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When fitness is fun

I really envy those of you who actually enjoy going to the gym and fitness classes. They say three to four weeks is all the time you need to make a habit automatic, and despite being a member of my local gym for over a year now, I wouldn't quite call my frequenting of it a 'habit'... Today I thought I'd share a few sports I've taken part in over the years which are brilliant for burning calories without even realising you are working out. This sort of fitness is the most rewarding for me, when it's fun too and doesn't feel like a chore!

1. Surfing

Edge of the Map

It's 11pm, I'm cosied up in bed with the kitten and a hot ribena, and I don't have much to say apart from recently I have been indulging in two of my favourite things. Tea, and going on adventures.

After discovering Teapigs in a lovely little cafe in Brighton last year, I hadn't drank them again until earlier this week. Looking for a new travel mug, I ended up on their site making an impromptu order. £37 later I had said travel mug, a pack of their everyday tea, an eco shopping bag, and a mix and match pack of sample selections from the whole range... Woops.

Dexter having a wee sniff - they do smell awesome. For someone who drinks so much tea and has a tattoo dedicated to the stuff, I actually never tend to branch outside of your average english breakfast. Shock horror! Greig took me to Tchaiovna in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago and introduced me to some insanely good teas. Which I otherwise would not have ventured for on my own! So I tried to steer away from playing the safe card with this selection. I seem to be pretty stuck in my ways but I'll let you know how I get on. Have you ever ordered from Teapigs? Have any other wee things like this you like to indulge in?

Almost two weeks in to my BBC job now, with another 4.5 to go. This weekend is the last one I'll have both saturday and sunday off until we're finished the programme, so I will be certainly making the most of it. Last weekend I had two days off in a row too, so John and I went on a wee overnight trip to stay in a Wigwam in Machrihanish with his close friends.

Packing the car bright and early on saturday morning.

The little car on my satnav driving on water while we took the ferry.

Love him ♥

3 hour journey ahead of us. Let the nonsense commence!

John on the top deck.

An un-manned honesty box on the road to the camp site, with fruit, veg, jam etc from local farmers. John got some eggs and they were amazing.

One of these wee cuties was Phil, Jen and her little boy Blairs for the night.

Our home for the evening :)

Exploring the beach, five minutes from our campsite.

Phil on his board! I've surfed on a beach nearby to here a couple of years ago. We're going to head back and get some surfing done soon.

Jen and Blair playing on the beach while we watched the guys surf. It was chilly...

But when the sun came out from behind the clouds, absolutely glorious! I sat on our blanket and chilled, enjoying some peace and quiet. I absolutely adore being by the sea, it makes me feel so calm and I'd love to live by the ocean one day. I felt as proud as punch wearing my new Ray Ban Clubmasters from The Sunglasses Shop all weekend. These are the fourth pair of sunglasses (and Ray Bans) that I own, mainly because I have such an odd shaped head (genuinely) and feel like these are the only ones that actually suit me. Even my reading glasses are Ray Bans. I know what you're thinking - this girl got ISSUES. Big face issues! Anyways, I was super impressed how quickly they arrived in time for my weekend away, and although I went for the tortoise-shell there were so many more colours to choose from. I normally get quite nervous ordering clothes and accessories online, as I really like to try them on first. So I was pleased when they arrived and fitted me perfectly/suited me well. I think they are my most loved so far, but there are some more gems on the Sunglasses Shop website, so even though that time of year is slowly drifting away from us I can see a wishlist post coming soon. Maybe something movie inspired?! The Lost Boys (which really helped the clubmasters gain their status) is one of my favourite films of all time. I think I felt just as cool as Michael hanging out by the beach. But no vampires please.

'One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach... all the damn vampires'

We spent saturday and sunday around the beach and campbell town, and John and I had to leave on sunday afternoon unfortunately because I was back at work on monday. We could have stayed so much longer, it was lovely. We sat up on saturday night drinking and eating, and having a BBQ and a good giggle together. John then decided to try and freak me out in the wigwam when it was time for bed. But that backfired and I think he ended up scaring himself more ;) Silly, silly boy.

Just before we left on sunday we all went for lunch at the Bluebell Cafe in Campbeltown, and bought some nice sweeties and chocolate for the drive home. I ended up sleeping pretty much the whole way back, and so was wide awake and hyper when I came home greeted by the piggies and Dexter on sunday night. I think Dexter quite enjoyed it though, we are normally sleepy and hyper at the exact opposite times. Mind you, I'm getting sleepy now as I come to the end of writing this and he is snoozing quietly next to me :)

I think this bottle above is the reason why we got such a good sleep on saturday night! I'm not normally a fan of rum, but have been drinking Kraken recently and it is yummy. Have you tried it before? I love the bottle and label design too, and I recently booked in to get my sleeve started, but all I'll say for now is that it will have a bit of the Kraken and under the sea theme as inspiration. I can't wait to tell you more once I get going!

As I mentioned before, this weekend is my final two days off in a row until the end of this job, so I am fully taking advantage by having a busy wee time planned ahead. Friday night I'm going to a gig at Nice and Sleazy's, saturday night I'm going out to the Cathouse for Katrina's wee brothers 21st birthday, and sunday I will be having the laziest of days in bed with my fella watching more episodes of Dexter (we're at the doomsday killer episodes at the moment) Saturday during the day I am hoping the sun will stay out, as we are going through to Edinburgh for the Sky Ride. I'll be honest, my running has been lacking lately so I am using this weekend to boost myself back into exercise and give cycling a go for the first time in years. Here is our route:

If you're not doing anything else on saturday please come and join us! We'll be getting the train through from Glasgow to Edinburgh about 11am, and it should make for a good (healthy...) wee day out. Edith Bowman is supporting the event, and I also believe Sir Chris Hoy might be there too. It is totally free - all you need to do is register :) The last time I rode a bike was in Interlaken, Switzerland, on my travels two years ago. So I am a bit nervous but think this will be the perfect chance to get my confidence back and feel comfortable when it comes to riding a bike again. They say it is a skill you never forget, but riding on the road is another thing! Something that I am totally clueless about, and probably the main reason why I have avoided it for so many years. The roads will be closed specially for this event but I'd really like to find out what the law/rules are when it comes to riding your bike on the road. Safety gear, pavement vs road, lights etc? Can anyone fill me in? Be sure to send me a tweet if you think you'll be going. I fully intend to burn off all those calories in advance for a few Kraken's and coke on saturday night ♥

Ayden x

Surf's Up

Hello all, long time no speak (well, 6 days...) The weeks are flying in, can't believe it's May already. Thanks for your well wishes on the last post about my current contract, it's been keeping me busy and I've also been out in the sunshine every day which is nice. My freckles are out and and arms are a nice shade of pink! :) My natural hair colour is pretty auburn, and I don't tan so well so hoping the pinkness will amount to some sort of brown, rather than just fading to white (which is normally the case)

So last sunday morning, me and my boyfriend left our house at 5am to embark on a little surfing trip. We ended up at Westport, which was a good 3.5 hour drive away... Talk about breaking the new car in nicely! I haven't driven in six months, so I think that gave me all the practise I've been needing. I drove there, and David drove us home (I tried to be a good co-pilot and not fall asleep, but it was tough - we were shattered!) Anyways, on to the pictures.

The eerie Scottish countryside at 6am.

Arrived at our beach.

Surf's up!

David outside the Clan van (Clan is a surf/skate/snow shop in Glasgow) The owner Jamie taught me to surf when I was 15. He also took me and some classmates on a trip to Cornwall a couple of years in a row while we were still at school. Thus the surfing bug began! Jamie provided us with our equipment and gave David his first ever surf lesson. He did well, I'm proud :) ♥

The waves were a little bit messy, and not breaking the way we'd hoped which made it a tough first time for David (and tough for me because I am SO unfit, need to work majorly on my stamina paddling out past those breaking waves) But, we still had a brilliant time. It was a tad cloudy - I know my pictures look rather grey. That's good old Scotland for ya! I never realised how far we'd driven until Jamie told us the coast of Ireland was only 14 miles away from the beach. You could actually see it across the water before the clouds set in.

Got out of our wetsuits for lunch and a little rest. Thank you David for this oh so glam picture of me ;)

Wahhh! I befriended a little lhasa apso pup in the car park. He was so fluffy (I really wanted to steal him)

Going out to brave those waves and that lovely warm water (NOT!) The winter wetsuits did help, along with boots and gloves... and even a hood.

Hahah oh my, yes you are allowed to cringe here at my expense! David managed to snap me as I rolled into shore, as there was nothing left of the wave. Bloody knackered. I really can't say wetsuits are a good look either by the way, but it did keep us hella' warm.

This is what I wish the waves did look like. A slightly more noteworthy shot of me in Newquay a couple of years ago. You can read my old surfing story from that trip here. But basically, the Cornwall trip became a yearly tradition which I really did love. My Irie tattoo reminds me of the awesome times I've had there. I love surfing, but I never get to go enough to really progress. Hence, me STILL using the Swell foam surf boards (which are best for beginners, extremely buoyant and allow you to catch waves better and stand easier)

I feel because I don't get to surf regularly, I spend most of each trip re-learning the stuff I got a hang of the last time. It is really frustrating. I am desperate to progress, and move onto a proper glassed custom board (I had brief success with this Neville board a few years ago) But this isn't really going to happen unless I can start going surfing regularly. Now I'm closer to the East Coast, and that David has been bitten by the surfing bug I hope I can persuade him to make regular weekend trips with me and hopefully get this hobby back on track. I need to improve my fitness and practise my swimming a few times a week, but hopefully I can stick at it and actually get somewhere. Wish me luck? :)

 You all know now that I'm a fan of extreme sports, and have dabbled my hand in surfing, snowboarding and motocross - but do you have any sports that you partake in regularly? Or have you experienced anything more 'extreme', like bungee jumping or a skydive? If you have, tell me! I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and would love to hear your stories ♥

Ayden x

Slowdance on the inside

I love it when a plan comes together nicely. But sometimes when things don’t go to plan, they work out better in the long run. That's certainly not a riddle, its just the way my weekend panned out! Haha, and how my life feels in general sometimes. Anyways, the first couple of pictures are the decorations I did for my friend Drea’s charity night on friday, for Kidney Research UK. Managed to sneak a few pictures at 7pm as the first people started to arrive. We had alternating purple and gold table cloths, and I did balloon arrangements in sets of 3 on each table, with some extra balloons dotted around the room. Some people think balloons are tacky or old fashioned, but in my working year between school and uni, balloon ‘decor’ as its called was something I did as part of my job at the costume hire shop. We did events management too, putting on big parties for corporate clients, weddings, birthdays, medieval banquets etc. So it was nice to dust off the cobwebs on an old skill.

I also was given the job of setting up the tuck shop! Oh em gee, SO many homemade goodies, I was in my element. I had to take a little picture when I was done laying it all out. I watched Lorraine on Baking Made Easy make macaroons last night, so combined with my Nigella recipe I feel ready to tackle them. As a complete rookie when it comes to baking, I know that no way am I going to make them anywhere near as perfect as the laduree or pauls ones I got during the summer. But hey, you gotta love a trier :)

Over the weekend I caught up on some much needed sleep, and brushed off the last of my horrible cold. I didn't get to go snowboarding in the end, but a quiet day in the flat with my jammies, unwashed hair and no makeup was exactly what I needed. As we all know, monday was v-day! Me and David tend not to go crazy on this day, again its the whole ‘WHY do we need a specific day of the year to show our other half we love them?’ but when I left work on monday night and popped into m&s to pick up some pudding for our dinner that night, it was an absolute LOL seeing so many panic ridden guys hovering around the almost bare shelves of valentines related goods. Standing at the nearly empty card racks in panic with a total FML look on their faces! We kept it simple that evening, and David cooked me a wondefrul Chicken Ramen out of the Wagamama cook book.

He did really well! It was pretty easy, but tasted brilliant and we will defs be making this one again in the future. I never normally order ramen anymore when we go to waggies, but it was a great first recipe to try to get us started. Got my eye on what we’d like to try next, so watch this space ;) Also, saw a sushi kit in asda for a few quid! you can buy the rice and seaweed sheets separate, but I think this one has the rolling mat and instructions for beginners. I am such a snacker and love nibbling when I’m chilling in the house (really needing fresher and healthier alternatives to crisps and the biscuit tin) I’m getting better at eating my 5 a day, but I think when I get some time off I’d like to try making my own sushi.

David’s romantic little setup in our living room :)

We got each other the same valentines cards! Such numpties.

Loveheart shaped sparklers
(that I meant to put in our pudding, but we had much more fun just holding them instead)

My gift to david :) his very first surf lesson. Plus a refresher for me, all our equipment and transport to the beach. Looking forward to a wee day away surfing when the weather gets a little (okay, a lot) bit better (but lets face it, id be waiting a long time if I thought the scottish sea was going to warm up to something completely enjoyable!)

Davids got me some of my fave retro sweeties, a new purse from urban outfitters, and two books which are most certainly going to keep me sane. They are really small and easy to read, I actually read one of them in full last night. The first one is ‘It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be’. Here are some of my fave quotes/pages:

 Total fail for the fact mosaic maker cut off the edges of my pictures. Ah wells!

"Your vision of what or who you want you be is the greatest asset you have"
"Have you noticed that the cleverest people in school are not those who make it in life?"
 "Do not seek praise, seek criticism"
"The person who doesn't make mistakes is unlikely to make anything"
"It's not what you know, it's who you know"
"If you get stuck, draw with a different pen"

and here is the opening page for the next book ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’

Both are by the same author, Paul Arden. I can really relate to what I've read so far, and I’m sure from the quotes I've shared you can see you might be able to too. They could apply to so many different industries and working situations. I know they are quite blunt, but it's basically about trying to be the best person you can be. Being positive, logistical, and genuinely happy with your train of thought and decision making processes. And not being too hard on ourselves, or having a fear of failure. An old favourite quote of mines is 'happiness is the journey, not the destination'. I always want to learn how to enjoy the present moment better. Rather than dwelling in the past, or spending too much time looking at the future. We often seem to forget about making the most of right now. I have delved into a few positive thinking books, but some of them get too deep, and too gospel like. Both of these are small, with clean and easy to read layouts. Bitesize chunks, if you will! This is really what I've needed. Even though its not the most mushy or pink and fluffy valentines gift - it's these little gestures that confirm David sometimes know's me better than I know myself ♥ This boy is certainly a keeper :)

Ayden x

Oh the things we do...

Deary me, where has my love for extreme sports gone? No where! I'll tell you what has gone however, time and money :( I miss my dirtbike and the Motocross days with my dad. Still makes me sad that I had to sell it. I hate that I only get to surf a handful of times a year now on my annual Cornwall trip. And it sucks majorly that my snowboard hasn't seen any action in months. I haven't had the time, and I haven't had the money. Xscape is just down the road, but it is silly expensive and just aint the same as real snow and real mountains. I would give anything to get a wee trip up north this winter, and I swear by the end of easter 2010 I will have taught David how to surf :) Now for some old school photos ♥