Sunday best.

 A rather geeky and picture heavy sunday best. My week has consisted of a piano lesson, work, yo sushi, wagamama, Avatar (finally!) having my boy stay over all weekend, and dinner with my Dad, my new step mummy, and my gran tonight. I wandered around Asda for an hour and stocked up on lunch for the next week. The pounds are slowly sliding off despite my fiendish biscuit and crisp munching. Was a nice chilled end to the week :) I won a couple of Paul Frank tshirts on ebay, ordered those gorgeous Lady Luck brooches I'd been banging on about, and aquired a lovely pen pal! Ohh, and my business cards finally came in the post...


I got 50 for around £15 (inc postage) from I've used them before for invites and would highly reccomend them to anyone. 

They come in this slick little black card holder. Customisation of the cards is 100% your own, and pretty easy to do. I'm marketing myself as an applied artist, with my main skill being scenic art but I could also work as art department, production assistant and wardrobe assistant. Its hard to narrow these titles all down to one, so applied artist seems the most appropriate. I didnt want a piece of my work pictured on my business cards, so I opted for 12 images from a Moo designer/photographer (cant remember his name, there are so many different designers work to look through) and my details on the other side in a really simple type font. Its pure tiny! haha it didnt seem that small when I was doing it on the site. Im not fussed though, pretty pleased with them :) Wanted them to be colourful, but not too fussy. My business cards are like little mini postcards, and I hope I get many chances to hand them out... and that the people who I network will remember 'oh, that pretty little picture in my pocket has Ayden Millars contact details on them...'

Hire me please? :)


(Number blurred for privacy reasons y'all)

I worked on a graduation film last year for the Digital Film and Television course at my uni. Myself and my friend Ash jumped on as art department, and were kindly given the title of Production Designer (Me) and Art Director (Ash) before the screening. Always good for the CV :) The short film is called Choreomania, and is basically a kind of dark humour where the mundane aspects of day to day life causes a dancing plague to take over, and the story follows the main character from when he wakes up and tries to go about his day to day life, discovering that something pretty strange is going on. It was such a fun shoot to work on and its a hilarious little short film! I found out on friday that Choreomania has been awarded best undergraduate drama at the Scottish Royal Television Society awards. It will now enter into the National Television awards in London, and the Celtic media festival. Its also competing in the Glasgow Short Film Festival this February, with a screening at the CCA in Glasgow on Sat 20th Feb. The writer and director, Louis Paxton, emailed us to say that the short has also been accepted to a number of other festivals both at home and abroad, with January seeing the dancing plague stretching as far as Jaipur India and Berlin. So fingers crossed :) I only have one copy on dvd but I wish I could show it to you all! Here are some production pictures and stills from the very gem itself:










Haha, the pictures really dont do the film justice. I thought I would share anyways :) I feel awfy proud to have worked on something thats getting good press and attention in the filmy world. Like I said, I cant show you a copy, but I can show you a little clip of something else I worked on recently. Remember the little puppet set I worked on, which I blogged about a while back? I dont know if you will, but anyways it was a entry for a Kodak commercial competition for Barclays Bank. Again me and Ash were on it together as scenic artists this time. Its only a 30 sec advert, but have a little nosy :)


5 months and 1 week until graduation. Little projects like the ones above have helped to build me into the 'applied artist' that I am today. For example, doing film jobs completely off my own back and external to my uni curriculum (which is almost entirely theatre based) I share them on my blog, with you and with others because the things that inspire and excite me are things that I hope would bring inspiration to other people too. I may not be the best painter, or the best costume or prop maker. But I work so bloody hard, stay organised, and ultimately deliver the goods just as they should be delivered. So I hope thats a sort of proof that you can do whatever you want to do in life if you just work and work at it, giving as much effort and commitment as possible. Well dears, its bedtime now. And time for a good rest before the busy week ahead. Thanks for reading, as always ♥

Tatty Devine

2010 has brought me my first two pieces of Tatty Devine Jewellery. And oh how I am pleased :) My friend Nic got me some lovely little pink loveheart earrings for christmas, and I bagged myself these beauties on ebay a few days ago for £9! RRP is £43, so was a good deal. The seller claims they are completely new and unused, and after further inspection I have no reason not to believe her. They're immaculate. Voila...




Tatty Devine is completely overpriced. Which is such a shame, as there are some really unique and nice quality pieces but I mean c'mon, £43 for these? The brooch and necklace that match these are £29 and £43 also. I could never afford, or even justify paying that much for a little bit of acrylic. But I still swoon over the website and the Tatty section in Jodies Boutique in Glasgow. I am so rubbish at bidding on ebay. I never win anything when there is more than one other person involved bidding in the auction! Im just never quick enough. So for £9 these little beauties have made me a happy girl. Im sure David is quite glad to hear the end to my moaning and want for Tatty Devine every few days :) Do you have any guilty pleasures or luxuries you indulge yourself in when it comes to jewellery, makeup, or clothes? Come on ladies, make me feel a little less obsessive! :) On the other hand, sometimes its the most simple and cheapest things in life that make us smile...

A little handmade present from the lovely Katrina, left in my pidgeon hole at uni on monday morning :) She made my week! Thank you for everyones kind comments on the last post, my days have been flowing so much better since I got that essay out the way. I'm sure there are quite a few of you who have been in the same position, or are right now, or will be in a couple of years time ;)


Night time reading

Here is an extract from a really fun but strange book I've just finished reading, 'Mistakes In The Background' by Laura Dockrill. It is full of doodles and scribbles and poems. Not really a normal 'book' but its been fun to pick up and put down over the past year, and thats me finally read everything from front cover to back. Enjoy ♥

'Be the other one.
The bigger one.
The bolder one. The braver one.
The one that calls back, that asks on dates, that makes the choise, that finishes the milk, that uses all the hot water up, that takes the blame, that rips the mates top or at least sweats really bad in it. Be the captain, cook your tea in the microwave - (I mean your dinner.) Do whatever you want - you can you know, you dont have to tell everyone that they are "looking well". Have the last chocolate - the one that everyone wanted. Even if its strawberry or coffee... or liquer... or out of date. EAT IT. Do draw a moustache on your face for work - be the one that taps your pen at meetings. Hurry up. Say sorry. Be the world changer, the closet arranger, the pisstaker, the start over, the fall-asleeper-on-the-tuber-to-the-last-stopper-and-not-get-offer. Refuse to fake tan, dont wear "BECKY'S GETTING MARRIED, LONDON CHICK ON THE PISS UP 2008!" top. Just dont wear it. Why? Be the investigator. Pay the bill, accept the predictable, learn an instrument - even if its just the recorder. Snore. Wear boxers, shower in cold water, change your mind, dont dress up at the fancy dress party. Say "shut up!" expect it back. Sugar sandwiches. Never say never. "Yes, your arse looks fucking HUGE!" Sorry about earlier - I was a bit brash. Dont save cash. Take your top off at the beach. Leave it on in the pubs. Have 3 courses and enjoy them. Leave the restaurant. Say "love" say "hate". Dont say "RANDOM". Crunch ice. Own up to having nits. I had them when I was little. It was rubbish. But it breaks the ice when making new friends. Something to talk about isnt it?'

These two lovelies are personalised brooches from Lady Luck Rules Ok (mentioned in my last blog) I'd get Ayden, of course, on the anchor and the initials D and A on the lovebirds :) I love brooches! Good alternative to necklaces for me, because I have tattoos on my chest and I hate it feeling all crowded with a necklace hanging there too. Theyre £15 each and only available till the end of january :( Im trying to save my pennies but I get paid on friday, should I go for it? I regretted not getting the Betsey bracelets on ebay so badly, theyre gone now :( Okay, so it's definately time for bed now. A cup of horlicks and Meet Me In St Louis on dvd is calling my name. Night all x