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I probably shouldn't have started writing this post while I'm waiting on my dinner and super hungry... or when it's a cosy Sunday evening, we've got the fire roaring and the thought of a wee cocktail sounds just ideal right about now. We have more nights in rather than nights out these days, but a couple of weeks ago my Mum took Reuben for the afternoon so me and Pete could go on a lil daytime date. We went to the cinema to see The Wife, a film I worked on a couple of years ago now which has finally been released. Then we popped down to the newly opened Revolution on Mitchell Street for a bite to eat and some drinks.

Revolution Glasgow
Revolution Cocktails
Revolution Mitchell Street

Situated in the old Tunnel night club on Mitchell Street, the new Revolution is just a 2 minute walk from Central Station, slap bang in the city centre. The interior is fab, a huge open plan space with quite an industrial edge - exposed brick walls, distressed copper tables, quirky lighting and lots of artwork depicting scenes of anarchy with a russian propaganda vibe. I celebrated my 29th birthday with my girl pals at the Revolution on Renfrew Street, so I was excited to see what the new bar had to offer.

Revolution Mitchell Street
Revolution Food

Starting with drinks, I went for a Glug Jug which was a sweet but strong concoction of gin and fruit juices, and Pete went for the non alcoholic Smooth Talker, which tasted like an alcohol free version of an amaretto sour (my favourite drink!) The virgin cocktails are mixed into the menu with the regular alcoholic cocktails, rather than being in their own separate list. But oh my days, they all looked and sounded delicious. I managed to work my way through quite a few on the list when I was out for my birthday, but I've still got lots left to try. I love the design of the menus and posters at Rev, they've got their branding down to a t and I think that combined with the interior design makes for a really cool vibe and atmosphere. As I've grown older, this tends to matter more to me as I'd rather spend time with my friends in a cool bar with a nice vibe rather than going to a nightclub.

Sharing Plates
Chicken Burger
Chocolate Brownie
Cookie Dough S'mores

Food wise, I'll be honest and say it is essentially pub grub, at pub prices but with some really quirky options on the menu. I went for 3 grazer plates for £14, which was good as I like to nibble at a few different things rather than the one big meal. The Katsu Chicken Strips were delicious, the curry sauce was sweet and tasty and if anything I could have done with a little more of it. The Sticky Chicken bites were also really nice (and very moreish!) and their rib ticking bbq sauce has just a little kick to it which is perfect for spice-phobes like me. I'd love a bottle of that stuff to take home with me! Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by the Bocconcini, I usually love mozzarella and sunblushed tomatoes but I'm wondering if the tomatoes were a little past their use by date as they tasted that sorta 'fizzy' way which happens when they're less than fresh, so that's not great. Pete had the Blackened Chicken Burger with Skin On Fries, served in a nice wholemeal seeded bun. He's on a health kick at the moment otherwise I think he would have went for The Mother Clucker or The Smoke King burgers, both sounded out of this world! But he was very happy with a tasty (and somewhat healthy?!) cajun chicken burger.

Just realised I'm talking about Pete being on a health kick - he did get dessert! Haha. After the pictures I'd seen on the Revolution instagram there was no way I wasn't gonna try one of these bad boys. Pete got the Bombshell Brownie, which consisted of chocolate brownie bites, salted caramel chocolate sauce, golden honeycomb chunks and chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with popping candy. It was as delicious as that description sounds! I went for the Cookie Dough S'more, and I feel like crying looking at that picture because it was honestly SO GOOD, I couldn't finish the whole thing. It was so sweet and 3/4 of the way through my stomach started to ache (worth it though) Half baked chocolate chip cookie dough, melted nutella and toasted mini marshmallows, served with salted caramel chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. All of the desserts at Revolution are under a fiver, and there's nothing traditional in sight! (well, apart from a cheescake, but I shall never discriminate against cheesecake)

I'll definitely be back to Revolution again. They have great options for sharing platters on the menu (I'm looking at the tear 'n' share baked camembert which I DEFO wouldn't be sharing with aaaaanyone though) which makes it a perfect place to head with your pals for a nibble and some awesome cocktails after work or on a night out. Laid back all day dining, a cool but cosy interior, open until 3am for you party people, and a mixed range of options to eat and drink to keep the whole crew happy.

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  1. The food looks really nice - especially the puddings! Although this post now has me craving cookie dough