Lazy Sundays with The Trading House

Newspaper and coffee

I meant to publish this post on Sunday but I was tenderly nursing a hangover from my bestie's leaving do the night before. I still can't believe that Leah is moving to Canada on Saturday for two whole years. I am so proud of her, but man I'm gonna miss her. There's gonna be tears at the airport, that's for sure. What I reeeeally could have done with on Sunday, was to spend the afternoon at The Trading House like I did a few weekends ago. Coffee, a couple of newspapers, great banter, and a good old Sunday Roast - yes please!

The Trading House, Glasgow
Love carbs
Gant star belt

Tshirt - H&M // Star Belt - Gant // Skirt - Forever 21 (Old) // Shoes - H&M

As you can see I appropriately wore my carbs t-shirt in great expectation of what was to come. Sheri and Claire invited a group of us for lunch and a catch up. I've just noticed that the little boy statue to the left of me looks like he is hanging his head in shame, haha. I know my fashion sense isn't the most on trend, but I do like to dress to suit my mood, and sunday means super comfy attire, minimal makeup and hair tied up in a messy bun.

Sunday lunch at The Trading House
Bloody Mary trolley
The Trading House mocktails

The Bloody Mary trolley looked fantastic but unfortunately they're not to my taste, so I opted for a Booster Mocktail instead which was super zingy and refreshing. Perfect for a weekend pick me up if you've had one too many the night before. The actual roast hit the spot too. I could eat yorkshire puddings and gravy every day for the rest of my life. Laura was a step ahead of us all and ordered an extra yorkie, so I shall definitely be doing that next time! For  £11.95 you can get Roast Chicken or Roast Beef (they do a veggie option too) with all the trimmings on the side. For children it's £6.95, and they get two scoops of ice cream too. The portion sizes were really generous, but just enough that I didn't feel like rolling over into a food coma afterwards. Do you enjoy a lazy Sunday on the sofa with some home cooked grub, or do you prefer dusting off the cobwebs and getting out for a nice brekkie or lunch?

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  1. I love your outfit! Late Sunday lunches that stretch on to the evening are my favourite - and the best way to not think about Sunday night fear! x