invasion of personal space

Cat's really just do whatever to suit themselves, don't they? Millie was doing that extreme purring and pawing around my chest as if she was a kitten and I was her mother. I am not your mother!! Your dainty paws and claws squashing at my chest (so kindly in pictures one and two) actually frigging hurts! And then my Hollyoaks catch up was completely blocked as she decided to park herself on my chest. How strange. I must be comfy :)

This morning I joined the gym and had a body pump fitness class, followed by a swim. I'm determined to go 4 times a week, get fit and shed a few of my cupcake induced pounds. Oh yes, my grans home made cupcakes strike again...

Come on, how could I say no to these?!
Do you have any fitness or healthy eating tips you could share with me? To make my detox as painless as possible? I'm such a sugar fiend, I need to toughen up :( But I can't complain about my weight and fitness and then not doing anything about it. We'll see how it goes :)

Ayden x

my daily 'face' - on youtube!

So, promising I would make better use of my macbook's imovie editing stuff and my youtube channel - here is a little something I've been working on :) It was like my 4th attempt last week and my editing skillz aint the greatest so be kind! Haha any feedback or suggestions are totally welcome :) To watch the video bigger (than what I can fit on my blog layout) head on over to my youtube. Enjoy ♥

Ayden x

(ps, if you're having trouble viewing then click to watch in 480p rather than 360p)

hummingbird heartbeat

It's friday all over again, I can't believe how quick this week has went by so I thought I'd give you a little run down of whats been happening dans ma vie! (anyone who can speak french properly please correct my spelling/tense there, haha) 

I gots my hair did.


Girlznight won the 'Scottish Retailer of The Year Award' for Hair and Beauty in Scotland last week :) I am so proud of my mammy and her team there! They rock. So off I went to get my hair cut and coloured for the first time in what seemed like too long. Here's what I went in with...

(excuse the long face, this was meant for a youtube video which I recorded that morning - more on that to come later)

and here's what I came home like :)

(rice crispy square and my new paperchase mug, loves it)

chocolate brown, my blonde flash revitalsed, a wee chop all over (I'm growing it, goddamnit!) and of course a huge ass fringe. I feel so much better, but I'll admit the curtains are going to take a getting used to.

I went for lunch and shopping with the bestie.

Click the cute pic of Jenn above to go to her blog! :) Haha yes I copied her in the fringe department but she loves me so its okay. We ended up getting all nostalgic at Tinderbox and talking about school and the old days. Funnily enough, we didn't speak at school, Jenn was in the year above and all her year HATED meee! I was a geeky little rock chick and its only since we became friends I've found out all the funny stories shes so kindly decided to share with me :p I went out with a boy in her year for a bit and lets just say they ALL had opinions on me haha. Funny how things work out eh? :) Do you have a good old belly laugh when talking about people, and school, and stories from your past? I know we sure do!

I sorted out my next contract before I'm back at the beeb.

and my, it is beautiful.
Here's a little sneaky of the set model we are working from for the show. I cant wait to build and paint these babies!

I felt better, about a lot of stuff.

I feel happy. Happier than I have in a very long time. And settled. I'm no longer on medication for my anxiety so long may this continue ♥

I am getting a hang of living away from home for the first time.

The shopping, the cleaning, the bills, the cat, the organising, the boy! Today I took Millie to the vets, went to sainsburys and came home and had some sushi and a cuppa before I nipped out again. And I just felt so at home. Strange? Simple comforts are undeniably to me what makes a house a home.

I chilled with my baby bro :)

Me, my step mum and Max went for a coffee at a little local tearoom that does homebaking and such. A total hidden gem! All the little old ladies were cooing over him and he quite enjoys the attention :) Heartbreaker in the making here girls.

So all in all it's been a busy week, things have been too'ing and fro'ing in my blog shop - with lots of the items now on ebay instead so click if you'd like a wee look. I got some primark bargains during the week when I met up with the lovely Dom, and all I can say is check out their sale rails because I picked up the most amazing stuff for like 1 and 2 quid each! The carboot sale last sunday was a bit of a flop, maybe I arrived too late or didnt hunt as much as I should have but I was a tad disappointed. So many of yous seem to get such amazing finds when you go! Please, share the trade secrets?

Not quite sure what our plans are yet for the weekend, it's just nice to have my boy back while he's been at work all week! What are you getting upto?

Ayden x

(ps. hummingbird heartbeat is a song off the new Katy Perry album 'Teenage Dream', you need to listen to it if you haven't already, it is awesome!)