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Sometimes the best present is to be present

I'm in a bit of a strange daze right now, mainly because my belly is full of pizza and Christmas chocolate and I've been sleeping silly amounts the past few days. It has been so nice to switch my brain off over the festive period, but now it's got to the point that even when I check my phone I still can't remember what day or date it is. The last week has been a total blur of food and laughter, between spending Christmas Day at my Mums, Boxing day at my Dads, and then the day after up at Pete's Dads. It was lovely to get out of the city, get some fresh air and go for walks (So although I've been quiet on here you can still follow my daily updates on Instagram)

I'm really looking forward to cracking out my new diary and notebook (okay, notebooks...) and getting organised for 2016. Along with getting back on the healthy living wagon. Seriously, I look about 5 months pregnant and feel hella sluggish! One of the pressies Pete got me for Christmas was a nutribullet, so I look forward to whizzing up ALL THE FRUIT AND VEGGIES while praying my body forgives me for how indulgent I've been. I had a glass of water this morning and it tasted like sweet nectar, as if I've been trawling through a desert for all of December. Caffeine and alcohol, y u no hydrate me? I feel bloody broken! 2016, I am so ready for you.

The Blogger Grand Central Sleepover

Jumper Dress

At the age of 26 I still don't feel like I'll ever be too old for a sleepover, even though my 11 year old sister has just started going to her first ones (and she thinks I am totally ancient!) I've mentioned it before on here, but I am still amazed at the close friends I have made through blogging. When I started this blog at uni I never realised that it would introduce me to people who would become friends for life. Crying with laughter together at girly weekends away, crying over a cuppa in the kitchen at whatever shit life has thrown at you, and crying tears of joy watching them get married. Happy tears and happy times with a lot of these wonderful humans! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a midweek festive sleepover with Laura, Lynsay, Lori, Lisa and Sami at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.

A Summer Confession


As you can maybe guess by the title of this post, I have a confession to make. Something that I never normally verbalise for fear of people thinking I am strange or slightly anti social, or that I just don't like to let my hair down and have fun. Which brings me onto the confession... I don't like festivals. I love summer, music, gigs, drinking cider in the sunshine, and even festival fashion. But put them all together and take me to a festival, and I just feel SO out of my own depth! Maybe it's just my anxiety talking, but I've noticed as I get older I feel like I have less patience and more fear of uknown places, big rowdy groups of people and alcohol fuelled events.

Copper Dreams

Hello everyone! That's me officially finished up on my BBC job now and back into the land of unemployment (well, self employment) I'm so excited to be taking a bit of time off to focus on my own projects and generally just recharge my batteries. My body and my brain are in major need of some tlc, so that's exactly what I'll be doing on the lead up to my holiday in a couple of weeks. I also just wanted to thank you all for your overwhelming support in the form of comments, tweets, emails and texts about my last post. It genuinely brought a tear to my eye and was such a massive weight of my shoulders finally verbalising something I've wanted to talk about for so long. I'll let you know how I get on with the actual procedure, but for now - I'd like to chat about HAIR!

If you've followed my blog for a while now, you'll know that I went on a hair colour journey from brown, to blonde, to pink, and then to blue. As much as I loved the blue, it was really hard to upkeep so I decided to get rid of it. After some failed bleaching attempts (that blue is stubborn as hell!) I ended up having to go dark brown over the top and I really wasn't enjoying it at all. I'd had a little twinkle in my eye for some titian coloured hair, so over the course of a few months with some colour knowledge from my Mum and a visit to Blow, this is how it turned out...

My Holiday Essentials


The weather in Glasgow at the moment is horribly muggy - so warm but dull, with torrential downpours every second day. Sort it out, eh Scotland! For the last couple of years I have spent summer at home, sprinkled with city breaks throughout the year to make me feel like I've got off my backside and went on some sort of holiday/trip. However this year I've booked a couple of weeks in my Aunty's house in Portugal with Pete. We are jetting off to to a little town in the Algarve called Alvor, in August. I spent a couple of weeks there when I was 20, so it will be nice visiting a place that is sort of familiar.

Now, onto the holiday essentials. I am an absolute nightmare when it comes to shopping and packing for a holiday! I tend to be a binge shopper, doing it all at the very last minute and spending a silly amount of money on the cheapest of bikinis, clothes, shoes and toiletries that I would never in a million years wear or use when I get back home. Or the fact that they've been SO cheap, everything has snapped/broken/turned green by the time I return to the UK. This year I have been determined to put an end to the panic buying, and have started picking up little bits and bobs in preparation for going away. Hopefully come August I'll just need to pop out and buy a few final pieces! Here's what I have picked up for my holiday so far

Birthday Weekend

Last Thursday I turned the grand old age of 26. To be honest the best birthday present I got was getting to come home early from two weeks in Shetland the day before. I have missed my home comforts, family, friends, the cats and Pete so much. I'll save my Shetland adventures for another post, but for now here's a wee birthday run down (and thanks to everyone for all your love and well wishes on instagram, twitter etc!)
I was working all day Thursday, which felt like such a shame considering how awesome the weather was. Felt like a mini heatwave when my plane touched down in Glasgow. I had been craving Dominos pizza for weeks (that BBQ base tho) so that's exactly what we had on my birthday eve. Followed by present opening, then I went for a bubble bath and Pete came through mid soak with a giant jammy dodger birthday cake. I have a jammy dodger tattooed on my arm, so this made me smile a lot. Since my birthday was on a week day, and I had work on the Friday too, we extended the celebrations into the weekend. Movies and wine on Friday night, then on Saturday we took a drive over to my Mums so I could catch up with all my family. I ate my body weight in sandwiches and cake, and my Mum bought me a pink hetty hoover! I'm bloody over the moon - I have wanted one forever, but at what age can you really buy yourself a hoover... Oh well, Mammy did the honors for me! Haha.

Borrowed from your Boyfriend

I can take a strong guess that I'm not the only one out there who enjoys stealing their other half's clothes. It's like stealing a handful of someone elses chips - they always taste better when they're not your own! It doesn't help when my boyfriend is pretty much a male version of myself, when it comes to sense of humour, favourite foods, music, and taste in clothes...

Oh hey there Pete! This is him, being all sassy in Pinto after we devoured a burrito and some nachos. (I made the school boy error by branching out and getting the nachos instead of my usual burrito. Food envy the whole time he sat there across from me)

In honour of stealing clothes from a man in your life (I'm saying boyfriend, but it could be brother!) New Look challenged Pete to pick a shirt and see who wore it better. Pete wore it with a Topman beanie and jeans, and burgandy Vans. He had never worn a shirt from New Look before but said he would definitely shop there again, cause he's got super long (FREAKY) arms and it was a brilliant fit. Guys make me laugh though, after uploading the first picture to Facebook, Chris from his band saw it and liked it so much, he went out and bought it too! I think boys are just as easily influenced/inspired as girls when it comes to clothes!

The next weekend it was my turn to style it up. I went for a proper comfy Sunday look - Abandon Ship Apparel beanie, the New Look shirt, an Alburn tee (which just happens to be Pete's band - also stolen!) Levi shorts which you can't see because the shirt and tshirt were so long on me.... and my Adventure Time Dr Martens. I would probably wear the shirt in summer tied up with a tighter t-shirt or crop top underneath. That's if Pete lets me get my paws on it again.

Here's a wee close up of my magical Adventure Time boots. They are limited edition, but when my first pair arrived the insole was glued all wonky and was riding right up the inner heel. I could have cried. Luckily the nice people over on the Dr Marten twitter managed to track me down one more pair. They have another bunch of different designs coming out again this year, if you're an Adventure Time fan like myself and didn't manage to grab a pair this time around.

The weather in Glasgow seems to be getting better then worse again, but since it was a Sunday we decided to get wrapped up and go for a mini adventure around our nearest park, Queens Park. I've started wearing this little grey backpack from Spartoo most days in place of my beloved Mulberry. I used to always cram it to the brim and end up with red marks on one shoulder. I think it's what had been causing recent neck pain and headaches. So for the foreseeable future, backpacks for the win! Takes me one step closer to being a real life Finn the Human.

Three ways to wear

I don't rate myself as very much of a fashionista, and really envy all you girls and guys who can effortlessly throw an outfit together. During the week I tend to wear whatever is the least creased in my wardrobe, which doesn't always make for the nicest outfit but I am generally most comfiest in Vans, jeans and a tshirt. Or my pj's, but It's not really socially acceptable to wear those outside without getting strange looks. I got invited to do a style challenge with Asda, called Dress Up With George. The George section back at the Asda over near my old flat is massive and pretty brilliant! A wee mooch around the clothes (and the £5 DVD section, of course) was always a given when in for my weekly shop. George have challenged me to style one of their dresses, three different ways. So here goes!

Look 1 - Saturday Afternoon

For my usual busy Saturday running errands I wore my black and white striped dress with a mint green jumper and some black and white plimsoles. I went to get tattooed that afternoon too, and it was still a comfy little outfit to sit in a tattoo chair for 2 hours.

Look 2 - Job Interview

This second look was my only 'made up' situation of the three, which I wore the next weekend to meet my Gran for a coffee. I thought this combination of the dress with a long sleeved cardigan and some black loafers with little gold buckles would be a good job interview outfit. Especially for someone like myself who is covered in tattoos. In this outfit you can't see that I have any at all! Can't say the same for the piercings mind you. Thank goodness my work are okay about stuff like that though.

Look 3 - Date night

The third look I wore on a date night out for dinner and bowling. I'd had a few wines before I left the house so was silly and didn't check the pictures properly before we left (blaming my tipsy self and not my photographer boyfriend) so you can't really see my shoes but they are these black wedge boots. I'd definitely wear this dress with no tights if the weather was a wee bit warmer, but the evenings are still pretty cold in Glasgow at the moment. Hopefully not for long though!

I've seen fellow bloggers like Lynsay and Amanda absolutely rock this sort of 'three ways to wear' type post. I feel like my selections were a tad on the safe side, which isn't a bad thing but looking back on photos I wish I had been a bit more adventurous! How else would you have styled this black and white striped dress? Or spiced my selections up a bit? Let me know so I can steal your awesome ideas! I can't forget to mention that everything I am wearing above (apart from my Fred Perry rain coat in the first photo) are all from George at Asda. Makes that weekly shop all the more tempting and dangerous for your purse.

From AM to PM

Hello you lovely lot. Are you glad it's almost the weekend? Working monday to friday for the next 5 months means that I have turned into one of these 'living for the weekend' types, with hump day and friday meaning so much more to me than they normally would. Apart from some painting and picture hanging, I'm pretty much completely settled in the new flat, and hope to do a home tour post soon if you would be interested in having a wee nosy into my new abode? I'm having a flat warming party next weekend, and have been trawling spotify for lots of nostalgic and happy party tunes. So if you have any playlists you recommend that I follow, please send them this way. Stumbled across a few old classics that remind me of high school, one of them being From AM to PM by Christina Milian. SO BLOODY GOOD. It sorta made sense as the title of this post too, as I'd like to share my weekend and outfit pictures with you.

Saturday was Dexter's 3rd Birthday, and oh my that boy is getting grumpy in his old age when it comes to me wanting a picture with him. Cannot believe I have had Dexter for 3 years now, it has absolutely flown in and I literally couldn't imagine life without this furry boy hanging around my feet and coming up for a cuddle. Me and Teri were off to our friend Jen's baby shower on Saturday afternoon and I wore my bird print Volcom dress from Spartoo, and an old faithful little brown belt from Topshop. Makeup wise I fancied adding a touch of glam to my normal daytime makeup look since it was a special occassion, so wore the Smashbox Be Legendary long wear lip lacquer in firecracker. Best way to describe it is that it has the pigmentation and covering of a lipstick, but shine and finish like a lipgloss! It stays on the lips really well too, coming off gradually all over rather than that awful fade in the middle of your lips. The only negative was that wearing this lippie on a windy day meant that my hair kept on blowing about and sticking to my lips, and it was driving me crazy! Which is why I tend to avoid lipgloss in general. But this Smashbox number is too pretty to pass up on.

Probably the most favourite part of my outfit from Saturday were these cuties - Kimberly Floral shoes from Babycham. I remember having Babycham trainers back in high school, which were white and red with cherries all over them! I love the combination of floral and nautical with these shoes, plus this is the shape of heels with a t-bar strap that I find the comfiest to wear. 'Heels' and 'comfy' are never normally two words which I would put in the same sentence!

Just to reiterate if you haven't realised already, I am not the best at outfit posts, knowing how to pose, and getting the right pictures of what I'm wearing! I take my hat off to all you fashion bloggers out there. My dress sense is generally pretty boring but on the odd occasion it's nice to feel good in what you are wearing and snap a few photos. It was really helpful having Teri around as my photographer too! How do you ladies do it when there isn't someone around to take them for you? My tripod and self timer skills need worked on haha.

After we got home from the baby shower it was time to order dinner and watch my friends pal Stevie on The Voice. If you've been watching it recently then you'll already know how awesome he is! Me and Teri got ready, with the aid of Prosecco and some Sailor Jerry, then Leah and Heather came over and we headed to our all time favourite club in Glasgow, the Cathouse! I recently attended the Abandon Ship Apparel Kewpie event where it was pretty much love at first sight getting to preview their Kewpie capsule collection. I ordered this crop and skirt on the tuesday and they arrived at work on the thursday, super quick and perfect timing to wear at the weekend. I was so torn between the above and the fitted vest and high waisted pants! Both so cute but I know I would get more wear out of the skirt and crop. Almost went for the pencil skirt but I've not been feeling as toned after Christmas indulgence... hoping to rectify that and get back on the wagon in the coming weeks. Ordering from Abandon Ship was so quick and easy online (I normally hate online shopping and parcels taking their sweet ass time to get to you) but in Glasgow we are also very lucky to have their flagship store right in the city centre! I plan on popping over to Soar at Intu Braehead at the weekend to look at some new snowboards at TSA, and check out a shop called Librance. They are a Scottish born and bred Skate/BMX etc store, and I've got my eye on a few skate decks to hang on the walls in my flat. I've always been a snowboarder at heart and like my feet strapped in thank you very much... but really want to pluck up the courage to buy a wee penny skateboard. LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE. Seriously. I want it to be summer, and be a skater girl, and pretend that I'm 18 again, and channel my inner Avril Lavigne.

I guess the rest of Saturday night I did channel my inner 18 year old with much dancing and singing along to Yellowcard and Bowling For Soup at the Cathouse. Sunday consisted of sleeping, lots of cuddles and probably the best hungover scran I have ever experienced. Turns out all of the above is a much better hangover cure than bacon rolls and irn bru. Give me a baked camembert with pancetta and crusty bread every sunday for the rest of my life please. That weekend went in far too fast, but I am excited that it's almost time for the next one :)

I'm my Mother's Daughter

It has taken until my mid 20's for me to fully appreciate the phrase 'I'm turning into my Mother', and to be honest it's not a bad thing at all. My Mum is everything I could ever hope for and more. She's my best friend, my rock, and a constant source of inspiration. She was only 23 when I was born, pretty much brought me up as a single parent for the first few years, and I am constantly amazed at how well she handles life and the hardships it can bring. My Mum is the ultimate Girl Boss! Fashion wise, I used to steal Mums clothes when I was younger and now it's the other way around! I am not allowed to have any clear outs or charity shop/ebay runs without her running through the contents of all the bags first and claiming a few items.

My Mum is a hairdresser by trade, but now mostly does teaching and session styling for photoshoots. Coming from a creative industry she's always had quite a unique and savvy dress sense, and the pictures above made me giggle because each outfit she is wearing looks like something you could get in Topshop nowadays! Floral trousers, black lace and glittery crop tops. I have a very similar version of each in my own wardrobe at the moment, and these pictures are 15-25 years old (That's a little Ayden in the top photo with the yellow skirt and black velvet jacket)

 Mum is wearing a coat from the David Emanuel range at Bonmarche, dress from Primark and boots from Next.

Last week was my final stint of freedom before starting back work today, so we took the opportunity to have a jaunt up the West End for some lunch and a catch up. This animal print number from Bonmarche has become her staple coat for this time of year, as even though it's woolen it's actually deceivingly light and perfect for throwing on over a couple of layers.

I'm wearing a maxi dress from Primark, denim jacket and Vans from Spartoo, bag from New Look and watch from Daniel Wellington. 

I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but my Bloody Mary Metal crossbones ring and DW watch have become a daily staple. I like to keep things simple and silver! (Daniel Wellington are offering all my readers 15% off with the code 1501aydenmillar, and it's valid until 28th February)

We went to the newly opened Porter and Rye in Finnieston for lunch, which specialises in Steak however we opted for a few small plates to share. My Mum is quite a foodie so I always get excited when she suggests a new place for lunch, but unfortunately we were a bit let down despite how amazing everything looked. The white plate, for example, was beetroot macarons filled with chicken liver parfait, and it just didn't work at all! Which was such a shame. I ended up spreading the parfait over the cheese bon bons and the wild mushrooms, then eating the macarons separate. The bone marrow mac and cheese, and the crispy duck egg were probably the tastiest of the lot. Ox and Finch is still our favourite place for little nibbles like this. I'd still give Porter and Rye another go but definitely try their Steaks next time. It was still a lovely afternoon and catch up, and we went along to Coffee Chocolate and Tea afterwards for flat whites and home made daim bar. My Mammy sure knows how to treat a girl :)