Romance & relaxation at Ardoe House

ardoe house

A couple of weekends ago me and Pete escaped into the countryside for a relaxing break together. We drove up to Aberdeen for a 2 night stay at the Mercure Aberdeen Ardoe House. Relying on a satnav and their postcode which covered quite a big area we got a little bit lost on the way, but the hotel staff were able to direct us with no trouble at all when I phoned in a panic (getting lost and being late are my number one worst things, ever!) Turns out it's really only 10 minutes from Aberdeen city centre, cleverly nestled amongst the beautiful countryside.

The Good Life 365

good life 365

This month has very much been a completely fresh start for me. I feel like I've hit the massive red 'reset' button for my life. I won't lie, I'm scared... but it's definitely been a long time coming now. I wrote back in January an outline of my goals for going into this new year, and I think I've realised now that my happiness and self development is an ongoing thing, which will never really be 'ticked' off the list upon completion. Like one of my favourite quotes - 'Happiness is the journey, not the destination'. It's great to have daily goals, short term goals, and hell even long term goals! But the wholesome and healthy state of mind in which I'd like to live my life is an ongoing work in progress. Some days will be better than others, I may take a few steps forward then stumble back again, but that's okay. I'm only human. We all are. I recently read The Book Of Brave by Laura Jane Williams, and her words could not have rung more true to me at this moment in time. "Fucking up isn’t failure for as long as you have values, and you stick to them. If you go off-course, it’s about how you bounce back from that"

My mole removal at Transform


A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about the mole removal I had booked, after years of wanting to do it. Two weeks ago on friday, the day finally arrived! I met up with my friend Ashley in the morning for a coffee and a pep talk, and she walked me over to the Transform clinic in Glasgow city centre.

A mid-twenties skin crisis

"I've always been quite lucky when it comes to my skin" - are the words that I shall never utter again, EVER! As the last 4 months I've had a bloody tough time of it skin wise. Much worse than all of my teenage years combined. When I say I was lucky, I'd get the odd spot here and there, blackheads in the usual areas, but nothing that makeup couldn't cover or a few days of some skincare tlc wouldn't clear up. It all began the day we started filming on that last BBC job I worked on (note, this links to the very end of the post/story so keep that in mind) I came home from work, took my beanie hat off and noticed that my forehead was covered in lots of tiny bumps under the skin. They weren't sore or red, which you'd think would be okay with the addition of makeup... but that actually didn't help at all, as every little bump scattered across my forehead was still so clearly visible underneath. In certain lighting it looked absolutely awful.

I had no idea where this strange outbreak had came from, but I jumped straight in to finding a way to control/get rid of it. At first I wondered if it was my hat or hair that had been irritating my skin, so I went weeks without both and tried to pin my fringe out of the way when possible. I'm not a vain person (even if my instagram selfies beg to differ) and I would happily leave the house most days with no makeup on. But these spots really started to upset me and dent my confidence after a few weeks of absolutely no improvement whatsoever. The strangest thing of all was that they were just on my forehead, and the rest of my skin was still completely clear.


My skin under minimal face makeup 6 weeks ago


My skin under minimal face makeup now

A Portuguese Adventure


I almost named this blog post after the daytime TV show 'a place in the sun', as I seem to be watching a lot of said programme during the day recently since coming back from Portugal (and having a good old case of the post holiday blues) I'm taking a bit of a time out from work at the moment due to some health issues, but I look forward to getting back to fighting fit soon. I shall try leave this post to more pictures and less writing - just a collection of my favourite photos from our 10 days in Portugal. I feel like my posts have been very picture heavy lately, I hope they're not taking a silly time to load on your computers and phones! Bring on the sunshine...