Wait a minute Mr Postman

I was really chuffed with all your lovely feedback on my last post :) I don't normally share outfits on here, so was relieved when so many of you liked my holiday dresses, especially the floral one (which was by the concession LOVE at Topshop, in the sale a year or so ago for anyone wondering) And to those who commented on my bikini'd self, thank you (blush) I've put on a few pounds since I moved house and haven't rejoined the gym yet. Never in my lifetime have I been slim, but I am keen to get back to my 'happy' weight (which is really just the weight that my body seems to NEVER want to go lower than, no matter how much exercise or dieting I undertake) Plus, cupcakes make me far happier than what being a size 8 ever would.

I had a few lovely parcels waiting at the royal mail depot for me on my return, and another couple which arrived the week I got home. It felt like Christmas come early - something in the post for once that isn't bills or the Betterware catalogue, woo hoo! Here's my goodies from the last week or so:

Paul Mitchell products plus a cute wash bag won in Kel's giveaway over on her blog Hair Advice and All Things Nice. Paul Mitchell is one of these iconic, old school brands I grew up with (genuinely remember the bottles sitting by the side of the bath when I was a kid in the 90's) because my mum is a hairdresser and she was always a fan of their products in the salon and at home. So pleased to have won the shampoo, conditioner and two styling products, as I know how great quality they are. Plus, my mum always shouts at me for buying cheap, 'plastic' filled shampoo's etc. She is sorting my colour and extensions soon, so I think my hair will be in for a treat with these!

My second ever Glossybox was also sheepishly awaiting my return. I say sheepishly, after all the hoo-haa surrounding the contents of the last box. I won't go on about it, but I am very pleased with this months box and I think Glossybox can hold their head high at providing us with this great selection of goodies all for £10. I'm not too pleased about the price increasing to £12.95 in a couple of months time, but that's just because I'm a stingey biatch at times! The increased price is still total value for money when you total up what you're getting. But my OCD self feels that £10 was a nice, round number to contend with. That's only a dominoes pizza, 3 starbucks, or a return train ticket for me into Glasgow when I think about it. Not bad at all.

I also won Dayner's giveaway over at her blog (and shop) Mozzypop. I have been eyeing up Dayners cute creations for such a long time - I mean, you bloody must not have a soul if you don't want to AUWW at these tiny fried egg hair clips?! The prizes contained some items from her shop, including the cute owl ring above, which is actually featured on the front of her business card, plus these lovely things below:

Pink replica Mulberry Alexa bag - oooooooh!

Three Collection 2000 polishes in Lemon Soda, Button Moon, and Hoola Hoop. Along with two Jelly Belly lip balms in Watermelon and Bubblegum. I dunno if it's just me, but I think that little bundle looks good enough to eat. Can't wait to rock some cute ice cream colours on my nails.

The Gold Owl ring, White Stone Tribal ring, and Drink Me necklace all from the Mozzypop Folksy.

They say good luck comes in three's right? My third win recently was one of the Witch liquid concealers, which I got from Sherrie and her blog Mirror Mirror On The Wall. I have never really used proper concealer before (shock horror) and to be honest I don't even know how to use it? Over or under foundation? It's all a bit of a mystery, so I can't wait to try this out and introduce you all to my clear complexion and airbrushed self.... I wish! We'll see :p

And then, there's the absolute wee legend who is Rosie :) This is the second parcel she has sent me, and literally everything about it (right down to the cute packaging, amazing wrapping paper, old style cinema tickets, and quirky stickers she covers the box in) makes me smile, so much. This box contained some awesome postcards, a lomography poster, a mix cd, a Mac badge, Vans keyring, and cute as hell little Toast and Mushroom rings! This girl is seriously far too good to me, love her to bits. But now the pressure is on, I want to make her an equally as awesome parcel in return! :) ♥ Exchanging mix cd's is definitely something I want to do more of, and have previously recieved one from Stevie and Jess, so if you fancy it - drop me an email! Here's what songs Rosie had in store for me this time around:

Listening to all these lovely tunes got me looking online for gigs happening this year. Turns out a lot of the bands I listened to in my teens are touring quite soon! I bought me and David tickets for Forever The Sickest Kids yesterday, but there are still a few bands I'd like to get tickets for. I'll write a wee list, and if any of you glasgow/edinburgh based bloggy ladies fancied having a wee meet up and going to a gig one night (and most importantly, if you unshamefully share similar taste in music as me) then drop me an email :) A few coming up I'd love to go see include New Found Glory, Panic! At The Disco, Funeral For A Friend, City and Colour, The Dykeenies, The Blackout/We Are The Ocean, Friendly Fires, Yellowcard, and All Time Low. Any takers?

Last night, I went to meet the lovely Stephanie for a coffee in Tinderbox. We had a great chat, lots of laughing and like many of the blogger girls I've had the pleasure of meeting the past year or so - it felt as if we'd been friends for years :) Look forward to seeing this lady again soon! Be sure to check her out, along with the other gals I've linked to above (they're all super awesome, I promise you'll thank me) Tonight having a date night with David, which will consist of some yummy japanese food at Nanakusa, followed by us finally getting to see Harry Potter (I know, I'm a bit late with that) Today is my 7th day working, so pretty safe to say I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I'm going for shopping and lunch with David's mum and sister, and tomorrow night I'm going to a wee girlie sleepover at one of my best girls Dominique's new house (defo a chance to use up all the leftover cocktail making alcohol from my birthday!) Sunday, I'm meeting another bestie Leah for brunch, then heading over to Zen in Edinburgh for a facial. After a hectic week at work, and all that nonsense with the house flooding (which is sorted now, thanks for all your messages and comments) I am REALLY needing it. The weather has been so muggy here in glasgow, by the end of each day my skin and makeup is somewhat resembling old gregg from the mighty boosh. I mean, as much as he is sexy as hell (lolz) my skin will be glad of a some serious tlc.

One final thing, is that my Style Passport entry I mentioned in the last post is finally live and kicking! You can see my entry and the rest of the contenders here, and if you think I deserve to win I would really appreciate your vote. The link is at the bottom of the page, and it literally takes two seconds. You don't need to register, or enter your email address or anything. Just select the name, and click to vote :) Voting closes on August 4th at 11.45pm. You girls helped me do so well in the Next bloggers christmas challenge last year (Remember how much of a pest I was? I literally could not have done it with out you all!) so if you fancied showing a bit of love for me for this competition too, then I promise I won't tweet obsessively about it every day :) Have a great weekend, love yees all!

Ayden x

Swim until you can't see land

I'm all freckle faced and arrived back from my holiday early evening on friday. I had a wonderful week in Corralejo (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands) with my boyfriend. Picture/word heavy post as you can expect :) Here we go!

Cocktails & live music.

My first time surfing outwith the UK was awesome - and warm :)

My surfing buddy did me proud ♥

Our neighbours around the hotel balcony, they made a hell of a noise!

Fireworks on the beach, and ones which fired across the sea and exploded on the water.

Wouldn't be a holiday without a bit of self timer fun :)

Some outfit examples for in the evenings (I pretty much lived in topshop denim shorts and cropped tshirts during the day on our way to the beach and such)

I'm no fashion blogger but I thought I would share my favourite outfits from the holiday - please be gentle! The last picture is me rocking out with my £2 Primark RayBan Aviator wannabe's. They were such a steal and I wore them every day (as they went with literally every outfit, both daytime and evening, but maybe I was just trying to convince myself I looked as cool as Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas) 

I love these wee beauties so much, but even now they are kinda on their last legs after 7 days at the beach, lazing by the pool, and being pulled in and out of my handbag in the early evenings, all with no cover/case (also, I'm not convinced that they actually protect your eyes from the sun at all...) So, I am entering a competition with Style-Passport to be in with the chance of winning a real pair of Rayban Classic Aviators. The Style Passport website is a one stop fashion and beauty store online, with clothes, accessories, beauty products etc itemised under different headings, suited to what kind of trip you are going on (city, spa, festival, beach and so on) I think its a pretty cool idea, especially for hopeless packers/holiday shoppers like myself! Each person entering has chosen a different item from the site which they would like to be in with the chance of winning, and its you ladies who do the voting to decide.
I would love to own an authentic pair of these before summer's out and Scotland waves goodbye to the last of the proper sunshine (but hey, not that annoying sunset sunshine that gets in your eyes while driving, even in winter!) So if I post the link to my entry on their blog, as soon as it goes live, can I count on you girls to vote for me? :) If you think I deserve to win them, of course (puppy dog eyes all round...)

UPDATE: You can now vote for whoever you want to win here :) Voting closes on August 4th at 11.45pm.

 And Here's a few more holiday snaps:

Jumping into the pool at night always feels far too tempting.

Coco Man :)

I never knew that the juice/milk inside a coconut tasted so good! And the actual coconut itsself was awesome (along with a few mouthfuls of chocolate, yum) Coco man sits there infront of you on the beach and cracks it open for you to enjoy. Excuse my sun frazzled face chubs/squashed arm and messy barnet, but this was too exciting for me to give a shit what I looked like or miss a photo opportunity! Haha.

The beach was beautiful, and our hotel ran a bus every day down to the main stretch which sat in front of massive sand dunes (which is their national park) Lots of bodyboarding and people falling over in the sea (LOLZ!) the waves were pretty messy at times.

An amazing sand sculpture back at the beach by the centre of Correlejo. How awesome is the wee fire in his nose?!

Some random handsome boy I found on the beach ;)

Our last night :( We took a few self timer pictures with my slr balanced on some sun loungers, but the funniest one was when we jumped in the air High School Musical style, and I ended up punching David in the face and he fell over onto the sand! Haha the camera caught him mid fall, its such a belter of a picture but I don't think I will be sharing it on here for now :p

I was straight back to work this weekend but have had Luisa in as my assistant so it's certainly made it much more fun and go in that little bit quicker. Has been a bit frantic coming home and jumping straight into work again, but its been good to get back and get organised and see the guinea pigs of course ♥ We had a bit of a nightmare situation in the flat on saturday night, and our neighbours above water starting leaking (and then pretty much gushing) through our kitchen, cupboard, bathroom and hall ceiling. I couldn't get a hold of my landlord as it was pretty late, and the neighbours wouldn't answer the door so we had to phone the police (who managed to wake them up with lots of loud banging on the door) Luckily we caught it quick enough that its only all the light fixtures and parts of the carpets which have been damaged, and it could have been a whole lot worse if we were still on holiday at the time and not here to stop it. But to be honest, when you think about whats been happening in the news lately in Norway it puts life into perspective - a little bit of flooding in my house is pretty insignificant.

If you read all of that, I salute you! And if you have the TL;DR approach, thanks for the effort anyways ;) Biggest hugs to all 1027 of you (and any lurkers. Say hello?) And if you'd like to vote for me to win some sweet RayBan Aviators in the Style Passport comp, please click here

Ayden x

Every thug needs a lady

I jet off on holiday at 7am tomorrow, but wanted to fit in one more wee update before I go. It's a picture heavy one - so don't say I didn't warn ya! I happened to reach 1000 followers on google connect over the past few days, and no way in hell did I think that would happen when I started off this little blog of horrors, so thank you to each and every one of you who read this and give me the motivation to keep writing/ranting/babbling on :) ♥

I was lucky enough during the week to be invited to a blogger event held by the lovely folks at Alison Jameson Consultants. We went to the gorgeous Tigerlily in edinburgh, for cupcakes, cocktails (strawberry daquiri was my tipple of choice) plus our hair and nails done, and an introduction to some of the lovely brands AJC whom represent. Here is a few pictures of on the day from their facebook:

Left to right, Kirsty, Anna, Rani, Me, Ann, Charlene, Claire.

I had a wonderful time, and was treated to my hair all gorgeously curled by Ryan from Medusa, and some nail art from the amazing Zara, who works at their Inner Sanctuary beauty salon within the Bread Street branch of Medusa. Stella, Snooki and Kara were awesome and really looked after us for the afternoon :) It was great seeing all the fellow scottish bloggy ladies again who've I'd had the pleasure of meeting before - miss you girls already! We also got to bring a pretty awesome goody bag home...

I have used the phil smith mirror shine spray so far, which really did make my hair gorgeously shiny but not greasy or sticky at all. I also used the tan truth gradual tan, which was amazing! Gave me a lovely colour boost even with one application. Will be great for keeping my tan topped up when I come back my hols. Genuinely so impressed with the couple of products I've used so far, I'm really looking forward to trying the rest.

Stella and Snooki also kindly gave me some Hairaisers hair extensions to take home. These ones are pretty close to my current colour, and my mum is going to cut and colour them into my hair when I get home in a week :) They feel amazing, and it will be great to have long hair again, super excited. Here's a little close up of my leopard print nails by Zara, AKA Miss Cutie Kills (and also the tiniest anchor you've ever seen)

While getting organised for my holiday I decided to make myself and David a toiletries bag to use up all the mini's and samples which have been engulfing my bathroom! Here's mines:

And the bag I did for David:

I can't see David wearing a shower cap I got from my stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last year (when I was stranded in Glasgow after work for a few nights because the snow was so bad) but I thought I'd throw it in for a giggle :) I'm taking a few more toiletries, makeup etc ontop of this, but using up these samples have cleared a space in my drawers so I'm quite happy.

Tonight we're going to have a nap before we need to get up and leave at 3am, the drive to the airport will take just under 2 hours. The pet sitter is all organised but I will be sad to say goodbye to the piggies! :( They are enjoying their new cage loads, and I've even managed to get them sleeping on the baby pillows I bought for them. Auww...

Bit of a blurry shot - was trying not to wake them! One more random thing before I go, the campaign I did just as I graduated last year for my old uni is now being promoted across glasgow. A few tweets and phonecalls over the past week or so have made me aware of the massive posters of my mug spread across the city centre. I could die of embarassment, but I am also quite proud for them consider me as one of their successful alumni :) So without further ado...

Anyways, I don't have any guest posting organised for while I'm away, so this will be the last you'll hear from me for just over a week or so. Thank you for your supportive and reassuring word/comments/tweets as always. A holiday in the sun with my fella is exactly what I'm needing right now, so stay classy san diego, and I'll be seeing y'all real soon :)

Ayden x