Camera Roll

Oh Diana+, you were my first Lomography camera and an absolute treat to play with. Then one day, David was helping me rearrange my room and not only did his touchscreen LG mobile phone die that night, but you also fell from my shelf and went smashing to the ground and you were never the same again :( Something jumbled up inside of you and with the shutter release not working properly... I thought you were doomed forever.


You have sat on my shelf for months and months, and FINALLY, I found a way to fix you! :) This tutorial on youtube was the answer to my prayers. And after pulling you apart and fiddling around, you are working again! Since this pic was taken, she has loaded up with film and is ready to go.

I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to the rest of my cameras which I have collected over the years :)

Polaroid 600. Got it for my 10th birthday many moons ago. It has 1 measly picture left, because they had stopped making polaroid film :( But to my recent delight, the factory has been bought over and saved by these guys, and film will be available again this year, for all polaroids! :)

This is Holga, another lomo camera. David bought me her for christmas last year, and she is a distant cousin of Diana. Equally as dreamy, but I'd say produces more colourful prints. Got two spools in just now getting developed, so on wednesday I'll see what goodies await! Oh, plus she has a flash, which is always useful.

This is a cheapy semi automatic 35mm camera I bought off ebay for a fiver. I can't wait to see what rubbish quality of photographs it will produce in all its plastic glory.

Here is my lovely pink fisheye camera. My mum suprised me with this little belter last year. Built in flash and takes standard 35mm film, a joy to load, point, and shoot! :)

Little Zumi! I don't know much about this one yet, as I haven't got the film developed (still quite a few shots left) and all the Zumi's online seem to be digital ones. My friend Nic got me this cutie for my 20th birthday, its pretty teeny as you can see. I'm so intrigued as to how the pictures will turn out.

And last but not least, the bad boy that takes all my digital pictures. This is a Fuji Finepix S5600, and is a five megapixel camera with 10 times optical zoom lens. See, its not all about the megapixels ye know ;) This has been my trusty sidekick for about 4 years now. Never lets me down, and always produces great quality pictures! 

When I get my travelling expenses money in for uni, I'm tempted to buy myself a Macbook... OR, a digital SLR. I feel like either of these would really help me in my career in the long run (Well, maybe more the Mac, but its like £800 and the DSLR I want is £400...) But I have never made a big purchase like this so my mind is deliberating back and forth on what to do. Or do I just save all my money for travelling next summer? Come the end of january, I'll need to make a decision. Ive never been a big spender, and I know there are much more important things in life than materialistic stuff. However, any thoughts/opinions on making big purchases like this would be appreciated muchly :)

Geeking it up

Want to hear me talking about my life and times at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama? Click here. A couple of students from each course withinn the school of drama were interviewed as part of an incentive to attract prospective students to the academy. The main question being, 'why study here?'

I blink FAR too much, was stupidly nervous, and my boyfriend asked if it was scripted because I seem rather sure of myself haha. It wasnt scripted, I'm generally quite a positive person and it was just a normal interview :) Cringe!

First ramblings of 2010

Hello 2010 :) Its super lovely to meet you. 2009 has been the best year yet for me... I hope that you're gonna help me have a bash at making this one awesome too ♥ I don't have any 'resolutions' but I am going to make a promise to myself that any little (or big) goals that I set myself throughout the year, I'll always see them through to the end. I want to continue to try and be a positive, loving and honest person, and make sure that my boyfriend, family and friends know how special they are to me. I want to open my eyes and take as much in of this big world we live in as humany possible! Graduate, travel, move away from home with my boy, and generally just saturate my life with as much inspiration, culture, and good times as I can. My reading with Margaret Solis has really set me in a good place emotionally, and by golly gosh I hope that everything she has foreseen for my future comes true :) Do you ever make a wish at 11:11? For me it's a habit that will never grow old.

I rang in the bells with my nearest and dearest, all cosy at home. With wolf blass rose wine, crisps and dips, whilst wrapped up in my m&s dressing gown next to prince charming :) Was grand! The first film we watched in 2010 was The Hangover. Why had I never seen this before? I have no idea, but it was bloody hilarious.

The sales have seriously disappointed me this year :( I've maybe spent about £50 at the most, and I wasn't too excited about what I bought in all honesty. Yesterday I went into town and booked my MAC makeover for next week, and once it's done I'll spend my vouchers. I hope I dont end up looking like a drag queen and that the makeup does me a bit of justice... photos to follow next week. I have also jumped on the Lush bandwagon :) David was going to buy me a hatbox for christmas but I eventually decided against it. Now Im really glad I did, because their deal thats on at the moment has worked out even better! So, I spent £20 on this....

Wild Child box:
up you gets emotibomb

whipstick lip balm
rock star soap
yummy yummy yummy shower cream
sugar babe sugar scrub

and I also got the comforter bubble bar
and you've been mangoed bath melt
to make it up to £20.

Now, this is what I got absolutely free!

Bathtime favourites tin:
Think Pink
Blackberry Bath Bomb
Big Blue
Honey Bee
So White
Lil Lush Pud

RRP at£24.95, getting these gorgeous 9 bath bombs for free was definately a treat :) The woman let me choose, but I've heard that some people only got a lucky dip. They had a big table full of all the christmas boxes theyre ovb trying to get rid of. Youd be mental to choose a tiny box with like two products in it, when there was other big boxes there like this one. So if you havent taken advantage of this offer yet, and you love lush stuff or would even like to give it a try, then this is probs the best time to do it! Not bad eh. Plus, my room smells soooo good ;) haha.

Poor wee Body Shop, I had deserted this old faithful for a while. Went to Silverburn shopping centre with David and got the Raspberry body butter for a fiver, and this cute wee glitter eyeliner for £1! Its made me lust after my old love for Urban Decay glitter liners :( My mum used to read me little extracts from Anita Roddicks book 'Business As Usual' years ago, she was the founder of The Body Shop and is a truly inspiring woman. An environmentalist, activist, entrepreneur and mother. You can read more about her here. Makes me love the Body Shop even more.

On a completely different note, how cute is this Ice Cream? :) I don't tend to buy too many dvds these days, but UP is certainly one that will be getting added to my collection once its been released on dvd. Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year, and the new decade ♥