prop buying yesterday when I decided to pop into Pets at Home to buy a few pieces for Oscar and Alfie... only to fall in love with a guinea pig up for adoption in there :( After about half an hour talking to the staff, I took the piggie out for a cuddle and that was me! I am now the proud owner to another lovely little guinea pig called Dougal :)

(Crappy phone pictures at the moment until I get a chance of some proper wee photos with him - I think his hair makes him look like a rabbit!)

His previous owners had to give him up due to work commitments and the children not being able to keep his unruly hair under control (I really do think he resembles Dougal from The Magic Roundabout) and when he came into pets at home his fur was all matted. But a trip to the groomers and a check at the vets and he's ready to start his new life with me, Oscar and Alfie. Keeping him in a separate cage at the moment, and going to introduce him to the boys gradually. Anyone had any experience of this before?

Kisses through the cage. I hope this means 'Hello! Be my friend?'

Ayden x

Hello, I'm In Delaware

Well, I'm not really. It's just the name of one of my favourite City and Colour songs :) It's saturday afternoon, I'm still in my jammies but I've been tackling a massive to do list all day and thought it was time for a wee break. My boyfriend is coming over to stay tonight so I've got chicken defrosting in the kitchen for whatever culinary delights we decide to make later. Got some pictures which are the last bits and bobs from 2011 that I've still been meaning to share.

The only pictures I managed to take from the Scottish Christmas Blogger Meet. Rani and Charlene kindly organised us ladies (and a fella!) for an afternoon of shopping, eating and drinking. We went for afternoon tea at Rox, which was lovely, especially while oogling in the wonderfully luxurious setting at all the sparkly jewels and gems they have to offer. Fancy!

I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but I got these cute little additions from a stall run by my friend Louise's pal Rachel. Can't remember what it was called (I suck, I know) But she honestly had the most sweet little pieces of jewellery! It was so hard to choose just a couple :(

Getting organised for 2012 :) I have my new book of lists (from Louise again, she knows me too well!) my Kays Art Diary for work stuff, a plain black paperchase notebook for doodles about rent and other formalities, and then my trusty moleskin diary which is my saving grace on a day to day basis. I wish I didn't rely on all my lists and diary so much, but it keeps me sane and everything down on paper rather than fuzzy in my head. Y'know what I mean?

An exchange parcel from Danielle all the way from America :) I'd been running out of american sweeties etc so it was pretty awesome to get stocked up again. She got me some really wonderful stuff. Thanks Danielle! ♥

A rather Christmassy themed exchange with Marta from Croatia. She sent me beautiful handmade decorations for my tree, yummy chocolates and a gorgeous notepad. Oh, and a L'Occitane soap! I've never had anything from there before, it smells devine. I really loved Croatia when I was there on my travels a couple of years ago, so it was great to get a little taste of their country again :) Thanks Marta!

It was my little brother Aarons birthday right between christmas and new year. Everyone is always pretty gubbed around then, but my mum still gives 110% in making his birthday really special. We had a wee party in the house for him and my mum put on a lovely spread of food as usual. Can't believe he is 5. And also can't believe it's only 5 months until my Dad and Step Mum have their baby too! Can't wait to be a big sister again.

John bought a Kinect for his xbox, so we had a great night in his between christmas and new year with his bestie Andy and his girlfriend Olivia. Played this bad boy until about 3am (then us girls fell asleep on the couch and they put COD on... typical!) But it was so much fun, he brought it to mines for new years too. Anyone got a Kinect and can suggest some awesome games to buy?

Also got my calves finished, here they are! Not the most enjoyable 6 hours in total of my life, but I bloody love them none the less :)

Myself and Olivia also had the pleasure of going to see Scottish Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty. This is the third ballet of theirs that I've seen, and I think it was my most favourite one yet. I was also quite surprised to hear the music 'once upon a dream' from the disney version to be played by the orchestra. It was magical! The set and costumes were absolutely insane - I would give my right arm to work on a Scottish Ballet production, their attention to detail is just beautiful and the production as a whole is just like being sucked into a little magical world of your own for a few hours.

It was also really exciting to see an article written by Kirsty in the programme :) On yersel' hen!

Really though, it was a visually and musically stunning show, and the ballet dancers themselves never cease to amaze. I'd be like a baby elephant in a china shop if I attempted to jump around my living room and copy their elegant moves and poses (a girl can dream eh?) Scottish Ballet are still on tour with this production if you fancy seeing it (dates and places here) and they're doing a live webcast on thursday 12th at 1.30pm before their matinee performance - live backstage at Edinburgh Festival Theatre!

Anyways lovelies, that's all I've got to share for now but you can always catch up with me on twitter ot tumblr (or anywhere else on the 'find me here' page up there!) So don't be shy, come and say hello :)

Have a great weekend, Ayden x