Coffee is always a good idea

Makeup by Pixi

A few weeks ago I took a little day trip through to Edinburgh with a handful of other Scottish Bloggers, for a coffee themed event with Curry's! My day actually began with a trip to see the fantastic Dale at Pixie Hair and Beauty for some brow tlc and makeup, but more on that later. You all know how much I love coffee (and my lil' death before decaf tattoo tribute) so I was super intrigued to try some Nespresso infused dishes. Coffee flavoured coffee, yes. Coffee flavoured food? Let's see how this goes...

Sensory dining experience
Sensory dining experience

To begin our sensory dining experience, we were presented with a blindfold which we were to wear for the starter. I am the first person to scrunch up my face in sheer disgust when discovering a coffee flavoured Revel (especially in the cinema when it's dark and you've played roulette with the shape, hoping it will be an orange or malteaser one!) So being in the dark, literally, for this first course was quite a nerve wracking experience. Luckily... it was delicious! And turned out to be buffalo mozzarella with tomato jam and Nespresso Rosabaya coffee bean jus. I am a big fan of anything cheese related, and the jus was a lovely smooth but slightly bitter addition to the creamy mozzarella and zingy tomato jam. Here's what was on the rest of the menu:

Nespresso blogger menu
Coffee infused risotto

Italian style risotto flavoured with Nespresso Coli, yellow pepper, fresh tomato petals and a micro cress salad.

Coffee infused steak

Pan fried venison loin, sauteed mixed wild mushrooms and fried Nespresso Kazaar flavoured custard.

Coffee infused panacotta

Vanilla ice cream, Nespresso Vanillito pannacotta, chocolate sauce and chocolate and Nespresso Caramelito crisp.

We finished up with some coffee (the actual liquid kind!) and frangelico truffles. Suitably stuffed, the whole dining experience was great fun and I must say despite not being a fan of coffee flavoured food, I actually really enjoyed it. The risotto was a bit overwhelming, and probably my least favourite of the three, I think because I always associate risotto with being creamy. The fried custard was interesting, I'm not a custard fan in general but it actually worked quite well in this form with a savoury dish. The panacotta was a big hit, as coffee flavoured desserts are always quite popular! But it was definitely interesting to see coffee infused into savoury dishes too. Tempted to sneak a bit of this inspiration into my home cooking and see if Pete notices!

OOTD in Edinburgh

I started the day off quite hungover (thanks to some pop punk karaoke at Bloc the night before) but after a coffee filled day we headed back to Glasgow feeling rather giddy with a spring in our step! As I mentioned at the start of the post, I have the amazing Dale to thank for the wizardry she worked on my makeup and brows that morning. I rocked up to the beautiful Pixie salon on Dumbarton road, looking and feeling like a shell of a woman. Fast forward an hour and a half later and I literally felt transformed! You can see more of Dale's work on her instagram. After a good tidy up and tint of my brows, she used some beautiful brown shades to give me a warm smokey eye, with a gorgeous matte colour on my lips. Coffee coloured makeup for a coffee inspired event, that's some java-tastic coordination right there! Seriously though, I can't wait to go back and see Dale soon. She made me feel like a million dollars, I think I've found my favourite new beauty salon in Glasgow. Now, this post has got me in the mood for a cuppa...

Pixie Hair And Beauty


  1. The venison looks amazing - I love the idea of mixing up flavours, not sure I'd like being blind folded though!

    Your make up is on point!

    Bits and Bobs

  2. Your makeup looks gorgeous Ayden! The food menu looks so good too, especially the dessert!

    Caz | This is Caz

  3. There's a restaurant in London where you can dine in darkness that I've been interested in, so this sounds like a really cool experience! The pannacotta looks delicious and your description of the Revel eating experience is also completely spot on, haha! :-)

  4. This sounds like an incredible and truly unique experience, I've never heard anything quite like it! Having a meal centred on coffee is strange enough but I would imagine that being blind folded really heightens your olfactory and taste senses making it a completely different dining experience. I can't quite decide whether it's a coffee lovers dream or nightmare! I can actually imagine some of these flavour combinations working though. For instance tomato could complement a fruity coffee flavour while mushrooms could work with a more earthy and chocolatey combination.