A Bathmas Gift Guide


I can't believe that tomorrow is the first of December. Where has this year disappeared to?! I have just started doing my Christmas shopping in dribs and drabs, and I've really had to rethink my game plan this year. I have a lot of family and friends to buy for, and I absolutely love buying people presents. I just don't know where to stop, and when you end up spending £30+ for over 20 people... It all starts to add up. We've got a house, a puppy and a holiday to save for next year, so I've tried to be a lot more savvy with my present buying this Christmas. I'm trying to gift everyone with just one really special pressie, rather than 3 or 4 (often daft) things each. Does anyone feel like just one present feels really lonely? For example if I bought a friend a new diary from Paperchase, I'd need to get the matching pen, desk planner and other little bits for them... This is how it gets silly and out of hand!

 I actually feel a bit awful writing the above when there are so many people on this planet who don't even have a roof over their heads or a warm place to sleep at night. So I'd like to even up the materialistic side of this post and say if you're in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen doing your Christmas shopping, please pop into Social Bite for a sandwich or coffee. 100% of their profits are given to good causes, and 1 in 4 of their team are formerly homeless people. They also feel the local homeless community through their 'Suspended Coffee and Food' initiative. This means that customers can pay in advance for a coffee or any item of food from the menu, and a local homeless person can come into the shop to claim it. Social Bite are based in Scotland, but I can imagine there are other similar ran Social Businesses across the UK. Please take 5 minutes to look one up, and give a little kindness to those who really need it most at this time of year.

The most wonderful time of the year

Wedding Photobooth
I'm sorry about the post title, you're thinking Christmas - right? Not quite yet. But it is gonna be upon us very soon so I hope all the Bah Humbugs out there can stop resisting it angrily and just LET IT GOOO. (See what I did there? Frozen, Christmas... again, sorry!) Anyways, before I fully embrace the festive period into my warm bosom, this time of year has another reason to be wonderful. A week ago today, I got to watch one of my blogging besties get married.

This is Halloween

Halloween Party
It's no secret that I absolutely love Halloween and dressing up. This year was mine and Pete's first Halloween in the flat, so we decided to throw a wee pre-drinks party before heading out to a club with friends. We literally live across the road from said club, so it's pretty handy! I'm not one for going out every single weekend, but I do quite enjoy getting dolled up for a special occassion - and Halloween is a super special one in my books. 

Seeing clearly with Iolla

Iolla Glasgow

The Finnieston area in Glasgow's West End is such a cool hub of bars, restaurants and quirky little shops - So it was no surprise to see another trendy indie brand pop up there recently, in the form of Iolla. I've worn glasses pretty much full time since I left school, after ignoring my severely less than perfect eyesight to the point I was suffering from terrible tension headaches. I'm not one for contacts (think Rachel and the eyedrop scene from friends) and feel so creeped out at the thought of putting anything on my eyeballs! I'm sure for regular contact wearers it's an absolute breeze, but for me it is out of the question. Plus, with so many awesome styles and colours you can choose from in glasses these days (no offence to Harry P style NHS glasses from the late 90's...) we really are spoiled for choice! Your choice of frame and colour can totally compliment your own sense of style, allowing your glasses to become a fashion statement as well as a necessary daily item for folk like me with not so great eyesight.