Urban Exploration and trusting your gut

Things have been pretty quiet on the work front for me so far in 2016. TV jobs normally don't start to appear until early February, so I've been taking advantage of this time to focus on my Forever Living business, get some 'life admin' done, and take part in other little projects and experiences while I've got this chilled start to the year. Every day feels like a blank canvass, and that excites me so much. You know how I said before that we should do something every day which scares us? Well for every week of the new year which has passed so far I've tried to really push myself and do things totally out of my comfort zone. If you never try, you'll never know, right? The first week in January I signed up as a Glasgow Catsitter through Cat In A Flat, last week I went through to Edinburgh to shoot with a photographer I'd never met before - Impish Eye, and next weekend I'll be going up on stage at the Clyde Auditorium to get recognition for my recent Forever promotion. Even on days where my anxiety takes hold I want to look back on this year and think girl, you nailed it! I constantly have that inner dialogue trying to figure out the best balance between self care and confidence building (Thank you Lynsay for helping get my brain around that phrase and truly understanding what it means to me) I'm trying to dip my toes in the water as much as possible, and go with my gut feeling rather than sitting there for too long pondering 'is this water too cold, too hot, too choppy?!' The thought of going through to a city I'm not familiar with, to work with a photographer I've never met before was pretty daunting. But I really clicked with Michael over instagram, so thought why the hell not! The water felt warm, but my goodness Edinburgh was cold...

Edinburgh Bridge

Outfit of the Day
The Red Room Outfit
The Red Room Portrait
Nails and Rings
Edinburgh Outfit
Edinburgh Portrait

Jacket - Topshop // Necklace - Freedom @ Topshop // Snood - Storyhorse // Top - Topshop //
Dress - Dolly & Dotty // Shoes - Dr Marten // Rings - Noxious and Bloody Mary Metal // 
Nails - Swoon

We took a wander around some hidden nooks and crannies of Edinburgh, away from the bustling main streets and crowds of tourists. It was a fun little urban exploration and I noticed things about the city and the buildings which I had never seen before. These are only a handful of images from the shoot but I'm really glad with how they turned out! Michael is a fantastic photographer and I was really drawn to his instagram - his photos are extremely atmospheric and each one tells a little story of its own. I was interested to see how his style and eye would capture me - prancing about with my pastel hair, polka dot dress and tattooed arms! I wore this Penny dress from Dolly and Dotty but put a silver Topshop top over it, and I popped some pink glitter on my eyes to match my hair and lovely new nails from Lia at Swoon. It's amazing what a slick of lipstick, some glitter and a pretty dress can do on a day where your confidence is slightly lacking. Along with seeing the outcome of the photos, so thanks very much for that Michael! I'll be back in the capital at the end of the month to visit the Lush Spa for Pete's birthday, so if you have any good recommendations of nice places to eat after our chilled out treatments then do let me know. Have you done something brave in 2016 so far? I would love to hear your stories.


  1. Love these pictures! I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone despite the return to the day job and rather grim January we've had so far - this year can only get better! x

  2. Love this post Ayden. It's always good to take risks. Congrats on your Forever promotion & these amazing photos!