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On the 11th of June I turned 27 (yikes!) and every year it feels like my birthday properly marks the start of summer. Even if the weather doesn't quite match up to it (I'm looking at you, Glasgow) This time of year is always really busy for me work wise, as the longer days are always used to their full advantage by film & tv crews. This current BBC job has been super busy, we started filming on Monday and surprisingly I've had quite a nice spring in my step all week. It's probably a lot down to my medication kicking in right about now (Thanks for all the nice messages after that last post ♥) but also to do with the extended daylight! It gives me such a good buzz and I feel like I get a lot out of my week. I've felt inspired to kick start my self care regime again properly, refresh my routine, and spring clean (in summer!) my clothes, makeup, and pretty much every nook and cranny of my house. Anyways, whether this summer ends up being filled with rain or not, my brain is in a much better place now so I really don't mind. Here are my top summer essentials while the season is upon us.

Makeup Storage
Makeup Storage

1. De-Clutter

 Okay, this might still look like clutter to you pinterest worthy makeup organisers out there, but for me this is a significant improvement! Sharing very little storage space with a boy means that most of everything I own gets shoved into the back of a drawer and forgotten about under a pile of other 'stuff'. I got some lovely new makeup bits for my birthday from Illamasqua, Kiko and Sara Hill, so took the opportunity to completely clear out my makeup drawer good and proper. It's looking much more organised now, and for on top of my dressing table I got these two storage pieces from A Place For Everything. I can neatly keep my most used items on display, along with making a vow to myself to rotate my lipstick and blusher options every so often. Hoping it will stop me from reaching for the same shades again and again, and then feeling fed up that my makeup always looks the same. I want to wear lots of bright colours this year rather than sticking to the same old faithfuls.

Silk-expert IPL

2. De-Fuzz

Hair removal isn't for everyone, some people do and some people don't. Personally, I do! But that doesn't mean this needs to be an essential part of your own summer routine. The only sort of waxing I'm brave enough to endure is that of my eyebrows (which currently look like hamsters but luckily I'm booked in with Dale tomorrow night!) The shaving of legs, under arms and bikini lines can get so damn tedious, and this is the first summer where I've added an alternative approach to my de-fuzzing routine. I was sent the Braun Silk Expert IPL to review a couple of months ago, and to be honest it took me a month to pluck up the courage to use it. Pete ended up having to pin me down on the hall floor and try it out on my legs for me. So many false starts and me pulling my legs away and screaming, I don't know why I thought it was going to be sore?! Anything unknown like this is enough to spook me. You guys, IPL isn't sore! It's basically just high-intensity pulses of light that cause your hair follicles to shed. I've been using it on gentle mode but I'm happy to switch to the normal setting now. With continues periodic use your hair becomes weaker, thinner, lighter and grows slower, which has already started to happen with me after using it once a week for four weeks. No lasers burning your skin like I had initially thought.

Silk-expert IPL

This clever cookie adapts to the colour of your skin tone, and it's most effective on light to medium skin tones with hair ranging from natural blonde to dark brown/black. Apparently it's not meant to be as effective on very blonde, red, grey or white hair, so I would definitely recommend having a check on the website before purchasing any sort of IPL. For me, it's been fantastic on my underarms and bikini line but the only downside is that I can't use it properly on my legs, due to my tattoos! They cover 50% of my legs, and you can't use it over tattooed areas as the IPL can't distinguish the difference between pigmentation from the hair root and your skin. It would most likely fade my tattoos and I don't want to take any chances on that happening. I did try going round about them, but it was too awkward as I would still have to shave random portions of my legs. So do be careful if you plan to use one anywhere near your tattoos. Apart from that slight inconvenience, it's a great machine and completely PAIN FREE (thank f*@k!)

Silk-├ępil SkinSpa exfoliator

My IPL was a combo box which also contained a Skin Spa Exfoliator. I've been using this after my bath along with Ocean Salt from Lush for a right good scrub! I need to order the smaller attachment for it which is suitable for using on your face. Unlike the IPL you charge this up separately so it doesn't need to be plugged into the wall while you're using it. A replacement brush head is around £10 from Amazon or slightly more expensive in Boots, but I'm hoping that's something I won't need to replace too often. I've used it over 10 times now and the brush still looks good as new (and this is coming from someone quite heavy handed who replaces her toothbrush every other month) Exfoliating is probably one of my favourite things to do to my skin, so this little wizard has been super helpful. Perfect for prepping the third part of my summer essentials...

Fake Tan

3. De-Pale

If you're not gonna give me some sun, Scotland, then I'll need to fake it myself! Fake tan is another thing which isn't for everyone, but I do enjoy wearing it and feel like it gives me a little confidence boost having a healthy glow. Whether that be natural or from the real sun, but for now I've gotta fake it until I make it (with Pete in Singapore come September... that guy just glances at the sun and turns a beautiful golden brown) I have tried so many tans, each one being triumphant in colour, odour, or longevity... but none really mastering them all, and Fake Bake is always the one I end up going back to as I know exactly what I'm paying for. New kids on my radar Bellamianta Rapid Mousse and Self Tanning Tinted Lotion are my go to tanning products at the moment however! They're in a similar price bracket to Fake Bake, are also cruelty free, and I must admit once my tan washed off the next morning there was absolutely no trace of smell whatsoever. Bellamianta insist that their tan smells so good, they have made a candle to match the scent hahaha. Srsly tho, it's burning in my bedroom and is v.delicious. Some of it did transfer onto my sheets overnight, but that's to be expected with any tan (Sorry Pete) They have also came up with the best tanning mitt I have ever used, hands down (get it? LOLZ!) it has a thumb, is double sided, and machine washable. Shut up and take my money!

Blogger Brunch

Dress - Spartoo // Breakfast - Cafe Strange Brew // Bumping into Miss West End Girl - Unexpected!

Honestly though, my biggest and most important summer essential? Friends. Surrounding yourself with the people you love and who love you right back. I've been a hermit for the past wee while as I got my head stuck into work and looking after the dog. But he's getting bigger now so I don't need to worry as much or wrap him in bubble wrap. Bronson is a great little companion when I'm out and about, so I have no excuse not to see more of my friends and family in the evenings or weekends as I can take the little dude with me. Socialising is good for the soul, and when I don't feel like it is ironically when I most need it. Lynsay is an absolute diamond of a human being, who I don't think I would have met if it wasn't for this blog. She's recently moved to the south side, and we ended up bumping into one another at our local caf' on saturday morning. New makeup, fresh tan and summery dress, topped with unexpected brunch with some of your favourite people - now THAT'S my essential summer vibes right there ♥


  1. I have the older model of this IPL machine - it was terrifying at first but completely painless! I had no idea that it could fade tattoos although that does make sense if it targets darker pigment. Totally agree with your last paragraph! x

  2. I really do need to declutter as well haha! :P im a hoarder i admit it haha