#Dothelot with Intu Braehead

I love challenges, and competitions, and shopping - so combine the three and I am GAME! If you follow me across my other social media channels then you might have seen this little video already. I won a competition recently with Intu Braehead, and they armed me with a £100 gift card and challenged me to 'do the lot'. 
Since Braehead opened when I was a teenager, I've always loved the convenience of being able to drive 10 minutes out of the city centre to a place with late night shopping, free parking and loads of places to eat or meet friends for a coffee all under the one roof. Not forgetting to mention a cinema, bowling, more food, and a ski slope within a few minutes walking distance over at Soar. Already being a regular customer and having worked at Lush in Braehead over Christmas, I knew exactly the places I wanted to go with my gift card. You'll need to watch the video to find out where (and enjoy having a laugh at me being a goofball in the process!) 
Wendy from Thank Fifi, Hayley from Love Is In The Detail, and Paul Thomas Bell also took part in the challenge, so if you'd like a nosy at their videos too you can find them here. Thanks again to Intu Braehead for such a fun morning and the generous voucher. The only thing they are really missing is a Paperchase - the stationary fiend in me has just gotta put that out there to the universe! ♥


  1. I loved this Ayden! You are so good in front of the camera! x

  2. Just watched the vid.
    You were so natural and cute!
    Never heard your accent before. Totally adorable

  3. I love Braehead it looks like you had such good fun! Lush!!<3