Yo! Sushi returns to Glasgow


If you're hungry and like sushi, then don't read this post. I mean, maybe go get something to eat then come back and read it! Don't do what I did either and edit pictures of your favourite food on an empty stomach... I just thought I'd put forward a warning before you see any more pictures from my lunch trip to the newly opened YO! Sushi flagship restaurant in Glasgow City Centre.

Yo! Glasgow
Yo Sushi interior
Yo! Sushi takeaway

Oh Yo! How I've missed you. When their previous Glasgow location in Frasers got taken over by a Mac makeup expansion, the closest place to go for a Yo Sushi fix was Silverburn or Braehead shopping centre. So it's really nice to have it return to our doorstep in the city again. Fun fact for you, Yo was the first place I ever tried sushi (and where I also introduced Gem to sushi for the very first time) and it was also the first place I ever dined for lunch on my own. A right of passage into adulthood right there huh?

If you're not familar with Yo! Sushi, it was founded in 1997 and was the first restaurant to bring the concept of a Japanese 'kaiten' sushi bar (that delivers food via a conveyor belt) to the UK. The kaitem belt frames the central theatre kitchen and snakes around the entire restaurant, allowing customers to grab the fresh dishes from every seat. Their pricing system is based on coloured plates, with a green plate costing you £2.10, all the way to a yellow plate at £6. You can grab as many as you want off the belt (the waitress tallies the price up for you at the end) as well as ordering hot food, or anything you can't seem to see on the belt, by pushing a little button to get your servers attention. There are around 94 dishes on the menu, with 16 vegan and 33 vegetarian dishes - so a lil' something for everyone.

Sushi Glasgow
Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry


Crispy Salmon Skin rolls


Duck Gyoza


Spicy Seafood Udon

Beef teriyaki

Beef Teriyaki


Blossom Rolls

Sweet & sour cod

Cod Nanbanzuke

Rainbow plates

I popped over on a lunch break on one of my last days of work with a few colleagues, and what looks like a leaning tower of multicoloured dishes averaged out to around 4 plates each. I'm the sort of person that loves tapas and picnics, and basically a little bit of everything rather than the one MASSIVE meal. So it's happy days to get a drink, a curry, some sushi, street food and a dessert for under £20. The pictures above contain a few of my old favourites (chicken katsu, crispy salmon skin rolls and beef teriyaki) but a stand out winner from their new editions to the menu was definitely the Cod Nanbanzuke! Pretty much Japan's answer to sweet and sour. It was so good. Everything was delicious! All fresh, the surroundings immaculate, with friendly staff and a restaurant running like clockwork considering how mobbed it was and they've not been open that long. Bravo, Yo!

Food Blogger Glasgow

Now, it's 7pm on a friday night and I'm hangry and want sushi! Have you tried Yo! before? If you haven't, get yourself down there for Blue Monday's (45 of their plates are only £2.80) or if you want a sumo sunday... 10 plates for £25.

That's me finally finished up with working for at least a month or so (I took a job straight after posting on here saying I was gonna chill for a bit, didn't I!) so time for some serious R&R, and I'm off to Ibiza on monday. Thanks for sticking around even though I've been a bit AWOL recently. Now I'm off to have a nosy and see what's for dinner tonight - I'm sorry if this post made you hungry too!

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  1. I love Yo Sushi - the new veggie and vegan dishes sound so good and the conveyor belt is super fun! x