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Treat Days with Whiskas

Animal friends

Never in 2019 did I think I would start a blog post saying 'I need to take more pictures of my cats'. But I really, REALLY do. I share so much of Reuben and Bronson on my social media these days, that some people might wonder what happened to my OGs, Dexter and Binx. They're still here, snoozing away in the background, slipping under the covers for cuddles and watching the view of the birds in our Garden at the new house. I never give these two furry lads enough credit. They've adapted extremely well to so many big changes over the past few years. Moving house twice, gaining a puppy fur brother and now a human brother too.

My Purrfect Christmas


Back in June I signed up to Cat In A Flat, and 6 months later I've had the pleasure of looking after 10 other cats as well as my own fluffy two! I had a handful of enquiries about cat sitting on Christmas day, but this year after visiting my Mum in the morning we'll be heading up to Perth for the night to stay with Pete's dad and have our dinner there. So if I'm not watching anyone elses kitties, what will I be doing with my own? I thought I'd write up some suggestions for how you can best prepare your cat and your home if you don't have a sitter for them, and will be off visiting family or friends this Christmas.

Bronson's first Jurni

French Bulldog Puppy

Would ya just look at that lil' heartbreaker. I'm back with another puppy related post already, and I'm kinda not even sorry! Bronson has really lit up my life from the day he came home with us. He's a squishy wee ball of energy and love, and me and Pete are having so much fun being doggy parents. It has been a massive learning curve (for me especially, I've never owned a dog before or had one in the family whereas Pete has) but day by day it gets that tiny bit easier. Bronson is one smart cookie and I'm amazed at how quickly he is learning new things and coming on leaps and bounds. Last weekend my Mum and Step Dad played puppy grandparents while I went off to be a bridesmaid for my bestie Heather. Being apart from him for only two nights was really strange, and I was worried sick making sure he had everything packed for his first overnight adventure.

A newbies guide to cruelty free beauty

Bath Pug and Tattoos

I love animals. All creatures great and small. Even little Barry the Bath Pug here, who keeps me company every time I take a dip. After working at Lush over the Christmas period, and learning so much about their strong stance and pro-activity when it comes to things like ethical buying, environmental policies, and fighting against animal testing, a little light bulb in my head switched on. Why should any of the products I use on a daily basis be tested on animals?

Maison De Moggy, Edinburgh

Maison De Moggy, Edinburgh

Sorry all was a bit quiet on the blog front last week. Telly land has well and truly taken over for the time being, but only two weeks left of this job and then I'll have a nice wee break before I'm onto the next one. I've very much been living for the weekend while having such busy weekdays at work. So last Saturday was a pretty epic one. I finally got to visit Scotland's first Cat Cafe, Maison De Moggy in Edinburgh.

Caring for coloured hair

Products for coloured hair

I've had my fair share of different hair colours in the past 5 years or so. Growing up with a hairdresser Mum, she let me experiment with semi permanent dyes and various slices and flashes through my hair (Fudge paintbox, anyone?) However I'm not gonna be pulling any of those photos out from the dark depths of the internet! It wasn't until going blonde for the first time in my early 20's that I really started to take my colour into my own hands (no offence, Mum!) I think she was just worried about me ruining the quality of my hair, like so many others she had seen (and ultimately had to fix) over the years. To this day, despite my hair being pushed to the limit a few times, I think it's pretty safe to say it's still in a great healthy condition. So today I'm gonna share some tips on how I care for coloured hair.

The Good Sleep Guide


I love sleep. I love my bed. I love cosying up under the covers at night to watch a film, and waking up in the morning with daylight sneaking in through the curtains and the cats curled up at my feet. I'm one of these people that could fall asleep anywhere, and I struggle to stay awake when in any sort of warm, dark room (which is a nightmare at the cinema, driving down the motorway at night, or in any sort of meeting containing a power point presentation) I'm that friend at a sleepover who would happily make a bed on the floor with a tea towel folded up as a pillow, and has drifted off in the nightclub toilet many a time. Sleep is my friend, and it seriously effects my mood and the whole of my day if I haven't had enough zzz's the night before. However as I get older and I've noticed that certain life events trigger bad sleeping patterns for me. Some nights I really struggle to fall asleep, or I wake up lots during the night, or feel like I have been drugged when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. Normally this is to do with what sort of food and drink I've been consuming, my work schedule, general life worries and deadlines, and sharing my bed with a boyfriend and two cats who like to visit in the dead of night. 

On the topic of sleep, my friends over at Joe Blogs Network shared 10 top sleep tips by Dr Lauren Kita with me, so I thought I'd share plus my own suggestions with you. Everything listed below is just from my personal experience, and what works for me might not work for you! If you do have persistent trouble with not getting enough sleep (or even having too much) it can be detrimental to not only your physical health but your emotional and mental health too, so I'd definitely say have a chat with your doctor. Here's my personal guide to a good night's sleep:

Thackery Binx, what took thee so long?

Feels like it's been a while since I updated you on the newest member of my household (named after the little boy/black cat from Hocus Pocus, if you could guess by the title of this post...) Binx! If you've followed the story from the start, Binx was a wild cat I rescued last year. He came into mine and Dexters life rather unexpectedly, but has been welcomed with open arms despite how down right crazy he is. My pals over at More Than were asking about some animal stories in their #PawHumour campaign, so I thought it would be a good excuse for Binx to take the spotlight! He is the absolute LOL of my life (I mean, this boy really cracks me up, every single day)

The first photo is Binx today, versus when I brought him home as a tiny baby. He is absolutely huge now, almost as big as Dexter, and his eye colour has changed from blue to green.

Tiny baby vs rather large kitten! I can't believe sometimes that this is the same cat. The vet said judging by the length of his tail (it's a rather bushy one at that) he is going to be a big strong boy!

Some of Binx's favourite hobbies include sitting in bags, playing fetch with his light up bouncy ball, and watching me take a bath. Creepy, huh. He really doesn't have any idea of personal space. Straws are also a firm favourite, and despite giving him a whole bag of his own straws to play with, he will disregard them ALL for the one in your drink. It made my flat party a bit of a nightmare as no ones drinks/straws were safe!

The best thing that Binx does to make me laugh is this sticky out tongue face. I've no idea how it happens, but when it does he just sorta forgets it's out there. The bottom right photo has to be the most kawaii looking picture of him I've ever taken! Not to mention him looking quite like a soot sprite from the Studio Ghibli films...

As far as friendship goes, these two like to act up when I'm home and chase each other about. However a couple of times I have caught them unaware having a wee cuddle on the couch together! Dexter has been a very patient and kind big brother to Binx, who is a crazy ball of energy and extremely feisty. I often forget now because of his size that he is still just a playful kitten. Would love to hear how anyone else reading this has got on, introducing an adult cat to a crazy kitten. My boys are both house cats, and after Dexter's unicorn hair trauma last year I have pet insurance for them both, and a very supportive Vet who I can always rely on for advice. Binx recently got the snip and I was worried, just after what I had been through with Dexter. Of course, in true Binx style the operation was not straightforward and it turned out one of his you know what's were missing! So they had to perform a full operation on him to go find it. Luckily, it was only hiding high up towards his stomach and they were able to remove it safely.

I know this post has been totally kitty related, but if you are a dog owner then it's pretty important to insure your dog or puppy too. If you choose to go with More Than, they are donating £20 to the RSPCA for each policy sold - which will go towards helping unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales. Up here in Scotland we have the SSPCA, and it would be amazing if More Than decided to work with them one day soon too (hey, we feel all left out over here!) 

I plan on visiting my local Cat and Dog home in Cardonald this week, as my boyfriend has got a load of old blankets and duvet covers he was going to bin after doing a clear out at the weekend. Cat and Dog homes take these sort of 'softs' as donations. I'll be honest, I can't quite remember what they do with them and I keep meaning to ask (I assume they use them in cages and for bedding) I was working on a tv show a few years ago and the prop buyer asked me to drop off a load of blankets to one, and it's something I've always done ever since! So if you have any old duvet covers, blankets or pillow cases then I'm sure your local Cat and Dog home would appreciate you doing the same ♥

From AM to PM

Hello you lovely lot. Are you glad it's almost the weekend? Working monday to friday for the next 5 months means that I have turned into one of these 'living for the weekend' types, with hump day and friday meaning so much more to me than they normally would. Apart from some painting and picture hanging, I'm pretty much completely settled in the new flat, and hope to do a home tour post soon if you would be interested in having a wee nosy into my new abode? I'm having a flat warming party next weekend, and have been trawling spotify for lots of nostalgic and happy party tunes. So if you have any playlists you recommend that I follow, please send them this way. Stumbled across a few old classics that remind me of high school, one of them being From AM to PM by Christina Milian. SO BLOODY GOOD. It sorta made sense as the title of this post too, as I'd like to share my weekend and outfit pictures with you.

Saturday was Dexter's 3rd Birthday, and oh my that boy is getting grumpy in his old age when it comes to me wanting a picture with him. Cannot believe I have had Dexter for 3 years now, it has absolutely flown in and I literally couldn't imagine life without this furry boy hanging around my feet and coming up for a cuddle. Me and Teri were off to our friend Jen's baby shower on Saturday afternoon and I wore my bird print Volcom dress from Spartoo, and an old faithful little brown belt from Topshop. Makeup wise I fancied adding a touch of glam to my normal daytime makeup look since it was a special occassion, so wore the Smashbox Be Legendary long wear lip lacquer in firecracker. Best way to describe it is that it has the pigmentation and covering of a lipstick, but shine and finish like a lipgloss! It stays on the lips really well too, coming off gradually all over rather than that awful fade in the middle of your lips. The only negative was that wearing this lippie on a windy day meant that my hair kept on blowing about and sticking to my lips, and it was driving me crazy! Which is why I tend to avoid lipgloss in general. But this Smashbox number is too pretty to pass up on.

Probably the most favourite part of my outfit from Saturday were these cuties - Kimberly Floral shoes from Babycham. I remember having Babycham trainers back in high school, which were white and red with cherries all over them! I love the combination of floral and nautical with these shoes, plus this is the shape of heels with a t-bar strap that I find the comfiest to wear. 'Heels' and 'comfy' are never normally two words which I would put in the same sentence!

Just to reiterate if you haven't realised already, I am not the best at outfit posts, knowing how to pose, and getting the right pictures of what I'm wearing! I take my hat off to all you fashion bloggers out there. My dress sense is generally pretty boring but on the odd occasion it's nice to feel good in what you are wearing and snap a few photos. It was really helpful having Teri around as my photographer too! How do you ladies do it when there isn't someone around to take them for you? My tripod and self timer skills need worked on haha.

After we got home from the baby shower it was time to order dinner and watch my friends pal Stevie on The Voice. If you've been watching it recently then you'll already know how awesome he is! Me and Teri got ready, with the aid of Prosecco and some Sailor Jerry, then Leah and Heather came over and we headed to our all time favourite club in Glasgow, the Cathouse! I recently attended the Abandon Ship Apparel Kewpie event where it was pretty much love at first sight getting to preview their Kewpie capsule collection. I ordered this crop and skirt on the tuesday and they arrived at work on the thursday, super quick and perfect timing to wear at the weekend. I was so torn between the above and the fitted vest and high waisted pants! Both so cute but I know I would get more wear out of the skirt and crop. Almost went for the pencil skirt but I've not been feeling as toned after Christmas indulgence... hoping to rectify that and get back on the wagon in the coming weeks. Ordering from Abandon Ship was so quick and easy online (I normally hate online shopping and parcels taking their sweet ass time to get to you) but in Glasgow we are also very lucky to have their flagship store right in the city centre! I plan on popping over to Soar at Intu Braehead at the weekend to look at some new snowboards at TSA, and check out a shop called Librance. They are a Scottish born and bred Skate/BMX etc store, and I've got my eye on a few skate decks to hang on the walls in my flat. I've always been a snowboarder at heart and like my feet strapped in thank you very much... but really want to pluck up the courage to buy a wee penny skateboard. LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE. Seriously. I want it to be summer, and be a skater girl, and pretend that I'm 18 again, and channel my inner Avril Lavigne.

I guess the rest of Saturday night I did channel my inner 18 year old with much dancing and singing along to Yellowcard and Bowling For Soup at the Cathouse. Sunday consisted of sleeping, lots of cuddles and probably the best hungover scran I have ever experienced. Turns out all of the above is a much better hangover cure than bacon rolls and irn bru. Give me a baked camembert with pancetta and crusty bread every sunday for the rest of my life please. That weekend went in far too fast, but I am excited that it's almost time for the next one :)

When Cats get good mail days

CATS. The internet loves them, I love them. Some people hate them and if you're of those people then you maybe won't want to read on. But I think you should, as my fluffy companions have won over the hearts of a few non cat people in my life over the past couple of years. I'll introduce my boys just in case you're not familiar with my blog or instagram (I hold my hands up to being a spammy picture posting pet owner at times, sorry!)

This is Dexter, he's a Ragdoll cat and turns 3 at the end of the month. Ragdolls are a very laid back breed, and I genuinely mean it when I say he is one of the most gentle and good natured cats I have ever met. Dexter has striking blue eyes and long soft white fur which means wearing black in my house is a very bad idea.

This is Binx, my 6 month old wild kitten. He was abandoned by his Mum at 4 weeks old so I got him much younger than you would bring any normal kitten into your home. He only weighed 900g when I got him, so after a lot of hand feeding and round the clock care I nursed him into a healthy strong boy. Binx got the snip yesterday and ended up getting a full on operation due to the hunt for a missing testicle haha. They found it eventually! The vet said he's still got typical characteristics of a feral cat (a gentle way of then telling me he was growling when they tried to take him out of his cage) but he's a big softie at heart and she thinks he is going to be huge. He weighs 4.5kg at the moment and still has years of growing ahead.

Dexter has been very patient with his little brother, who is an absolute ball of energy and constantly wants to play and get up to mischief. Binx is getting slowly but surely better at sharing toys, and sharing the cat game on the ipad (if you're a cat owner, it's one of the best inventions ever!)

Another recent thing to appear on the internet is subscription boxes for Cats and Dogs. I've not been this excited for a monthly parcel since Glossybox many years ago. Dexter and Binx are now lucky recipients of a Purrfect box every month. It is pretty much the exact same as how most beauty box subscriptions work, with the contents being an assorted mix for your kitty.

What's dis?

Sniffing and some closer inspection.

You want that catnip? I'll wrestle you for it!

Each box contains a mixture of treats, toys and hygiene accessories, and the price ranges from £15.90 to £19.90 depending on whether you pay monthly, half yearly or yearly. You create a profile for your Cat and the contents are based on the details you input. Dexter is a fan of the dry treats and the catnip based stuff, whereas Binx likes the wet food. Then I can share the toys and cleaning stuff between the two of them. I normally take a couple of trips a month to Pets at Home picking up little bits for them both, but with this box arriving monthly all I've had to get for them recently is daily cat food and litter. Dog owners need not feel left out, they also do a version for pooches called Pawsome box.

D'aw, the heart beat at my feet ♥ Dexter is trained to sit and fetch (pretty sure he was a Dog in a previous life) and I'm working on teaching Binx to do the same. My friend Andrew came round to the new flat for a mini photoshoot and Dexter seemed to enjoy being a wee poser for the afternoon. I look absolutely knackered on the other hand! (Adventure time tshirt is from Primark, and blue Vans are from Spartoo)

Never thought I'd see the day where my pets would get regular mail, addressed to them personally haha.  If you like the idea of monthly subscription boxes for your Cat or Dog, then enter my competition below and 10 lucky winners can get their hands on a box of their choice! Good luck :)

So let me restart

"Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living."

My 2015 has so far consisted mostly of denying all adult responsibilities, smiling and laughing more than I ever remember doing in the past, and finally watching Breaking Bad. I know I'm a bit late to that bandwagon, but watching an episode every time I'm meant to be doing something else productive in the new flat has been GREAT. For that reason, I'm on season three already.

I've mentioned recently that my life seems to completely flip between selling my soul to the television industry and then being off work for weeks on end, where I make up for all that lost time in my social calendar. I've started working on this and look forward to making my blogging less sporadic, so I've got a few more 'themed' posts lined up for the coming weeks before I embark on a scary 5 month job. Before that here's a brief run down of the ways I have been very selfishly and indulgently spending my days in January.

Popped my Swoon cherry and got my nails done by the down right amazing Lia.

There's always time for tattoos. Bee's on my shins done by my wee fave Billy Hay at Bath Street Tattoo Collective.

Country lunches at the Three Sisters Bake in Quarriers Village.

Doing some cooking of my own. Beef fillet wrapped in porcini mushrooms and parma ham, with mash, asparagus and a red wine jus.

Indulging in all the treats from Lush, as I have a bath in my new abode.

I do love having a relaxing soak. I can never expect much privacy though.

Not strictly all play, I did Art Direct a kids tv show for CBBC for a couple of weeks. This is our beautiful wee set.

I now live across from a super awesome cheesy nightclub called the Shed. This calls for local nights out with my fellow south side ladies.

More drinks and dancing with my lovely gals. I've also discovered at 25 that I don't get a hangover by not mixing my drinks. Rocket science...

Disappearing in the car for the day on outdoorsy adventures. Can't wait to do more of these.

And finally, taking a stupid amount of pictures of my face because it's acceptable for our generation. How else am I supposed to remember what I looked like in my mid twenties eh? I just downloaded time hop and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it yet. A strange mixture of funny throwbacks, hair/life envy and emotional nostalgia!

Being a bit selfish and beginning to strike an even balance of work and play is proving more helpful than I'd ever thought it would be. I'm positive and productive at work because I've had time to blow off some steam, and I then enjoy the down time and don't feel 'guilty' because I know I have worked my ass off. It's a golden circle and I'm still finding my way, but the journey is actually an enjoyable one.