A Hen Weekend at the Old Nunnery

The Old Nunnery

I'm at the age now where it feels like everyone on my facebook is getting married, buying a house, or having babies! This doesn't freak me out or bother me in the slightest, I guess it just illustrates that 'grown up' life is in full swing for most of my peers. I squee in excitement when one of my friends tell me they are expecting, or that their other half has popped the question. I'm like shit, does this mean we are all becoming adults now?! I don't feel like an adult! When my Mum was my age (26) I was three years old. Right now I'm caring for a three year old cat rather than a three year old human, but that's cool with me! There are no rules or time limits as to when and how we should be moving through this life. It's hard not to compare yourself to others, and think 'by THIS age, I should have my dream job and be on the property ladder' and 'by THAT age, at the very latest, I really want a ring on it and lots of lil' babies crawling around at my feet'. You might want all of these things or you might want none of these things. And that is totally cool. Don't let anyone tell you any different, or feel like you have to explain yourself to anyone. I've went off on a bit of a tangent here but I just wanted to say I am just as excited watching my friends go through their journey as I am venturing on my own. On sure fire way of uniting lots of ladies from different friend groups and walks of life, is at a hen party!

Hen Party Bags
Hen Party Bags

I met Heather through an ex boyfriend around 5 years ago now, we hit it off from day one and have been really close ever since. I was chuffed to bits when she asked me to be a bridesmaid alongside her sister and two of her oldest and dearest friends from school. The wedding is in July, so a few weeks ago it was time to party and bring all the hens together for a weekend at The Old Nunnery in Skelmorlie. Right down at the sea front between Wemyss Bay and Largs, this old victorian residence was formerly a Bishops home, nunnery, and religious retreat. Quite an ironic contrast to the groups of people who now rent it out for party weekends (and I am pretty damn sure the place is haunted...)

Funkin Cocktails and Cupcakes
Cocktail Cupcakes

We welcomed Heather and the hens with goodie bags packed to the brim, glittery wine glasses made by Heather's sister Nina, along with lots of prosecco and a ridiculous selection of Funkin Cocktails to get the party started. On our first night we were having a six course meal prepared for us by the nunnery chefs later in the evening, so tucked into these gorgeous cocktail flavoured cupcakes from Eat Me Ltd while we settled into our new home for the weekend. I can't thank Lesley enough for matching our colour scheme and delivering them to us at such last minute. They didn't taste overwhelmingly like alcohol, but were sweet, light and fluffy - and went down an absolute treat with all the girls. We were pretty organised leading right up to the weekend, but I now know what folk mean when they say a hen's work is never truly done!

Bride To Be
Glitter Glass

After our six course dinner (which was absolutely delicious, and catered for the vegetarian and vegans of the group too) the bikini's were on and a bunch of us hopped into the hot tub for a few hours. The living room was massive with big comfy sofas, so we all sort of congregated between there and the hot tub for the rest of the night. I do feel sorry for any neighbours who might have heard singing and dancing until the early hours of the morning. I'm sure they (and the ghosts of the Nunnery, LOLZ) are pretty used to it by now.

Hotel Room View
Toilet Roll Wedding Dress

I retreated to bed at around 1.30am, so was one of the first up the next morning and had a wee tidy while helping Jacs prepare our big breakfast. One by one, ladies started to appear sheepishly from their rooms with crazy bed hair and sore heads to match. Breakfast definitely helped perk everyone up, and we spent the rest of the afternoon receiving facials and massages from the beauty therapists which can be booked via the Nunnery (along with the chefs from the evening before too) We had quite a chilled day, everyone nursing hangovers and bubbling away in the hot tub or going for a walk down the sea front. We started getting ready for the night ahead, which consisted of masquerade masks for everyone and lots of silly hen party games. We also presented Heather with her wedding present from a group of us, which is a LookLook photobooth for on the big day.

Hen Weekend

Only a couple of months now until the wedding, and I know it's gonna absolutely fly in. The invites are out, and we get the final fitting for our bridemaid dresses this weekend. It was great to spend a few days getting to know more of Heather's friends and family. This girl is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out, and I truly mean it when I say she deserves all the happiness in the world. Her and Andy are a match made in heaven, and to see two people so in love about to spend the rest of their lives together... well that just makes me go all gooey inside! Andy, I am very sorry if we traumatised you with the blow up Andy doll who ended up in various forms of fancy dress and unmentionable photos over the weekend. It is a hen do, after all!


  1. Aw, yay! Sounds like a lovely weekend. I get to plan one of these this year too, I'm a bit nervous about it. Nae blow-up dolls here though, ha ha.


  2. This sounds like an amazing hen do, civilized and raucous. Best of both worlds! I can't wait to see pictures of you all dolled up as bridesmaid - you'll look stunning :-)

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench