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There ain't no party like a doggy birthday party

Dog Cake Smash

I have been desperate to write this post ever since the weekend that (you heard it right) Sheri and I threw a joint first birthday party for Bronson and Olive! That's me just settled in to my new home in Shetland for the next month as we're filming a part of the show up here, so I've finally got time to sit down and share the pups fun filled day at Vet Creche. I'm missing my furry babies and Pete tonnes already, but the photos from the party put the BIGGEST smile on my face. You'll see exactly why...

A Bronson update - 6 months on


It's hard to believe it's been over 6 whole months since I brought this little squishy baby home with me. I remember (at that exact moment above) being handed Bronson for the first time, and thinking shit... what have I done?! He was so tiny, and it was the first time I'd ever owned a dog before. Even growing up we only really had cats, fish and guinea pigs in the family, so this was a whole new territory for me. Pete was away on tour with his band that week, so my friend Ashley took the drive up to Dundee with me for moral support, and was able to capture some really lovely pictures of our first day together.

Sunday Best - 5 good things

Lifestyle Blogger

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you're all having a nice weekend? I'm feeling pretty relaxed and well rested at the moment, so thought I'd share a wee sunday best round up of 5 things which have been making me smile recently.

My Purrfect Christmas


Back in June I signed up to Cat In A Flat, and 6 months later I've had the pleasure of looking after 10 other cats as well as my own fluffy two! I had a handful of enquiries about cat sitting on Christmas day, but this year after visiting my Mum in the morning we'll be heading up to Perth for the night to stay with Pete's dad and have our dinner there. So if I'm not watching anyone elses kitties, what will I be doing with my own? I thought I'd write up some suggestions for how you can best prepare your cat and your home if you don't have a sitter for them, and will be off visiting family or friends this Christmas.

Where you been, boo?


Oh hey you guuuuys. I took a little break from blogging for the last couple of weeks, mainly because I was mad busy and really wanted to focus on getting things wrapped up at work and a few other bits and bobs which have been happening. Thought I'd give you a run down on whats been going on recently, and what my plans are for the next little while now I'm finished up on my latest BBC job 'The Replacement' (which is hands down one of the most exciting scripts I've ever worked on, if you like thrillers then you are gonna love it. Along with Vicky McClure, she is one crazy talented actress)

Bronson's first Jurni

French Bulldog Puppy

Would ya just look at that lil' heartbreaker. I'm back with another puppy related post already, and I'm kinda not even sorry! Bronson has really lit up my life from the day he came home with us. He's a squishy wee ball of energy and love, and me and Pete are having so much fun being doggy parents. It has been a massive learning curve (for me especially, I've never owned a dog before or had one in the family whereas Pete has) but day by day it gets that tiny bit easier. Bronson is one smart cookie and I'm amazed at how quickly he is learning new things and coming on leaps and bounds. Last weekend my Mum and Step Dad played puppy grandparents while I went off to be a bridesmaid for my bestie Heather. Being apart from him for only two nights was really strange, and I was worried sick making sure he had everything packed for his first overnight adventure.

Introducing Bronson

French Bulldog and Tattoos

If you follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook, then you'll have seen that two weeks ago me and Pete became the proud owner of a French Bulldog puppy. Everyone, meet Bronson...