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Blonde hair

It didn't take long, did it?! As much as I was loving my darker hair and side fringe, there's something about the blonde and the bangs which just make me feel more like ME.

Blow Shawlands

My salon of choice, as always, is BLOW. I don't think there's anywhere else I would trust with my hair now (well, apart from my Mum, HI MUM!) She did some teaching there recently which was really nice, and got to meet the babes who transform my locks on the regular so that she doesn't have to, haha. Blow's 2nd salon in Shawlands is literally a 10 minute walk from my flat, so it's pretty handy. There's one in Finnieston too for the west end wendys, and they're soon opening a salon in the city centre as well so soon we'll be spoiled for choice location wise. Plus, glitter lattes, snacks, cocktails, and massive tv screens playing Ru Paul on repeat or some bangin' girl gang tunes - it really is a little colourful slice of heaven.

Hair before photo
Hair before photo

This was my hair before, as you can see the rootness was REAL - so I wasn't totally sure how much Dan was gonna be able to lift it in one trip.

Hair after photo
Hair after photo

Behold - the after! I'm pretty shocked at how well he was able to eliminate that brown just with one visit, while keeping my hair healthy and intact. Blow use Olaplex with their colour and I think it's the magic ingredient that allows them to perform such colour transformations without compromising on the health of your hair.

Since this visit I've been using some pink and purple crazy colours mixed with conditioner as a sort of funky opal toner on my hair, but it's almost washed out now and I'm due my roots done to I'll be back in for that soon. Here's some other products I use to keep my hair looking fresh between appointments (and they're all cruelty free too - result!)

Cruelty free shampoo & conditioners

I alternate between the Marula Oil Light shampoo and conditioner, and the Maria Nila silver shampoo and conditioner when washing my hair. The Marula Oil really cleans and conditions my hair, and doesn't feel too heavy or leave any residue despite being so hydrating. The silver shampoo and conditioner are amazing for keeping any brassy tones at bay, and leave my hair feeling so soft.

Hair styling products

Styling wise, I keep it pretty simple! Power Dry.Me does what it says on the tin, and with some form of witchcraft it really does speed up the hair drying process a little bit, and works as heat protection too. Once my hair is dry, I straighten then skoosh a bit of Puff.Me on the roots (if you ever use this product don't make the mistake I did and try and put it into your hands first) it is so light but gives amazing volume! Then spray all over with the Awapuhi shine spray (which smells good enough to eat btw, and gives amazing shine but doesn't make your hair greasy) et voilĂ ! Easy peasy and I manage to stick to this routine every second day, as long as Reuben decides to go for his mid morning nap. Otherwise, it's dry shampoo all the way!

I'm always keen to discover new cruelty free hair care, so let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments below (especially if you're a blondie like me!) I've never tried a hair mask before but quite fancy trying one, face mask AND a hair mask while in the bath with a fancy lush bath bomb and a cold beer is the ultimate in self care, right?

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