My Purrfect Christmas


Back in June I signed up to Cat In A Flat, and 6 months later I've had the pleasure of looking after 10 other cats as well as my own fluffy two! I had a handful of enquiries about cat sitting on Christmas day, but this year after visiting my Mum in the morning we'll be heading up to Perth for the night to stay with Pete's dad and have our dinner there. So if I'm not watching anyone elses kitties, what will I be doing with my own? I thought I'd write up some suggestions for how you can best prepare your cat and your home if you don't have a sitter for them, and will be off visiting family or friends this Christmas.

The Grand Central Sleepover 2016

Christmas tree

I can't believe it's already been a whole year since the last Grand Central Sleepover! We kicked off December with what's becoming an annual tradition, and a really lovely way to spark up that festive spirit. Plus, any excuse for a night in with pj's, snacks, and some of my bestest blogging babes. Lovingly organised by the wee legend who is Laura - myself, Lynsay, Lori, and Lisa and Sami descended on the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow's city centre for a very merry girls night in.

Cruelty free brands for gifting this Christmas

Cruelty Free Christmas

Since April this year I decided to make the switch to going completely cruelty free with my skincare, makeup and hair care products. It's been a really interesting process and I'm still learning something new every single day about animal testing and the different regulations (and often loopholes) which various companies adhere to. I'll only be doing one gift guide this year,  so I thought it would be apt to do a little round up of some of my favourite cruelty free brands which are all perfect for gifting your loved ones (or hey, yourself!) this Christmas and beyond.