New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can’t do,
Now you're in New York.
These streets will make you feel brand new,
the lights will inspire you,
Let's hear it for New York ♥

Tickets to see my favourite musical, Wicked, at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway for my 21st birthday next summer? I would quite literally pee my pants.

Look at some more inspiring pictures here > (Philipp Klinger)

My travels with David next summer can't come soon enough. What better a way to celebrate graduating? The big bad scary world awaits!

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on...

And our little life is rounded by a sleep" ♥

I'm no shakespeare buff, but he does churn out some beautiful quotes. Here are some pictures of me, wearing my awesome £2 dress from the Matalan clearance centre, just before we were heading out for my best friend Jenns 21st birthday. We met up with others and went to the comedy club Jongleurs, then on to the Garage in Glasgow.

From left to right: Jenns friend Lorna, Jenns boyfriend Steve, Jenn, Me!

Flowers for Jenn from me. My Aunty Paulas best friend run's a beautiful Florist Shop in Paisley, called Artemis. I was super pleased with these! And so was Jenn :)

On saturday we went for a spot of lunch and some shopping, and Jenns 18 year old sister came along with us too. I gave the birthday girl her Vera Wang Rock Princess Perfume and Disney Couture Necklace while we were at lunch :)

Saturday night! Jenn's mums house. We had food and drinks and a wee family gathering. Good times all round :) After my busy weekend, I finally caught up with my boy on sunday. We went to a gorgeous little ice cream parlour down the west end of Glasgow, and had a wander around all the charity and vintage shops and had a giggle at some of the things we saw :) I got stopped in the street by a hairdresser, he worked for Vidal Sassoon and was looking for a hair model for there and then! I said thank you, but my mum is actually a hairdresser and has a salon in Glasgow too :( Thats like the time I was on the Tiger Tim radio show on clyde one, and I won a haircut!! Haha how bloomin' typical.

I am typing this and struggling to keep my eyes open, think its bath and bedtime for me soon :( I've been working as a day runner on Britains Got Talent for the past 3 days and it has knackered the life out of me! It was rather enjoyable, and obviously very good for my CV, but it was totally hectic. I was registering all the contestants as they came in, and I saw some interesting sights :) I'll hopefully be back working with them again in jan/feb, so it will be about march before its aired on tv. I promise there will be much to keep you all entertained, especially from the Glasgow Auditions anyways ;) Today was my first day back at uni, and I was very pleased to see how well the team had been getting on with our first cloth for panto, and the big portals for the stage. Its all systems go! I'll post some more pics as each one is completed. The next 4 weeks is going to fly in. Why am I still feeling so calm within my management role? I have no idea. I should be stressing, but everything is going great so far. Not enough to totally stress over, but just enough to keep me on my toes. Wouldn't have it any other way! Mid season sales, getting my halloween costume together, and saving pennies for next year is keeping me smiling even when this weather is vile :)

Brand new eyes

Uni has been super busy since term started back, so this is the first chance I've had to blog! Currently in my ears is Paramores new album - Brand New Eyes. I think its much darker and less pop punky than their previous albums. Almost like theyve all grown up :) Its awesome though, Id defo give it a listen if I were you. It also contains their newest single Decode, which is on the Twilight soundtrack too, for all you devoted fans! Apart from this, some other things making me smile this month are...

The boy ♥ As usual! Nearly 14 months and still going strong. He is awesome :)

My little sister, Tyler. Since starting primary school in august, she is a fountain of knowledge :) Never fails to make me giggle.

My hair! Im liking it just now :) Maybe its the new tigi rock star shampoo and conditioner Im using? Or T3 straightners? Which whip ghd's ass by the way! Im growing my hair, and doing well so far, but it totally takes ages :(

My lush freshers box! £9 for 8 items (I had a wee 10% discount voucher to use, its normally £10) And I think it was only a limited edition deal. I got 2 toner tabs, shampoo bar, face mask, body scrub, moisturiser, and 2 gorgeous cuts of soap! If I was a beauty blogger, I potentially coulda gone into each item and reviewed them individually, but Im far too lazy for that! :p So all I will say, is lush stuff is not over priced, and it comes from ethical sources and smells beautiful, and I have never been disappointed in any of their products yet. The staff are always really helpful too :) Ive asked santa for a huuuge hat box sized lush box for christmas. Hopes I get it :)

Haha, me and David again. I like cold autumn nights, perfect excuse for cosying up with a pot of tea and some munchies, and never feeling bad for having a cheeky wee night in! What a gorgeous face my boy has, haha :)

Katrinas birthday night in! Me, her and Angeline spent the night in her lovely new flat and watched Hairspray, and some cheesy saturday night tv! We had a huge feast of sushi, chicken, feta cheese and olives, doritos and dips, and the biggest bloody cupcakes I have ever seen. Ridiculously calorific, but they tasted good :) Washed down with some Rose wine, and you cant go wrong. Yippeeee!