The Grand Central Sleepover 2016

Christmas tree

I can't believe it's already been a whole year since the last Grand Central Sleepover! We kicked off December with what's becoming an annual tradition, and a really lovely way to spark up that festive spirit. Plus, any excuse for a night in with pj's, snacks, and some of my bestest blogging babes. Lovingly organised by the wee legend who is Laura - myself, Lynsay, Lori, and Lisa and Sami descended on the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow's city centre for a very merry girls night in.

Sleepover nibbles
Sleepover selfie
Nail station

We set up camp in Laura's room, and bloody hell she had put on a brilliant spread. The cutest cake from Wholefoods, Tyrrells Crisps, Butterkist Popcorn and a mountain of pick and mix sweeties. We poured a prosecco and had a catch up while each gal got their brows waxed and tinted by Emma from Benefit. I'd came straight from a long ass day at work, so fizz and snacks were just what the doctor ordered. I've felt so out the loop recently in terms of having a social life, going to events and reading/writing blog posts, so it was really nice to have a good old chin wag with all of the girls and hear what they'd been getting up to.

Booze bath
Christmas crafting
DIY Christmas Bauble

Laura had left loads of drinks chilling for us in the bath, and my favourite was the 6Somewhere Cider. Normally cider makes me feel really gassy but this was absolutely lovely, and came in big wine size bottles! *hic* For the non alcohol drinkers, she also had a selection of Rejuvenation Water, Botonique, Naturelly and Virtue. All delicious, but that equally delicious cider just had my name on it! I took to our wee crafting corner and made a pom pom bauble using bits and pieces from Hobby Craft. I spend a lot of time there buying stuff for work so it was actually really nice just to be doing a little something for myself. I also bought a hot foil machine from there lately, and tried my hand at making some prints (again, work related!) But I'd love to give it a go again in the new year and get some personal crafty projects happening.

Grand Central nibbles
DIY manicure
Sleepover facemasks

Between DIY gel manicures and Soap & Glory Face masks, dinner arrived from the hotel restaurant Tempus, which I've eaten from a few times before and boy it did not disappoint. We got cosy on the bed (how many bodies can you fit on a Grand Central bed... 6, nae bother!) and rather than settling down to watch a Christmas film, the topic of conversation somehow swayed towards Mr Bean, so we ended up watching a couple episodes of that on Lori's laptop hahaha. Do you remember the different coloured Mr Bean VHS with him standing in a spotlight in the middle?! They were so good! And the girls had a right giggle at the fact mine and Pete's best night in Vietnam was spent at a Mr Bean themed bar (True story...)

Hotel Breakfast

A wee bit after midnight, we all headed back to our rooms and settled down for a good nights kip. Luckily I did not subject Lynsay to my Bronson-esque snoring this time around, but instead I was talking in my sleep and seemed quite pleased with myself in the process (She said it sounded like I was at work... how sad am I?!) The next morning we had a lovely buffet breakfast and ALL OF THE COFFEE. Alas, I had to head off to the studio but I'd handily parked my car in the NCP car park just a two minute walk along the road. If you're staying at the hotel, they're able to validate your parking voucher for 2 local car parks, which means my car was in from 7pm-8am and it only cost me £6 rather than £24 or something silly.

Blogger Sleepover

I really did jump along to the car that morning with a spring in my step, singing loudly to the radio and (strangely) no hoots given about the rush hour traffic. A girls night in was just what I'd been needing, and I couldn't ask for better friends to spend it with. Thank you so much again to Laura for organising our night, you are a proper shiny little star and the hostess with the mostess. And ladies, I've came to the conclusion that it was most definitely the ghost of Manuel who kept moving my drink...

Thanks again to the Grand Central Hotel for hosting us for the evening! Along with Treetopia for the gorgeous tree decorating the room, Brushworks, Sensationail, Bee Good in our goodybags, along with all of the other sponsors linked to above.

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  1. Looks like such a fun and girly night! This brings so many good memories to me too as Grand Central was where I stayed when I was in Glasgow - it was such a nice hotel!

    Ps. That food spread is AMAZING.

    Laura // Middle of Adventure