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Sometimes its the biggest of things and sometimes it's the littlest of things which put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. You guys know I'm not exactly groundbreaking when it comes to fashion, I like what I wear and I wear what I like. It's nice to be comfy but also feel confident and take joy in the things which make you feel good about yourself. In today's post I think I'm wearing the most day to day 'me' outfit I'll ever wear. Boring? Maybe. Content and confident? Hell yes.

Hair Extensions before photo
Hair Extentions after photo

The biggest change to my daily look at the moment is without a doubt what was an epic birthday treat to myself - some Great Lengths hair extensions by Stephanie Bennett. I'd been eyeing up Stephanie's work for a while, and in true 'treat yo self' mode I decided to book in with her for a consultation just before my 28th birthday in June. Less than a week later, I was walking out of BLOW in Finnieston with these flowing, mermaid locks!

Neon Sign Glasgow
Alternative Salon
Blow Finnieston
Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Stephanie is freelance but is also the hair extensions specialist in my go to salon, Blow. The night she came round to my house for the consultation I didn't actually know what look I wanted to go for with the hair, what length or thickness. If I should continue with my pastel hues or stay blonde for a while. All I can say is that despite not knowing what the hell to do with this handful of hair on a daily basis (hit me up with any good hair tutorials please!) I absolutely love them, and for the first time in a long time I feel like ME. Which is mad, considering I've never had long hair before. I've been feeling stuck in a rut with my style, weight and overall appearance for a wee while now, and getting the hair extensions in has definitely given me the little inspirational boost I was needing. I've been using the Maria Nila silver shampoo and conditioner to help tone the extensions to match the top of my hair a little bit better (the shade is already pretty much spot on though) and to avoid washing my hair every day I literally swear by the refresh and boost duo from Paul Mitchell, which is a set that contains their dry wash shampoo and stay strong hairspray (perfect for festivals and holidays too!)

After researching the quality and standard of Stephanie's work, along with the fact she uses ethically sourced hair, it was a no brainer to go with her for my first venture into hair extensions. My lil' mum who is a hairdresser has also went to Stephanie for hers since then, after being impressed with how well mines turned out! The origin of every strand of Great Lengths hair is traceable, and their commitment to ethical practice sees the proceeds from the purchase of the Indian Temple hair go directly back into the local communities from where it originates – aiding the development of temples, medical services, schools and many other charitable concerns. You can read up on how their hair is ethically sourced here.

Girls with tattooed hands
Bloody Mary Metal
Daniel Wellington Watch
Pretty Little Thing trainers

Tshirt - Illustrated People // Denim dress - F&F // Shoes - Pretty Little Thing //
Watch - Daniel Wellington // Rings - Bloody Mary Metal, Dreamtime Studio & Rocks By Rana

 Denim, a slogan tee, a few pieces of simple jewellery and some slip on trainers is definitely what I feel most comfortable and confident wearing on a daily basis (with a little bit of sparkle added for good measure) The good folks at Daniel Wellington are also offering you guys a 15% discount with the code BLOGOFHORRORS. Yay! Their classic petite sterling watch goes perfectly with the minimal jewellery I tend to wear. Plus, wearing a watch stops me from checking my phone every ten minutes or so, which is a godsend when your brain feels like mush and you want a little bit of space from the old world wide web.

I'll be honest, life has been a little topsy turvy as of late - so I apologise for the quietness on here, I promise I'm still lurking in the shadows stalking y'all on social media but just not saying much haha. I have a week left on this tv job then I've decided to take a month or so off to go on holiday, sort my shit out and generally just get myself back to being me again. I've got lots to look forward to over the next few weeks including TRNSMT festival on Sunday, Blink 182 at the Hydro next week, a hen night and then Ibiza at the end of the month. So hopefully I'll be back with some more regular posts soon, and if there's anything in particular you'd like to see on here then drop me an email or a tweet ^_^

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  1. That's such funny timing - I was just thinking I can't handle waiting for my hair to grow out this rubbish bob (some experiments don't turn out so well :-S)