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Reuben's first Christmas with St Enoch

St Enoch Centre

I genuinely still can't believe I have an almost 10 month old baby boy, and that less in three weeks time we will be celebrating our first Christmas with him. We'll be spending this Christmas in our first family home together,  and although Reuben will have no idea who Santa is or how this day is any different from the rest of the year, we would still like it to be special without breaking the bank! Plus he'll be one in February so I don't think going overboard on gifts is necessary. As long as this boy has warm clothes, lots of milk in his belly, unconditional love and a roof over his head then I think that's truly all that matters.

Cruelty free brands for gifting this Christmas

Cruelty Free Christmas

Since April this year I decided to make the switch to going completely cruelty free with my skincare, makeup and hair care products. It's been a really interesting process and I'm still learning something new every single day about animal testing and the different regulations (and often loopholes) which various companies adhere to. I'll only be doing one gift guide this year,  so I thought it would be apt to do a little round up of some of my favourite cruelty free brands which are all perfect for gifting your loved ones (or hey, yourself!) this Christmas and beyond.

Undearwear as Outerwear & A Lingerie Wishlist

Ultimo Bloggers Event

BOOOOOBS! Do I have your attention? Put a bunch of bloggers in a room with a rail full of beautiful clothes from House Of Fraser, a selection of bralettes from the new Ultimo SS16 collection, and a photographer... well, this is what happens!

Mama, I love you


When it comes to personal posts like this, I legit feel like my heart is going to burst before I even begin writing the first sentence. I have so much I want to say, but I don't even know where to start. How much detail do I go into before it snowballs into a full blown word vomit of emotion and tears and all of the feels. Basically, I bloody love my Mum. I love her, I know her, and I feel like I understand her. As a woman, and a friend, as well as a mother.

Happy Galentine's Day

Galentines day

I really don't get why people hate on Valentine's Day so much. Every week there seems to be something new on the internet for people to get mad at. Facebook crazes, memes, outrageous celebrity gossip, controversial tweets. I just wanna stand back and say, Y U SO ANGRY people?! Save your passionate energy and that fire in your belly for stuff which actually matters. I understand that some folk see Valentine's as a money making machine for the greeting card industry, but isn't every holiday/celebration? I just love Love, and wanna celebrate the shit out of that all year round. But hell, if there's a special day dedicated to the patron saint of lovers, then I'm all for it. Ahead of this weekend, I wanted to share a massive chunk of love and appreciation for all of the fantastic women in my life. This February 13th isn't just the day before Valentine's day, it's also Galentine's Day!

A Bathmas Gift Guide


I can't believe that tomorrow is the first of December. Where has this year disappeared to?! I have just started doing my Christmas shopping in dribs and drabs, and I've really had to rethink my game plan this year. I have a lot of family and friends to buy for, and I absolutely love buying people presents. I just don't know where to stop, and when you end up spending £30+ for over 20 people... It all starts to add up. We've got a house, a puppy and a holiday to save for next year, so I've tried to be a lot more savvy with my present buying this Christmas. I'm trying to gift everyone with just one really special pressie, rather than 3 or 4 (often daft) things each. Does anyone feel like just one present feels really lonely? For example if I bought a friend a new diary from Paperchase, I'd need to get the matching pen, desk planner and other little bits for them... This is how it gets silly and out of hand!

 I actually feel a bit awful writing the above when there are so many people on this planet who don't even have a roof over their heads or a warm place to sleep at night. So I'd like to even up the materialistic side of this post and say if you're in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen doing your Christmas shopping, please pop into Social Bite for a sandwich or coffee. 100% of their profits are given to good causes, and 1 in 4 of their team are formerly homeless people. They also feel the local homeless community through their 'Suspended Coffee and Food' initiative. This means that customers can pay in advance for a coffee or any item of food from the menu, and a local homeless person can come into the shop to claim it. Social Bite are based in Scotland, but I can imagine there are other similar ran Social Businesses across the UK. Please take 5 minutes to look one up, and give a little kindness to those who really need it most at this time of year.