Sunday lunch at the Drygate, Glasgow

Drygate Rogue Beer

Happy Sunday folks! As you're reading this, I'll be on my way down to the coast for my bestie Heather's hen do, but I thought I'd schedule in a rather delicious review of the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, where me and Pete went for lunch on Easter Sunday. Think you don't like beer? Me either, so do read on...

Drygate Glasgow
Drygate Menu

Citizen Mag asked me and Pete to choose a place to review in Glasgow, and eager to try somewhere we hadn't been before, I booked us a table at the Drygate on a sunny sunday afternoon. Since it was Easter Sunday and Pete was off work the next day, we were able to make it a slightly boozy one. Pete's a big fan of craft beer, and I just like anything light and fruity which is often not a category that beer falls into. Turns out I was wrong, and that there is definitely something for everyone, even when it comes to beer!

Drygate Steak
Drygate Burger

The menu was a decent size, not too big but still a good range of options to choose from. We started off by sharing a bottle of Voodoo Mango Astronaut Ale, which was absolutely delicious. Light tasting and slightly fruity, just what I was looking for. Plus look how awesome the bottle is! (I did take it home in my bag once we had finished, and the waiter said they get asked that by people quite a lot) For my main, I went for the Featherblade Steak with bone marrow, truffled chips, smoked tomato and pepper sauce. The steak was a perfect medium rare, really tender and full of flavour, and the little pot of peppercorn sauce... SO GOOD. I drowned my chips with it and Pete stole some for his chips too. Pete's main was the Venison & Blue Murder Burger, which he said was delicious and an interesting change from the usual beef burger option normally offered on menus.

Drygate Donuts
Drygate Dessert

When it comes to going out for lunch or dinner, I'm a two course sorta gal and that combination tends to include choosing a dessert rather than a starter! Service was slightly slow after our main course, so we had a read over the beer menu and when I asked the waiter for his recommendation he suggested a few then actually got the head barman to come over and chat to us. I thought this was quite a nice touch, as they didn't know we were in for review purposes so it's not like they were trying to give us the special treatment. These guys are extremely passionate about beer, and it definitely shows! I'd tried Timmerman fruit beer before, but they had peach on offer which I'd never tasted before, so while waiting on dessert I ordered a bottle of that while Pete had a pint of Glad Eye IPA, one of the Drygate's own brews.

For dessert I had the Drygate Doughnuts, in vanilla and tonka bean sugar with white pepper toffee sauce. I was super excited for these as reading the description reminded me of the hot sugary doughnuts I used to get on a Sunday down the Barra's market (which is also in the east end) with my Gran and Papa. These had a touch of a citrus taste to them though, which I wasn't a fan of. They were still yummy but I don't think I would order them again. Pete got the Dark Chocolate & Mark Matter Rum Tart, with chocolate and cumin fudge, accompanied by orange, lemon and vanilla creme fraiche. Beautifully presented, and inhaled by him in a matter of minutes. I'm not a dark chocolate person but Pete is, and it seemed to go down very well.

Drygate Bottle Shop
Drygate Bottle Shop
Drygate Brewery

After our meal, we had a nosy at the Drygate's in house bottle shop, where you can buy a selection of their own brews along with some other specials. At the back of the restaurant you can also see into the Brewhouse where the Drygate make all of their beer. They also do tours every Sunday for £10 per person, so this could be a nice pressie for any beer lover in your life (or new beer convert like me!) Despite it being nestled in front of the massive Wellpark Brewery (where Tennents is made) the Drygate is the only microbrewery operating in the ancient brewing heart of Glasgow.


  1. Everything looks so delicious!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. I could eat it all over again today Renee! And maybe a few beers too, since the sun is shining :) xx

  2. This place looks so cool, and the all the food pictures are making me very, very hungry!

    I was actually wondering if you would have any other recommendations for Glasgow? I'm going there in the bank holiday weekend and all tips are greatly appreciated! :D Especially ones involving food... Haha. x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Of course Laura! I'll drop you a wee message now :) xx