Thoughtful friends & furry friends

After an awesome weekend at Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure beach with Jenn, I feel like I am on some sort of horrible come down today. After the blogger mess up I seem to have lost my last post, which sucks and I really hope I get it back soon. Any of you face a similar situation? So that's annoyed me. First time I've had any sort of Monday blues in quite a while, a few things are really getting to me and I'm currently typing this from the comfort of my bed. I think a good movies, some nice brunch and a pot of tea will make me feel better for now. On a happier note, I did have the most amazing weekend with Jenn - never laughed so much in my life! I think people must have thought we were completely hysterical/insane/raving Glaswegian lunatics. So a wee post about our adventure shall follow soon.

Some nice things happened to me last week. Reminding me that there are some very lovely people out there. I also made some new friends (of the furry variety...) whom I'd actually like to introduce you all to.

A chilled mix cd, gorgeous letter, and sweeties in a beautiful parcel from Rosie. Why? Just cause. I think just cause is the best reason why. She is awesome, I really could give her a big hug right now.

(Actually thought this said Vagina when I first glanced at it. Need my new glasses pronto!)

My swap parcel from Jess in the USA. She got me some amazing american candy, cereal, makeup, plus a few handmade and vintage finds. Jess is an absolute wee gem, we have had some lovely email exchanges over the past couple of months and she has also just started up a blog of her own. So please pop on over and say hello if you get a chance :) I'm looking forward to tasting and trying out my new goodies.

I also got a really sweet letter and brooch from Chloe (which I have forgotten to take a picture of, my bad) to thank me for taking a part in her post/interview on bullying, along with Michelle and Bee, called 'I'm not afraid to take a stand'. So thank you to Chloe, Rosie and Jess - receiving things in the post which aren't junk mail or Betterware catalogues makes me a happy girl. Now onto the furry friends, there are some little boys I would like you all to meet...



I finally did it! :) Anyone who has followed my blog from waaaay back at the beginning, might know how much I have wanted Guinea Pigs for a very long time. So after much consideration, I finally took the plunge last week and went and got them. They are boys, and look pretty terrified in the pictures because this was last week when I'd just got them. Their cage is also set up a bit differently now. I have been dying to tell you all sooner! They are so shy at the moment, but have definitely improved in the week I've had them. We cleaned the cage out last night and had a little bit of a cuddle with them (Alfie wrapped up in my hoodie and Oscar wrapped up in a towel and laying on our chest) Pretty safe to say they were still terrified, but I'm hoping with time they will come out of their shell a bit more. So any fellow piggie owners out there, I'd appreciate whatever advice or top tips you'd fancy sharing :)

Here's to a better week and a better mood ♥

Ayden x

Home Sweet Home

I feel a little bit strange doing this post. I don't know why, I have done a similar one before but I think there were less people here to read it so it didn't feel as weird. I'm no beauty blogger, or fashion blogger. I don't even feel like a 'blogger' most of the time... I'm just a girl who likes to ramble and you guys so happen to be the nice people I get to share snippets of my life with. So, thank you for being here! I am aware that there are many anonymous readers too, and probably a few folk who know me in 'real life'. Well, from what the maps on google analytics are telling me. Which does freak me out, as my blog is more personal/intrusive that a facebook would ever be (nope, I still haven't given in to one yet)

But I guess I'm okay with that. I have nothing to hide, nothing I'm frightened to be 'judged' on. Everything you read here is me, 'straight up', as it were. So on a very personal level, I'd like to welcome you into my new home...

Note: Doing what we can with rented accomodation!
This is our bedroom of course. The Hello Kitty Clock, Fenchurch Sign, and Lotso Bear are mines. David didn't need too much convincing for us to buy some fairy lights :)

Opposite view. So good to have a wardrobe all to myself, makes such a difference being able to see my clothes out infront of me rather than being crammed together in a tiny space. We also have some storage boxes under the bed for jumpers, cardi's etc. The rest of our shoes and all of our jackets are in a cupboard in the hall.

My little dressing up corner. Drawers containing all of my jewellery, and wicker basket underneath with hair stuff, straightners, hairdryer etc.

Davids 'man drawers'! Haha we also have a side cabinet by the bed each. I'm not that mean girls, this space for his stuff suits him perfectly. Telly and dvd player for lazy mornings/night times in bed, a picture of us on David's graduation day and my Spongebob pineapple house. The first present David ever bought me :) Oh and my snowboard sitting chilling in the corner!

Our kitchen. Pretty self explainatory....

Mtv Cribs style - I should have shown you inside my fridge! The cute bunting was a present from the lovely folks at Hidden Away. They specialise in gorgeous handmade goodies, and were kind enough to offer to send me some of their cute bunting. I have been on the eye out for some nice homeware since I moved house, and £8 for some hand made, custom colour bunting is pretty awesome in my opinion. It's very well made, every stitch perfectly in place and even though David said 'it makes it look like were having a party' I think it is really sweet! :) (boys eh?)

Lots of worktop space for making a mess when we cook and bake. The two windows let lots of light into the room in the morning especially, it's always roasting. We haven't quite worked out what that little cupboard is for in the middle of the wall. It's a bit odd. Prize for the funniest suggestion! :p

Wasn't going to bore you with entrance hallway, main hallway, door shots, or cupboards (but exciting, we have three! to cram all of our junk into neatly...) But this is how the bedroom, living room and kitchen are laid out next to each other. I'm standing just outside the bathroom in this one. We have a few pictures hanging up in the hall, and the two you can see there are lovely tattoo dictionary prints my best girl Leah bought me.

Just your average bathroom! This is probably the room I like the least. Its pretty teeny tiny, but our landlord said if we disappear on holiday for a week he will rip it all out and modernise it. Which would be pretty awesome! So hopefully that can happen soon. It's just so nice to have a bath again, after only having a shower in our old place.

The living room. We have a 3 seater couch, along with a 1 seater on the right and another 1 seater on the left by the window which you can't quite see. It's definitely been crowned as 'my' chair though. A bookcase with our books and cameras, habitat unit with dvd's, couple of canvasses, David's guitar and amp... That's about it really! Not sure how well it photographs but it sure is cosy. Oh, and some more bunting from Hidden Away :)

Opposite view. The major thing I would change about this place is the carpets throughout :( But until we own a home, there isn't much you can do about things like this. Its not 100% perfect, and it's hard to encorporate your own style into a rented home that is already half furnished and has it's own kind of look going on. We tried to add in our own character and style as much as possible but finding it tough without it being a major clashfest! Even though this place is pretty neutral, we tried our best. Anyone else living in rented accommodation face the same kind of situation?

I don't know how long we will stay in this house for. We love Linlithgow, and the location is pretty sweet (right next to the train station and a tesco, but quiet enough as it's just hidden off the high street) I've had my eye on some pretty new builds in the area, but for a higher price and further away from the train station... I think we are maybe just better sticking with the place we have just now. Time will tell :)

Yesterday I had an awesome day at the Girls Day Out event at the SECC with some lovely fellow scottish bloggers, so I'll be sure to share some more about that soon. Today I am going to Livingston Designer Outlet with David for a wander (and especially for a nosy at the Fred Perry store and the Cadburys shop - yum!) Then we are driving back to East Kilbride to see David's family for a while, and then to Bishopbriggs to see my Dad, Julie and Max :) This twitpic I posted of Max at easter had me in stitches - definitely one to show his first girlfriend and share at his 18th birthday. I also got my eyes tested again and due to a mega changed prescription ordered some new glasses. Click and let me know what you think of them, I know they look a bit mental/70's newsreader in the picture but I'm hoping yous will think they look better in person. HATE having to choose things like that on my own, I'm awful. Anyways, hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend :) Lots of love as always,

Ayden x

Surf's Up

Hello all, long time no speak (well, 6 days...) The weeks are flying in, can't believe it's May already. Thanks for your well wishes on the last post about my current contract, it's been keeping me busy and I've also been out in the sunshine every day which is nice. My freckles are out and and arms are a nice shade of pink! :) My natural hair colour is pretty auburn, and I don't tan so well so hoping the pinkness will amount to some sort of brown, rather than just fading to white (which is normally the case)

So last sunday morning, me and my boyfriend left our house at 5am to embark on a little surfing trip. We ended up at Westport, which was a good 3.5 hour drive away... Talk about breaking the new car in nicely! I haven't driven in six months, so I think that gave me all the practise I've been needing. I drove there, and David drove us home (I tried to be a good co-pilot and not fall asleep, but it was tough - we were shattered!) Anyways, on to the pictures.

The eerie Scottish countryside at 6am.

Arrived at our beach.

Surf's up!

David outside the Clan van (Clan is a surf/skate/snow shop in Glasgow) The owner Jamie taught me to surf when I was 15. He also took me and some classmates on a trip to Cornwall a couple of years in a row while we were still at school. Thus the surfing bug began! Jamie provided us with our equipment and gave David his first ever surf lesson. He did well, I'm proud :) ♥

The waves were a little bit messy, and not breaking the way we'd hoped which made it a tough first time for David (and tough for me because I am SO unfit, need to work majorly on my stamina paddling out past those breaking waves) But, we still had a brilliant time. It was a tad cloudy - I know my pictures look rather grey. That's good old Scotland for ya! I never realised how far we'd driven until Jamie told us the coast of Ireland was only 14 miles away from the beach. You could actually see it across the water before the clouds set in.

Got out of our wetsuits for lunch and a little rest. Thank you David for this oh so glam picture of me ;)

Wahhh! I befriended a little lhasa apso pup in the car park. He was so fluffy (I really wanted to steal him)

Going out to brave those waves and that lovely warm water (NOT!) The winter wetsuits did help, along with boots and gloves... and even a hood.

Hahah oh my, yes you are allowed to cringe here at my expense! David managed to snap me as I rolled into shore, as there was nothing left of the wave. Bloody knackered. I really can't say wetsuits are a good look either by the way, but it did keep us hella' warm.

This is what I wish the waves did look like. A slightly more noteworthy shot of me in Newquay a couple of years ago. You can read my old surfing story from that trip here. But basically, the Cornwall trip became a yearly tradition which I really did love. My Irie tattoo reminds me of the awesome times I've had there. I love surfing, but I never get to go enough to really progress. Hence, me STILL using the Swell foam surf boards (which are best for beginners, extremely buoyant and allow you to catch waves better and stand easier)

I feel because I don't get to surf regularly, I spend most of each trip re-learning the stuff I got a hang of the last time. It is really frustrating. I am desperate to progress, and move onto a proper glassed custom board (I had brief success with this Neville board a few years ago) But this isn't really going to happen unless I can start going surfing regularly. Now I'm closer to the East Coast, and that David has been bitten by the surfing bug I hope I can persuade him to make regular weekend trips with me and hopefully get this hobby back on track. I need to improve my fitness and practise my swimming a few times a week, but hopefully I can stick at it and actually get somewhere. Wish me luck? :)

 You all know now that I'm a fan of extreme sports, and have dabbled my hand in surfing, snowboarding and motocross - but do you have any sports that you partake in regularly? Or have you experienced anything more 'extreme', like bungee jumping or a skydive? If you have, tell me! I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and would love to hear your stories ♥

Ayden x