Sunday Best

Hmm, I am definately thinking that winter is officially here! Now that most of the wind and rain has gone, we're left with a stillness that has the same kind of chill to it as walking through the freezer section at Asda with a tshirt on. Not fun! But seasonal none the less :) The fog has been extremely heavy in and around Glasgow over the weekend. I was so SO greatful to get a lift home this chilly eve from David - thank you! This afternoon when we left for my house, the sun was already going down and even the cobwebs outside were frozen solid. A good excuse for a sunday night in, perhaps entaking in some serial tea drinking, christmas present wrapping and the X Factor Final! What say you, fine bloggers?!

Haha, the last one has nothing to do with this weekend. But I thought I'd post it anyways for a giggle. My week has consisted of Cinderella at the Rsamd, Ya Beauty and The Beast at The Tron (I daresay I have gone a bit panto mad?) And I had the dentist again on friday morning with another filling, rage! I need to be a bit more well behaved when it comes to my sugar intake. This weekend me and David slept loaaaads, was good to get some well earned lie in's. And I finished off my christmas shopping :) I have spent far too much on Christmas presents this year, I have very little self control whatsoever :( I just want to spoil everyone! However I have been rather generous to one friend... who will not be named because I dont want to be a big meanie. And if I'm honest I kinda regret it now, because they have really been getting me down recently. Sometimes I just think what's the point? When my mum told me 5 years ago "You know Ayden, don't get caught up with the people in your life just now who are upsetting you, because when you're 20 years old, all these folk wont matter a thing to you anymore!" and I really, really wish I had believed her back then. Because she had it spot on. Does this apply to how I'm going to feel about certain people in my life in another 5 years time? Because some friends are getting me down, and whilst it's never something enough to have an argument about, its always just enough to make me loose my faith and trust a little :( I guess sometimes we just have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture eh? Elf is on at 5.45pm tonight, if you've got a case of the winter blues, then get this film watched! Guarenteed to make you smile :)

Notebook Doodles

to: ayden, originally uploaded by notebookdoodles.
Notebook Doodles gave an early christmas present to 100 of her followers. We sent a quotation of our choice (I feel bad, mines was uber long) and she doodled each one out for us and uploaded them all onto Flickr. 100 doodles in 10 days, very impressive. I wish there was something I could give in return... In the meantime, this is mine. I'm very pleased :) Sharing creative loveliness over the internet is underrated. Long may it continue. Rhianne over at For The Easily Distracted did a photoswap competition, where people from across the world teamed up in pairs and bought film or a disposable camera, took pictures, and then sent it for the other person to develop (and to their suprise see what exciting photographs lay inside) I think that is an awesome idea! You can look at all the photos that were swapped so far here. Maybe if fellow bloggers for up for it, I will arrange some sort of lovely creative competition/swap/game when my followers reach 60! :) Feeling happy today. Hope anyone reading this is having a good week too ♥

Sleeping Beauty

I haven't read any reviews yet, but here are some pictures from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama's Christmas Panto - Sleeping Beauty! As if I havent went on about it enough :p I was the Head Scenic Artist for this Production as I am a final year student, so most of these pictures are focused on the set and scenery. To see more, you can visit the RSAMD's Flickr page, or my own :) (click click) Most are credited to our photographer Ken Dundas. Enjoy!

I am now in dire need of some well earned rest :( And time with my boy, my friends, and my family who I have deserted over the past 3 months... sorry y'all! Anyone else been upto anything creative recently?