New year, new hair

Copper to mermaid hair

Who am I kidding - it doesn't take the excuse of a new year for me to go for a new hair colour (much to my hairdressers dismay...) After having lovely orange and copper locks for a few months, I decided it was time for a change. Timehop had been reminding me that two years ago I went blonde, which I really loved. I started to get major hair envy over my own old photographs (THAT BITCH, I want her hair!) I only went and ruined it by dying it blue, thinking that the blue would fade out to a nice pastel colour and then go blonde again, just like the pink did. Boy I was wrong! I loved my blue hair, but it was very hard to upkeep. The blonde was beyond saving so I ended up going dark brown over the top late last year. I feel like now is the time for me to head back to blonde again, and hopefully not ruin it this time! Being able to wash light pastel colours in and out of blonde hair should keep me entertained for the forseeable future (fingers crossed, I am a rather fickle wee bird as you can see)

Waiting at the hairdressers

My hairdresser Paddy works at Rainbow Rooms George Square, who are Scotland's hair colour experts, so I knew I'd be in extremely safe hands. Paddy managed to transform my hair from copper, to lavender and mint green as you can see in the first picture - all in the one appointment! The colour correction was a three step process. First he cleansed my hair to begin to break up and lift out existing colour pigments. Then after drying and evening out the condition he used a palette of pastels to create the final look. The last step was treating my hair again to improve condition, correct the PH balance and increase the shine. Not bad for a first visit! The pastel mermaid look started to fade after a week or so, leaving the slightly brassy blonde underneath, so we squeezed in another appointment before new year to lighten my locks even further.

Hair before colour

// Before //

Hair after colour

// After //

Paddy lightened my hair again and introduced the lavender only to my roots, fading them into a silver grey. The blonde underneath the silver tones is now a very white blonde base (rather than being quite warm as it was after the first visit) so as it starts to fade it will grant me with a bit more time to play with until my next appointment. For both visits Paddy used Schwarzkopf Fibreplex, which is a three step system that prevents damage from hair colour. Despite all the work that was done on my hair on those two visits it is still in great condition, and I think the Fibreplex really breaks down boundaries and allows you and your stylist to make hair colour about what YOU want or need, rather than what would normally be achievable. I don't think any look is worth damaging your hair for, no bloody way (Plus, my Mum would kill me. But she loves Paddy! Hi Mum) The Fibreplex really allowed my colour to be pushed to the limit and still stay in fantastic condition.

Lavender Hair

The natural light is still so dire at the moment, I'm struggling to take any good blog pictures (bring on Summa'!) But we managed to get a snap of my hair during a walk around the Burrell Collection on Sunday. This is how it's looking after a few washes. The white blonde underneath doesn't need colour corrected, so even with the silver starting to fade it still looks pretty cool toned. I'm keeping on top of it using Daddy-O purple shampoo from Lush, along with the matching conditioning bar (which I'm struggling to use properly and not sure if I like it, any tips?) I've also done a big thing for me which is not wash my hair every single day! I know how bad this is for your hair and it's even worse when you're trying to conserve colour. So I also got the No Drought dry shampoo from Lush which is working out an absolute treat. I'm finding that curls stay in better in non-washed hair, so that's been a nice little surprise too. If someone could just teach me how to put even curls on both sides of my head that would be great, haha. Paddy is available for complementary consultations for colours or restyles, so don't hesitate to give him a call if you're wanting to make a change to your hair in 2016. He also contributes a lot of content to Layered Online, which is a great online bible to have a nosy at style inspiration, useful tips and how to's when it comes to hair. I braved my first try at a vintage up do for New Years Eve, so I think this is definitely the year I'd like to master how to blow dry, pin curl and style my hair in different, more adventurous ways (and do it properly!) Moving forward I'd love to start introducing more pastel colours to my hair on top of the strong base Paddy has done for me. For now, I am in love with the Lavender ♥

A day at the museum
Care Bears

Jacket - My Grans // Top - River Island // Black Jeans - Sheinside // Shoes - Iron Fist @ Spartoo

Not a very noteworthy outfit as I am literally wearing the only jeans which are comfy right now! I'm cleansing this week though and back on the healthy wagon, so I hope to beat dat Christmas bloat soon. Chocolate and cheese every day for a month is something I hope my body forgives me for quickly. Also been giving the love again to my Gran's vintage fur coat, which is super warm, and surprisingly keeps me very dry in the rain. THE CARE BEAR SHOES THOUGH. They are not appropriate rain attire, at all. Hurry up summer so I can wear nice clothes and take proper blog photos again. I hope you are all having a fantastic 2016 so far!


  1. Your new hair looks amazing - if only your hairdresser wasn't so far away! x

  2. Wow! You look gorgeous. My sad, fried hair is very jealous :) xx

  3. Argh, those shoes! Amazing. I love the lavender, it looks great on you. I died my hair blue last year and loved it but it dried out my hair too much. Sad times!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  4. Ahh, I love your new mermaid hair! You're lucky that you can literally pull off any hair colour. I also loved your vintage hairstyle on NYE - I may have had a touch of hair envy when I saw your Instagram photograph!


    p.s. those shoes though!

  5. Definitely making an appointment for the next time I'm in Glasgow! Although I love the ginger, this is gorgeous. x

  6. The bit about hair envy definitely made me smile, haha! Your hair looks gorgeous :-) And I totally know what you mean about the natural light at the moment - it feels like there's only a few golden hours and then darkness!