My eyebrow tattoo experience

Tattooed eyebrows

Hats off to all my fellow millenials out there who spent most of their teenage years over plucking eyebrows within an inch of their life. It was the done thing, so many of us did it and now live to regret the aftermath 10 years later while feeling bushy in all the wrong places when it comes to the eyebrow department. Hells yeah I can grow little caterpillar brows! They grow down the way, and out the way, and slap bang in the middle... but never enough to merit a good, long shape. Just an interrupted monobrow of sorts. Alas, earlier this year I finally bit the bullet and decided to invest in a tattooed pair of brows. I say invest, because the money I would spend getting them tinted and waxed and buying products to fill them in would probably equate to the same amount of money over the same amount of time. However, I know it's a slightly bigger commitment than your average HD brow appointment, which is why I thought I'd share my experience so far.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Hoi An Beach

Vietnam was the last place I expected to fall head over heels in love with on our south east asian adventure. We knew we wanted to add a bit of a beach escape to our busy Singapore sling, and we most definitely almost had a week in Bali on the cards. However after speaking to my Uncle and his wife, and hearing about the various places they had visited on long weekends and public holidays, we ended up settling on 5 days in Hoi An instead. It blew our expectations and hope for a tropical paradise right out of the water.