Where there's tea, there's hope

The quote above is something I couldn't agree with more. So much so... that it might just be the inspiration of a tattoo I'm getting next week :) But any more details would be telling! The past week for me has pretty much consisted of a good dose of friends, family, food, tea, and enjoying the last of the sunshine as the days get shorter and the mornings chillier. I treated myself to a few new things at the shops today, including a nice big hoody from Topshop, a warm hat from Primark and a scarf from H&M. I'm one of these people who's winter wardrobe is pretty much just their summer wardrobe but with tights and a thick knit cardi. Not the best, but I can't deny that summer is well and truly gone, so time to wrap up warm :(

However the colder weather does still bring us some bright clear days too (sound like I could be a weather woman here) and I've actually been getting a lot of use from my Rayban sunglasses I won in the Style Passport competition. They are absolute wee beauties! My own prescription glasses are Raybans, and both them and the aviators are so comfy to wear, you'd almost forget you have them on. You can shop for clothes and accessories by destination on the Style Passport website, which is really handy but it's got me itching for a little winter break somewhere before the end of the year. Would be great to get snowboarding or perhaps pay London a visit at christmas time. But I'm moving into a new flat over the next couple of weeks so money may be tight. Need to save my pennies for candles, and bedcovers, and cushions from ikea :) (and meatballs too of course)

Thank you to Liberty at Style Passport for contacting me about the competition, and thank you for all you wee legends that voted for me :)

Pretending to be all summery in my grans garden

Aunty M's Cake Lounge in De Courceys Arcade.

Eteaket in Edinburgh.

Cookies & cream, and fudge ice cream from Nardini's in Largs.

The Lochwinnoch Food Festival.

Sweetie van in Lochwinnoch.

Countryside and fresh air ♥

A walk in the woods, resembling a horse rider in my Barbour-esque jacket.

This weekend I'm meeting my new landlord (a very old family friend) to discuss the new house and get things organised. Nervous about it but really excited too. I'm going to a house party on saturday night, and to a wedding fair with Luisa on sunday :) I'm a bridesmaid at her wedding in 2013, so if anyone could share any hints or tips on how can fulfill this role to the fullest, please share your wisdom (but maybe I should just use the film Bridesmaids as a guide? or not, haha...) I had a lovely time with the girls at the Zen event the other evening, got my HD Brows and shellac nails done too which was an absolute treat, pictures to follow soon.

What's your plans for the weekend? Have felt a bit out of the loop lately so would love to hear what everyone's up to. Watching american x factor and a blogger (will need to google him) is dancing on stage with his pants down... please tell me someone else saw this too?!

Ayden x

Theatre, friends & feeling Zen

Hello again :) It's been a week since my last post, and you'll be glad to know I've taken everyone's advice and totally relaxed since being off work. Starting to get out and about which is nice, enjoying the fresh air (underrated!) and spending quality time with my nearest and dearest. I have so many pictures to share on here, but I'm trying to post them without it being a picture overload. These next ones are a wee bit backdated, and are actually from quite a few weeks ago. Will get through them all eventually, bare with me :)

Standing on the stage at the Kings Theatre during our technical rehearsal for The Prince, The Johnny Thomson Story. This was the play I worked on before my contract at the BBC just there, and it was great going back to a bit of theatre work again. That's what I trained in and I've not had much chance to work in theatre since I graduated, its all been tv and film. So was a nice change :) Would love to get on a panto this christmas, but I'll see how much time I have left when the Weakest Link finishes in December. Oh, and make sure I have time off for the South West Blogger meet at Christmas ;) Sharing a hotel room with Gem, and getting to meet the likes of Rosie and Lyzi is going to be an absolute riot ♥

Talking about Gem... I got to meet this special lady again, and her super lovely boyfriend (oops, now fiance, CONGRATS!) Dale, for an Ichiban lunch and a wee wander around Glasgow before they drove further up north in Scotland. Gem was surprised by how tidy our Primark in Glasgow was. Maybe shocked is a better word! Dale went on to propose to Gem when they were on their wee Scottish holiday. So happy for them, one of the nicest couples I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (and now I get to make lots of inappropriate jokes about how they need to give their children really stereotypical scottish names)

So these last few are really quite backdated. The lovely folks at Zen in Edinburgh were kind enough to invite me along to their salon for a Visia Facial Scan, and then a full facial depending on the results and my skin type. I went for this just before I was AWOL from the blog for a while not so long ago, but I've been dying to write about it because it really was amazing!

As you can see from the picture above, after the scan I was given a breakdown of my skin in terms of spots, texture, UV spots and red areas. This was really interesting, and I was particularly drawn to the UV analysis, as a user of sunbeds in the past (boo, I know) I was interested to see how the sun etc had taken an impact on my skin. All in all, my results were much better than I hoped and I then went on to get the Murad Environmental Skin Shield Vitamin C Facial. It really was fantastic, and the first time I'd received any sort of treatment like this before. The setting and staff were so welcoming and I was totally chilled out from the moment I got there. So much so that I actually fell asleep twice during the facial! Haha. Tad embarassing but it was absolute bliss. My skin felt amazing afterwards (I didn't even mind gracing the streets of Edinburgh with my bare makeup-less face on the way for the train)

It actually felt like a crime putting makeup on the next day. I included the picture above because I felt like even with makeup, my skin was a lot 'brighter' than usual after the facial. As a first time customer I was also treated to a goody bag with a couple of Murad products to try (oh and there was a chocolate in there too but it got scoffed on the train before I got home and took these pictures) I really don't have an excuse now not to start looking after my skin properly. I think if I'm careful with my pennies I would really like to save up and get a treatment like this every few months or so. Not only that, but I felt so much better after it in terms of my wellbeing too. Nothing better than having some time to get pampered and slip into complete relaxation (now all I need to convince is my bank balance...)

The girls at Zen were so attentive, and really knew their stuff. I was super impressed, and I'll actually get to meet them again tonight as a bunch of us are off to their Hanover Street salon for a blogger event. Will be sure to post about how it goes, but probs won't be for a week or so as I've still got so much to share before then! (That's what I get for disappearing off the face of the earth for a wee while eh?)

Off to get ready and meet all the girls, lots of love,

Ayden x

Second star to the right & straight on 'til morning

Hey, remember me? So it's been a while again. I guess I wasn't kidding myself when I said my career was pretty busy. It went into complete overdrive, and I've not had much time to sit on the computer (have a few emails still to reply to, for those of you waiting I hope you still love me! :( ♥) Unfortunately, I pretty much pushed myself over the edge work/health wise and left the BBC in an ambulance on Saturday night. Bloody hell, I'm a bit of a dramz lover lately eh? Note to anyone out there working 16 hour days - stop for a break, or at least have a working lunch. Eating is important! My body was all out of reserves by the weekend due to not eating and not sleeping (and ignoring the warning signals of a kidney infection) The paramedics told me my blood sugar levels were extremely low, and for someone like me who normally enjoys LOTS of sugar.... that's pretty out of character. So I'm going to have a little bit of a time out for the next wee while. Rest up, sleep lots, and recharge my batteries. Oh, and hopefully never ignore my body and it's needs like that ever, ever again.

On a lighter note, I've had a few nice things in the post lately :)

A letter, yummy lipgloss, and gorgeous necklace from lovely lovely Jennie :) This girl is really something. Such a sweetheart and I'm so very glad to have made a friend like her through blogging. Ralphie also put in a little treat for Oscar and Alfie, which they LOVED. But aren't pictured, because my greedy boys have scoffed them already. Thank you both ♥

Oooh! My super mystery parcel from Sarah, which I won as a part of her big birthday giveaway. An illustration of myself by this talented lady is also part of the prize, which I am so excited for! Can't wait to see her turn me into a cute little hand drawn lady :) Sarah is one of the funniest girls I know from blogging, you need to follow her on twitter, I guarantee she will make you laugh. Thaaaanks Sarah!

A very appropriate card and bracelet from Chloe. Again, another amazing blogger who I feel very lucky to call a friend. She is so wise, she makes me want to steal parts of her brain and keep it all to myself. But I'm not a brain loving/eating zombie... So I guess she's safe (for now) But definitely go over and say hello if you're looking for a refreshing new read. This girl's a keeper ♥

I was lucky enough to get this parcel from Ruth in person! Many a time I grace her desk at the BBC with giggles, tears, or begging her to print stuff off for me (don't know how she's not sick of me already) Ruth made me her very own version of a glossybox, full of lots of lovely things to cheer me up a couple of weeks ago when I was really needing pampered. What a lass. If only the real glossybox was this overly generous, haha. Love you long time Ruth!

Okay so I'm a bit late, with this being last month's glossybox (looks so bare in comparison to Ruth's... haha I think they should hire her, non?!) I do quite enjoy having a nosy at what everyone else got, as repetitive as it can be. I find my glossboxy goodies building up, and I don't actually get a chance to use everything as much as I'd hope. Anyone else feel that way? The ironic thing, is that the one and only thing I have used from my glossybox and actually finished, was the mini can of Batiste they popped in a few months ago. I just think its funny because there was so much negative chat surrounding this box (from myself included) but looking back, that can of Batiste is the only bloody thing I've ever finished from all the boxes I've ever received.

Having a bit of a foundation nightmare recently, I went back to my good old trusted Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. I have never ventured into proper Double Wear, and I feel like the light version is heavy enough coverage for me. Estee Lauder were giving away a free goody bag when you bought 2 products, so I got a black gel eyeliner (goodbye Mac Fluidline, I'm bloody fed up of you) and got all of the above free! So thats an eye pencil, a lipgloss, lipstick, eyeshadow pallete, moisturiser, mascara, and advanced night repair. Not too bad if I don't say so myself :) Makes investing in a semi expensive foundation that little bit more worth it!

Still got a lot of pictures and bits and pieces to share over the next wee while, so I'll try split it all up between a few different posts. Hope y'all don't mind some of it being a bit backdated - I've never been an every day blogger and I don't think I ever will be. So bare with me, I know my ramblings and less than average chat makes it worth it in the end :p I couldn't have asked for a more warmer welcome back than from what you all gave me in my last post. Thank you doesn't even come close ♥ To all 1116 of you (bloody hell... are you all mad?!) I salute you :)

Lots and lots of love,

Ayden x