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It's funny how after 7+ years I still never quite know how to start off a blog post without feeling slightly awkward, so I'll just begin by going HEYYY there! Again, I meant to be back into a posting routine sooner but I'm still feeling in a bit of a funk. My motivation levels are all over the place and often being sooked dry by work, but that's the constant battle I face trying to get the balance just right. I tend to get pangs of motivation at the most unlikely times (like yeah let's totally clear out and rearrange the contents of my makeup drawer at midnight because why not?!) rather than when I know I need to get shit done. So it's Sunday night, I'm feeling pretty rested from lots of sleep this weekend, and have decided to treat myself to a bubble bath once I hit publish on this blog post. BYE THEN, THE END. Just kidding, I have some lovely pictures I'd like to share with you from last weekend at wedding number four of 2016.

Eye makeup
Wedding makeup

Due to the serious lack of motivation mentioned in the first paragraph, and all the hard work I've been doing recently... it TOTALLY made sense to book myself in for 'the works' before Martine and Andy's winter wedding last weekend. Sometimes you've just gotta treat yourself, eh? I am the laziest make up putter-onner and hair dooer-upper you will ever meet. Newly opened makeup bar POP has just 'popped' up around the corner from my flat, and is run by award winning makeup artist Ainslie Currie. All of the girls at Pop know their stuff, and I was over the moon with how my makeup turned out. They have 20% off your first booking in October, with usual full face makeup costing £35 - so I essentially got my lashes for free. My tattooed eyebrows have healed so well, and are pretty much the exact shape you can see above! But I do need the hair tinted as they're quite light at the moment, so I got my mua Allana to pop a lil' bit of powder on top to darken them a tad. I absolutely love a red lip too, I've not worn one in aaaages, and that classic colour definitely influenced my hair and the rest of my outfit.

Wedding hair up

After makeup, it was a 5 minute wander up the street to Blow, where Liam sorted my locks out with the cutest twisty hair up. He managed to make this beautiful creation in record speed, and they have loads of other options to choose from on the A/W express menu where various fashion house inspired looks are £20 for 20 minutes. Perfect if you've got a packed day like I had but still want to rock up to the party looking and feeling like a princess. My hair is quite an awkward length at the moment so I was really glad he was able to do something so nice with it.

Black jumpsuit outfit
Crossbasket Castle
Wedding couple

I'm slowly but surely running out of ideas for wedding outfits, and ended up wearing this short legged jump suit from New Look, which I actually picked up in Newcastle (but ended up not wearing) when I got all the way down there and realised I hadn't packed my going out clothes! Paired with an old primark belt, red heels to match my lips and the trusty gold Skinny Dip bag, we jumped in a taxi to spend the day in the decadent surroundings of Crossbasket Castle.

Couples outfits
Wedding table setting
Wedding selfie

Pete was looking rather suave in his suit he got made in Hoi An, which reminds me I've still to write up my Vietnam post, so I shall do that soon. We ate the most delicious 5 course meal and danced the night away. Martine looked absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so thankful to her and Andy for letting us be part of their special day. The more weddings I attend, the more I get excited dreaming about my own (Shhhh, don't tell Pete!) We are currently making a full blown effort at adulting and are on the house hunt, looking to buy somewhere hopefully before Christmas. I love living in the south side, and having some fantastic places like Pop and Blow right on my doorstep. But this flat is getting a bit too crowded for us and the animals, so fingers crossed we will be welcoming in 2017 in a new, bigger place. We ended up being filmed last week as contributors on a new property show with Lucy Alexander, called Best Of Both Worlds. Both Lucy and channel 4 have been fantastic helping us in the search for our dream home, but bloody hell it's an emotional rollercoaster. Would love to hear your stories about finding and buying a house for the first time. Yay to (pretending to be) adults!

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