Rocking the rainbow roots!

Rainbow Hair

It feels pretty appropriate to be sharing my colourful new doo on such a sunny Sunday in Scotland (I actually saw a double rainbow last week, as did most people in Glasgow on my facebook, does that mean we all get to make a wish? Or something magical along those lines) A couple of weeks ago I had a trip to Rainbow Rooms in George Square to let the awesome Paddy loose on my hair again, and do these fun-tastic rainbow roots!

Rainbow Roots

Paddy gave me a trim, freshened up the blonde, then went on to paint a selection of bright shades onto my middle parting, using a little artists pallette (you can see the video on my instagram, @hellorogue) As I sat in the chair I was seriously excited to see how they would turn out, and this was the finished result. You have no idea how much I wish my natural roots grew in like this, there would be no need to dye my hair EVER AGAIN.

Coloured hair care

I've been trying out some new products on my fresh colour, including this Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment (the light version) applied to damp hair before blow drying. My hair is still in pretty good condition considering how much it has been bleached, but the aftercare is extremely important and I make sure to use a treatment like this each time I wash and dry my hair. I normally find most oils to be far too heavy (Moroccan Oil, I'm looking at you!) but this light version of the Marula Oil is perfect for hydrating and taming the ends, which often end up looking the most frazzled. They also do a normal version, along with a hair mask, a styling collection and the shampoo and conditioner too - so pretty much everything to match depending on what amount of nourishment your hair needs.

Oh my DAYS. I need to speak about the KC Professional Pearl Colour Mask
shampoo and conditioning mask for a minute too. This has to be one of the strangest and most brilliant combinations I've ever used, but leave it on for too long and your hair could end up a rather pinkish shade of pink! Which is great if you're already in that colour zone and are looking for a way to maintain between washes. However if that's not the case then use with caution, this stuff is extremely nourishing but also pretty strong. Sort of like how people use a purple shampoo to keep their blonde hair looking fresh and silvery, the colour mask duo works in the exact same way but is much more, well, pearly! First time I used it in the shower, it only took the time for me shaving my legs for the conditioner to really take effect and there was a rather pinkish hue to my hair when I dried it. After the next wash with my purple Lush shampoo it came out, and second time around I rinsed it a lot quicker and was just left with a lovely warm but fresh/clean looking pearly blonde.

Pastel nail art

Alas, a couple weeks later and my rainbow roots are starting to fade into more of a pastel vibe, which is totally fine by me but I'll definitely need to go back for a top up again soon. At the most recent appointment with my girl Lia at Swoon, I got her to match my nails to my hair - because why the hell not! She came up trumps with these cute lil' striped pastel and white beauties. (I actually typed shite instead of white the first time there, these are definitely not shite! Haha) Lia has just officially become Calgel's first UK Brand Ambassador, and has a 6 month waiting list for appointments. Which is absolutely crazy, but it's because she is crazy good. Keep an eye on her Facebook and Instagram for cancellations. I managed to pencil in another visit for May, so I'll need to start thinking what sort of creative magic I'd love her to conjure up next.


  1. Ah these look serious amazing! Wouldn't it be great if our hair would just grow in all these magical colours?!

    Jenny xx

  2. WOW your hair looks so cool!! I love it! Matching hair and nails... Great idea!!

  3. My hair grows crazy fast, so even though I had it done properly a mere month ago my silver roots are starting to show again. Keep staring at these photos to make myself feel better, because the longer the grey gets the easier it would be to do something like this!

    Now I just need your sass, haha.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  4. Love the rainbow roots! I wish my natural hair colour was light enough to take pastel dyes! x

  5. your hair is amazing, wonder if it'd work on grey roots ;) and I really need to try swoon nails, yours looks brilliant xx

  6. I have always wished for blonde hair. But now I wish for blonde hair with rainbow roots!!!! I need to try something like the Marula Oil because my hair is MEGA DRY. I've been wanting to dye it back to light brown for ages but I'm waiting until my hair gets to a better condition, otherwise it'll snap off lock by lock, and I'll be stuck with a mullet!!

    (Thank you for your kind feedback on my snapchat stories, Ayden. I love snapchat more than any other platforms because WE DON'T HAVE TO BE SO ~PERFECT~ ON IT ALL THE TIME! yay! I'll let the full time dork in me take centre stage on Snapchat, haha!) xxxx