Pastel Dreams and Braids 4EVA

Coachella Pastels

I remember the first time when I was little and my Mum styled my hair into what can only be described as a pineapple pony tail (half up, half down, with the pony swinging about like nobody's business) and I made her put my hair like that every day for the whole summer. This is pretty much how I felt at my recent visit to Paddy for a colour refresh. I'm obsessed with anything Opal at the moment, and my new colour definitely fits the bill. Business in the front, braid party in the back!

Coachella Braids
Coachella Hair

Without sounding like I know anything about Coachella, Paddy's idea was to create some Kylie Jenner-esque colour fades with some festival friendly braids. I don't plan on going to a festival any time soon but I absolutely LOVED having my hair braided like this. It was a nice change to a ponytail (which is normally how I scrape my unwashed hair up after a few days) and prevented me having to wash my freshly coloured locks for a little bit longer. This is a big step for someone like me who used to wash her hair every single day. Having this sorta hair washing rehab over the past 6 months has been an absolute god send, not to mention giving me time for an extra snooze in the morning.

Paul Mitchell

To keep my braided look intact, all I used were these three gems above. Dry Shampoo from Paul Mitchell Express Dry, along with a finishing spray and texturizing sea spray from the Awapuhi Wild Ginger range. I've used many dry shampoos in the past but particularly love this one at the moment, as it doesn't leave an overly powdery residue like a lot of dry shampoos do. Plus, it smells fantastic and really fresh! So I was able to spray my roots liberally with this, along with some special attention to my fringe (it's always the first section of my hair to go limp and oily) and tidy up any flyaways with the finishing spray. It had a great firm hold but didn't make my hair look or feel frozen in time - which is always a fear when it comes to strong hairsprays. The texturizing sea spray is also absolutely spot on. I used it on the side parts of my fringe which were hanging down and twirled around my finger, just to give them a bit of life without having to use straighteners. I'm going to have another go of it letting my hair dry naturally and see if I can achieve proper beachy waves all over. Summer, I'm ready for ya!

Tattoed Hands

My hair appointments seem to be very well in sync with my nail appointments, so of course at my last visit to Swoon I got Lia to match my nails to my hair, like she did with the rainbow roots previously. My brief was holographic disco unicorn vibe, and although she didn't have any silver unicorn decals in stock we ended up going for a moon, heart, tooth and eye - which I think worked just as well! Along with some glitter fade and a lavender and mint base. I finally got my other hand tattooed thanks to my wee Forever Living team buying me a voucher for doing some graphics for them. Let's just say this hand was MUCH sorer than the other one! I almost had to tap out half way through but Darryl kept me going. Glad that's them all done now, I'm totally in love with them both (Although I can't say my Dad feels the same... Sorry Dad!)

Glitter Lips
Outfit and Tattoos

Top - Naf Naf @ Spartoo // Skirt - Illustrated People @ Topshop // Bag - Moony Mood @ Spartoo // Boots - New Look (old) // Glitter Lips - Beauty Boulevard

I finally had to take the plunge and wash my hair at the weekend for Leah's leaving night. Quite a bit of the colour came out with the first wash, but I've been topping it up going between silver shampoo and the pearl colour mask I mentioned a few posts back. This felt like a pretty laid back outfit for a night out in town, but I rarely do heels these days and prefer to be comfy (Man, I'm getting old...) Plus I feel like an absolute magpie for anything opal, pastel or glitter related right now. Hence the glitter lips! I popped them over some pink lippie, and I've got a red version too which will be perfect for over red lips. I really need to up my confidence when it comes to taking outfit pictures, touching my hair seems to be the go to move. And I apologise on behalf of my extremely patient photographer Pete for the big shadow in the side of that photo. There were a few better ones but that one above was the only candidate where I was happy with my awkward looking face. Posing for outfit photo tips... please share below!


  1. The pastel braid looks amazing! I'm so happy that my hair is a bit longer now and can finally go into a half decent up-do although there's no way I could do these plaits... Love the new tattoo too. x

  2. Ahhh, lovely!

    I can't do french braids to save my life - it's upset me deeply since I was about 5, but I can't get the hang of them!

    Bits and Bobs


  3. Gorgeous post.
    Your hair is absolutely stunning

  4. I love your hair and overall style! So cute. I have been wanting to dye my hair pastel blue/mint for a while now and you make me want to do it even more. Janelle x

  5. Love love love the hair! I'm currently trying to build up the courage to get colourful hair, I've got the blonde base now, so just to decide which colour to get. I am tempted by all of them though :-P

    Adore the nails, and the glitter lipstick too! Is it not gritty on your lips?!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  6. Love the pastel braid! So pretty! And, thanks for sharing which products you use. I usually scrap my hair into a ponytail, and looking to switch things up. It's nice to see what/how other women do with their hair. :)

  7. Ahhh, your pastel hair is so beautiful! It's proper unicorn hair. I love the braid too.


    p.s. you look b-e-a-u-tiful in those outfit photos (those eyes!), so don't worry about looking uncomfortable!