It's the most wonderful time of the year

Can you believe that Christmas is almost upon us? I seem to go into complete denial until I'm having festive tunes and soppy tv adverts forced in my face. I'm no Scrooge, I just can't grasp how quickly this year has flown in! I've been getting organised and using Clipix to gather all my favourite finds from various corners of the internet. Mostly ideas of things I would like to buy myself once this job is over, presents I would like to buy for other people, and websites that are generally just awesome and contain lots of hidden gems that you wouldn't always find in the shops. I've picked my top 13 as a sort of Christmas wishlist, and I hope you like them or they direct you to some sites or brands you've maybe not stumbled across before.

Christmas Wishlist

From left to right...
1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - £90 @ Urban Outfitters
2. Ginger Pleasures Gift Set - £45 @ Origins
3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - £68 @ Chanel
4. Girl Boss Book - £15.31 @ Nasty Gal
5. Magical Unicorn Slippers - £24.99 @ Firebox
6. Kitty Coin Bank - £14.99 @ Firebox
7. Clementine Print - £15 @ LaLaLand
8. Toast Heated Pillow - £29.99 @ Firebox
9. Personalised Stack Rings - From £35 @ Bloody Mary Metal
10. Cinderella Play Dress - $95 AUD @ Black Milk
11. Peanut Butter Maker - £49.99 @ Firebox
12. Blue Unicorn Kigu - £39.99 @ Kigu
13. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - £15 @ Beauty Bay

Of course my furry friends wanted in on the action too - so I let Dexter and Binx do their own wishlist for Santa from Pets At Home. They have both been very good boys this year - Dexter is being a great big brother to Binx, and Binx is settling into his new home with us really well. My little wild cat has been an unexpected addition to the family, which has incurred me a few extra costs but I wouldn't change it for the world! So this list is a mixture of practical things they could really be doing with, and some other goodies thrown in for fun.

Pets At Home

1. Rattan Cat Carrier - £39.99
2. Christmas Tree Hat - £5
3. Baby Bea Kitten Treats - 79p
4. Litter Kwitter - £39.99
5. Red Necktie - £4
6. Microwave Heatpad - £22
7. Floral Scratch House - £10
8. Turkey Dreamies - £1
9. Willows Activity Centre - £100

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? And do you prefer to do it online or in person? This weekend myself and Heather are heading to the Country Living Christmas Fair at the SECC to get properly into the Christmas spirit! Also to find some much needed festive inspiration to get started. 

I have 2 free tickets to give away to the fair this weekend in Glasgow, running from Friday to Sunday. So if you would like to enter, leave your name and contact details in the comments and I will choose a winner on Thursday 20th. Depending on what day you would like to go I can meet you in person beforehand to give you the tickets. I'll be going this Saturday :)


  1. Wow! The most adorable Christmas list ever! Those unicorn slippers are incredible!! xx

  2. I really want to get some Anastasia brow stuff too, and Chanel Mademoiselle smells amazing. I bought an instax mini 8 a while back and have only used it a handful of times. I love it, but the film gets really pricey so I've been stingy with it!

  3. Excellent round up of presents. i have wanted girl boss for a while now - maybe I will just have to gift to to myself this christmas!

    rae of love from berlin

  4. While I might be so ready to get my Christmas on, I am actually rubbish at the practical parts of Christmas! I've bought my Christmas jumper and planned (too many) Christmas nights out already, but I haven't even started my Christmas shopping or picked up any decorations yet. I think I need to get a wiggle on to avoid December becoming a stressful rush of working and panic buying!

    These are great ideas though - how good is Firebox?! I've never been on there before, but so many cute ideas. I am trying to resist the urge to buy anything for myself, but that aqua camera is a beaut (and the Cinderella dress and the stacking rings!).

    I love that you've included gifts for pets too - my parents just got a British Shorthair and he is such a little prince already that I know I'll need to pick him up a few treats for the big day.


    p.s. I'd love to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair! It might even inspire me to get a move on with getting organised, haha! If I'm lucky enough to win, you can reach me at or @tartanmouth.

  5. Instax is on mine too, always far too tempting to blow my money on one when passing UO!

    God, I used to buy Country Living all the time! It was my secret guilty pleasure to read and imagine interiors for the cottage I was going to have. *blush* I would love to go to the fair! My email is :) x