totally scrabbled

Getting back into the swing of work after having a couple of leisurely weeks off has totally messed with my blogging skillz! In terms of regularity... So please excuse :) I am very much being kept on my tippy toes at the moment! Little Miss Moleskin is full to the brim, and I'm still managing to keep at my fitness classes every week. Its a quick turnover by the time I come in from work, get changed and head down to the gym - but I'm feeling good! (Body pump, body combat, body attack, zumba, pilates... if you have tried any of them let me know your thoughts, I'd love to compare notes)

In the meantime, as promised, here is part 2 of my Mac's Venomous Villains haul:

Saturday: Bite of an apple blush, innocence beware lipstick, and wicked ways lipglass.

Innocence Beware on its own (such a lovely nude - reminds me of 'Hue'!)

This was on saturday and me and David were heading out to run a few errands during the day, so I thought I'd make an effort with my makeup, since I'm hardly wearing any during the week at work! Innocence beware was lovely on its own, but I jazzed it up a bit and put wicked ways lipglass over the top, I think it sits quite well with the blush :)

On the way to the shops, over we went to see my new little bro :) Haha yes, I am determined to make you all broody!

He has changed so much these past weeks. My dad and julie bought us a big brown suede bean bag for the flat - it is AWESOME. The last time I got excited over a bean bag was when I was 6 years old and used to eye up the my little pony ones in Makro (Gosh I love my little pony... and Makro!)

Sunday: Briar rose beauty powder, toxic tale lipstick, and strange potion lipglass.
(oh yeah, and in this one I've got the bad fairy nail lacquer on, sorry its not a mega close up but it really is lovely! Took about 3 coats but I can't stop staring at my nails now)

Toxic tale on its own.

As soon as I applied strange potion over the top, toxic tale went POP! I think it helped the colour stand out, rather than subdue it. Made me feel a bit too glam for my liking haha. I used briar rose as a blush. Maybe I'm just makeuptarded but what should I be using the beauty powder for? Its such a pretty colour, it had to be used as a blush! Not sure if I should be lightly putting it all over my face a bit more. Experts, explain?

I'm not used to wearing bright lips like this, but I am really enjoying these mac lovelies so far and will defo brave bright lips out this weekend for my bestie Jenn's birthday :) Which reminds me - I need an outfit. My base and eyes for both looks were really just my usual 'staples'. And if you are super nosy then you can watch my 'daily face' youtube video here.

My monday blues were promptly erased when this little goodie came through my letterbox. A hand made scrabble bracelet, from the lovely Victoria :) Now you girls know I'm into my Tatty Devine, etc, and this is the kind of lovely personalised jewellery people pay silly money for! Victoria made and sold these to a handful of us blogger ladies at such a great price - she is going to be making rings soon too and I just know that folks are going to be snapping them up :) So if you'd like one, be sure to go to her blog and pop her a wee email.

I'm off to make a cuppa and catch up on google reader, need to see what y'all have been upto.

 Hugs x

something I've been waiting for...

So I've been absent from the blogosphere for a good few days now, so I think it's time for a jolly good update!

My drawer at the 'office'

 This would kinda translate to being my desk at work - in a strange and painterly unconventional way :) Half my kit is in my locker and I keep my brushes in this drawer. So homely! <3 haha.

Backshift to dayshift

I'm working opposite shifts from the two other scenic artists at the moment, so materials and instructions are often left in note form for me to pick up in the morning. It's like having ghosts for best friends!

I hate the sound polystrene makes

But guess what, I'm carving shed loads of it into stuff for the panto set. Saws and dust masks are my best friends right now. That stuff gets everywhere. When I come home and have a shower at night, polystyrene is falling out my bra and socks. Niiice.

The above pictures sum up my week so far. Work, work, and more work. I really appreciate the nice comments y'all left on my last post - and also many of you said that snippets into my personal life (including work) were the kind of thing you liked to read on here.

For those of you who haven't been reading my blog since way back, I graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama just there in June. My degree was in Technical and Production Arts, which is basically all the behind the scenes stuff for theatre, film and tv! We're the people in the dvd extras talking on set about props, costumes and special effects, and one of those hundreds of random job titles you see scrolling down in the credits once all the actors are out the way :p

So I'm officially registered as self employed, and class myself as a freelance Scenic Artist and Art Department Assistant. So its all short contracts here and there, which is why you'll see me talking about different jobs every few months! Which is kinda scary but I've managed to keep myself in almost constant work so far (TOUCH WOOD!) One job that I do have, which is a constant role, is being the Art Director for The Weakest Link at BBC. It moved up to Glasgow in January, and we have several filming blocks throughout the year. So that job's a good 'un and I really just need to fill my time in between then with other bits and pieces.

Soooo, right now I am at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow working on their christmas show - Beauty and The Beast. My head scenic artist and other colleague are currently on back shifts for A Clockwork Orange - which opens next week - so I've been working on my lonesome for the time being. Just been keeping my head down and trying to get as much done as possible. Been totally gubbed when I get home at night, hence being away from blogger for a bit. By the way, I am aware that when I start writing I go on for AGES, so bear with me here. I have another saga to share with you dears this eve!

Mac, Venomous Villians.

So, it's what I've been saving my pennies for isn't it? As I'm sure a lot of you girls have since they announced the launch of this new Mac and Disney collab in the middle of summer. Let me explain to you my emotions this week as I was getting prepared to order my wish list fo' real!

1. What the fook, ordered online monday lunchtime at work only to be sent an email on tuesday night saying 3 of the items I ordered ran out of stock by the time my order reached the warehouse. Not cool, Mac! I am raging.

2. Ayden, get a grip. It's only makeup. Yes you've just met up with Ash on her emotional return from Switzerland, had a few Woo Woo's on a chilly tuesday eve, know that your time of the month is coming up so you feel pretty sorry for yourself, but poor David doesn't have a clue whats going on in your girly head so he just does the manly thing and gives you a hug (Reminder, don't be so pissed off, its only makeup)

3. What's a girl to do...

4. Bless you David for being off work today and signing for my (half) package! He text me rather concerned telling me the box 'wasn't very big, and should it be?'

5. Dudes, I'm a total looser. In a mega panic I ran down to Mac and got the three 'missing' items from my wish list. But also some other stuff. Uh ohh.

That's right, I got my wish list times two! Don't know what the hell I was thinking, I saw the look in the girls eyes around me and my predator mode set in. SO basically, my game plan is that if I love any of the products enough to want them again then I have a back up (because lets face it, its going to cost a shit load on ebay to repurchase any of these in a few months time) And if I finally realise that I'm just a greedy bitch, I will think of giving a couple away when I reach 400 followers. Or, just pap them in the blog shop. Sound like a plan? I don't think my bank balance agrees with me.

Bite Of An Apple Blush

Briar Rose Beauty Powder


Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer

Toxic Tale Satin Lipstick

Innocence, Beware! Cremesheen Lipstick

Strange Potion Lipglass

Wicked Ways Lipglass

I've been reading up on this range since they let secret info and previews/swatches loose. I am a Disney girl at heart, but I still get annoyed at myself for giving into hypes like this, and getting all worked up like a total loser! Lots of people are bitching about the packaging etc, but at the end of the day I work hard for my wages so I'm going to spend them on something that makes me get all silly and giddy inside when I see it, and ignore any bitchy press.

I'm not much of a makeup blogger, but would you like me to do some 'faces' with the products I bought? I cant promise anything special - there are some other great wee reviews & pictures on the go right now! A la Cowbiscuits and Abby Babby. But let me know if you want me to do a part 2 :) Also, did you buy anything from this range? Even if you didn't, what's your thoughts on it?

Ayden x

don't gain the world and loose your soul

“I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”

Do you ever get those days where you can't stop thinking? The rain was pounding so hard against the window on friday morning and I couldn't even get out of bed for my fitness class. Just felt like one of those mornings where I wanted to hide under the duvet forever. I had an interview and photoshoot in the afternoon for the RSAMD's 60th birthday campaign and it was possibly the worst day for me to get nostalgic about uni. My head was elsewhere - writing lists and mind maps in my head about stuff I'm wanting to do, and even drawing out a new tattoo in my brain. I regret wearing the dress I wore and I really hope my answers weren't as stupid as I felt they were (stuttering, blinking and blushing seems to be my forte)

We couldn't get Millie to go in her travel box to take her to the vets later on that day, and I cried! It was so frustrating. My dad ended up coming over and said her skin was clearing up anyways so we'll leave it a few weeks and if shes still got her allergies by then he will take her. Seriously though, I just needed an excuse to get teary and after that I was fine. We made awesome fajitas and I sorted out my 'painty clothes' for work out my wardrobe. I got into my jammies and painted my nails with models own 'red alert', and it perfectly matched my paul frank hoodie. After a few cups of tea, some death cab, and a cuddle with the mister all is well again. Maybe girls are kinda like werewolfs? We sense the bad weather coming and it gets us all nervy? Who knows.

Oh aye, and my fringe has pretty much grown out already, I guess that means the rest of my hair is on its way to 'long-ness' too :) So on saturday morning I kicked myself out of bed super early and David ran me to Body Combat. I walked home and was knackered after it. We got ready and went into town to Made In The Shade's first saturday shopping event at a very famous old market in Glasgow, The barras!

 Click on their blog to see what I'm talking about. I didn't buy anything but will defo be going back :) We pondered around a few shops and naughtily ended up buying a couple of canvasses for the flat! The first picture in this post is one of them (viva la Bansky) and the second is a close up of a VW Camper Van. I'm saying 'naughtily bought'... because I've spent years painting canvasses for other people (have a nosy on my website if you are wanting a peek) but when it comes to one for myself I just don't have the time. David made us a yummy little dinner and are just settling down to watch TV and maybe a film later. David was SO proud of the steak and potato dinner he made us, we're both still adjusting to living away from home for the first time, and cooking has been a massive learning curve...

So a pat on the back for David! It looks pretty mish mash on the plate but I promise it was mega yummy. My cooking skillz are still pretty pants, so any hints or tips feel free to fire them my way ;) So I can get better than him, ovb! haha.

I really need to do something about all this space dust that is floating around in my head right now. I'm thinking about halloween (was oogling at all the fab spooky treats in m&s!) work, my website, christmas, tattoos, having a carboot sale, selling more on ebay, wanting to see the bestie more... the list goes on. I've also been thinking about the little blog of horrors and what direction it is going in. Reaching nearly 400 followers is insane in my books, and the mental thing is that I really adore you all and the sweet comments and support you give me. Please know that your input is special to me, and what I'd really like to know is what you would like to see more of. What interests you most about me, my life and other strange goings on? My blog isn't really fashion related, or beauty... infact I don't know what it is. But if you keep reading then I'll keep writing :)

Ayden x