About the boy

"No-one, is as lucky as us.
I've got a feeling that you will sing it back to me" ♥

Sunday best

I am currently sitting in bed under my covers cosied up in my Paul Frank hoodie feeling awfully sorry for myself. Yet again I have a thumping tension headache, which leads to me feeling sore and sick and they are just plain awful :'( Im getting them more and more nowadays, have no idea what is causing them. But I feel utterly crap. Boo! Instead of doing Secret Santa for uni (I have 104 names to cut out and organise, why oh why did I volunteer to do this?) I am going to distract myself for a little bit longer and share some pictures that have been lingering about my desktop for a while now.

Cutting Ashleighs birthday cake with a saw, improvisation at its best ;)

Chilling in Jenns with her and little Milo. He's a legend. I am bare faced!

How could anyone take my delegation skills seriously? The teddy bear hat is an authority enforcer, ye know.

Our trip to see a new mural by artist Sam Bates. He is a graffiti artist who has been commisioned by Glasgow City Council to complete a series of murals across glasgow on the lead up to the commonwealth games.

Wee night to Hummingbird for Jenn's friend Megans birthday (centre, she is lovely)

Jenns house for her birthday back in october. Her cousin and boyfriend ambushed our photograph!

Damsel in distress :)

Complete with airgun and steel toe boots in my halloween outfit at uni!

My weekend consisted of work (I am a part time Barista) and then me and David went to see Cinderella at the Citizens Theatre last night. Uncle scored us free tickets, he is the head of production there. It was a nice show! Shame about the severely unsettled kids running up and down the aisle behind us. You've gotta love Glasgow and its finest! My wee bro and sis are terrors at times, but if they started acting up during something like that... youd think you would take them outside to calm down eh? But obviously not.

Today me and my friend Nic went for lunch at Ketchup - they do AMAZING gourmet burgers - and went for a wander around the vintage and charity shops down Glasgows west end. She picked up a gorgeous second hand cardi which was a total steal at £8. My student loan doesnt come in till tomorow, so I was on my best behaviour and didnt spend a penny :) Then later on today I went with my dad and his girlfriend to my Adeles house. She is a mutual friend of my mum and dad, I've mentioned her in previous posts when I've went to babysit for her. Adele supports and sells scottish artists art for a living, her company is doing quite well and she was holding a special exhibition at her house! She had about £10,000 of Peter Howsen paintings hanging in her living room, I could have died when I walked in.

I simply cannot believe it is only like 20 days till christmas. I still have a few pressies for the family to get, but I've been waiting patiently for my student loan before I could finish my christmas shopping. It is Davids birthday on the 15th also, so we are going to the Oran Mor for dinner :) The Oran Mor is in Glasgow, and is a beautiful refurbished church that plays hosts to wedding receptions etc, is a gig and club venue, and also has a rather nice brasserie restaurant inside too. Its lovely! Very atmospheric and unusual, so Im looking forward to that. I also have some written work for uni to attend to now that panto is out the way, and almost up and running. That reminds me, tuesday is opening night and all my family is coming along :) I am excited, really hope it goes well. Other than all that, my body and mind are almost running for empty and I cant wait for the christmas holidays. And time for my batteries to recharge :( Im sure Im not the only person that feels this way! Bring on christmas dinner and the boxing day sales...

Cute overload!

How freakin' CUTE are these lil' piggies? These two lovelies are my costume lecturers long haired guinea pigs, Maple and Pancake. Apparently they love getting a bath. I think that is ridiculously awesome. How can pictures like this not make you smile in the slightest! Can't wait to move in with David next year, our piggy ranch will be up and running before christmas 2010, I swear! :) If you are experiencing some winter blues, indulge yourself in Cute Overload (clickety click) for a few minutes and I promise you will forget about all your worries. Well, for the short term. Better than chocolate, promise!