Feeling lucky

Well hello my lovely and loyal readers ♥ My goodness, I had the pictures uploaded for this post since last weekend, but I have literally not had a minute to sit down and start writing. So here I am, pj's on, cuppa made, tucked up in bed, and spotify playing a sleepy playlist. The last couple of weeks have been super busy for me between working 11 hour days on the new programme we're filming, plus a 3 hour round commute every day. I'm holding on for dear life and trying to keep up, with the positive vibes that this madness is only temporary and come December I'll have some time off and a decent amount of money in the bank to relax for a few weeks.

I literally have no social life at the moment on weekdays. My only connection to friends and family is through texts and social media! If you follow me on instagram or twitter (@hellorogue) then you might have already heard there's a new blue eyed boy in town...

Meet my newest member of the fluffy family, Thackery Binx (aka the black cat in Hocus Pocus, and Binx for short) This little fella was found abandoned on a country road in Perthshire by a family friend, wandering next to his sibling who had been run over :( I won't explain the full story and bore you all to tears, but he ended up being in my care with the plan of building his strength back up and then I'd find him a permanent home. But oh no, this wee dude has made quite the mark on our household, with his number one fan being his already devoted big brother - Dexter.

It filled my heart with so much joy to see Dexter treat this new kitty with such patience and kindness. After everything Dexter has been through recently I didn't want to expose him to any unnecessary stress, but of his own accord he has stepped up to the mark in looking after Binx in a way I never thought possible. Got me thinking of the Dear Kitten video. Absolutely adorable. Binx is only 5 weeks old but the vet is pleased with his progress and the weight is piling on, he was literally skin and bone the night I took him home. My lucky little black cat.

 'Dear Kitten, welcome to the household. You'll do just fine' ♥

Apart from long lies and kitten cuddles, here's my recent reasons to smile, and a few of my favourite things at the moment:

I'm still keeping up my healthy eating and TechnoShape sessions, almost finished a full course and have lost quite a few cm off my waist and tummy so far. Can't wait to share the results with you when I'm done! Absolutely obsessed with Nakd bars, they are my go to sweet treat with a cuppa in work, and I got this mixed box from Natural Balance Foods. I've been considering going on a wheat free diet to see if it's what has been causing various issues with bloating and a sore tummy. But one step at a time for me at the moment. I had a pretty bad viral infection at the start of this new job, so started taking various vitamins to help keep my stamina up, and ended up with the cold by the end of the first week taking them! But I'm hoping that's just all the lingering nasties pushing their way out of my system and I'll be back to normal soon.

Loosing a bit of weight and toning up my figure definitely called for a pretty new underwear set. I got this Freya Deco Rebel set from Bras & Honey. My confidence took such a hit after my break up, so simple treats like this really brighten up my day. I've never been one for spending much money on underwear, and don't think twice about wearing non matching bra's and pants (shock horror!) But this gorgeous set is so comfy and flattering to wear, it's definitely ignited a little bug in me. Trying to avoid their website again until payday. I can see an addiction forming...

Majorly enjoying channeling my inner goth recently, after dying my hair dark brown (bye bye blue!) and a lot of love for black, grey, silver and studs. My new sugar skull tshirt and black acid wash skirt from Spartoo, with black tights, black vans and my grey Fred Perry raincoat was the ideal outfit for running errands around town last weekend. Very rarely leave the house these days without my kunzite crystal pendant, which I got from an astrology shop in Covent Garden earlier on in the year.

Cass Art is opening in Glasgow next month, and I have been using this watercolour 24 half pan and beautiful sable brushes to paint up one of the props in the first episode of the new tv show we are filming. Wish I could share more details but it's all confidential until the programme airs (boo) I am creative in my job on a daily basis but very rarely do any sort of drawing or painting at home in my own time. But this has to change as I find it so theraputic. So I took the set, brushes and water colour paper home at the weekend with the hope of starting my own little project soon.

I was off work for 3 days with that viral infection, so spent most of the time chilling in my OnePiece (comfiest thing ever - hands down!) and spending time away from the computer because I had such awful headaches. Apologies for the bad quality phone photo, now that I'm single and my flatmate is out all the time I find it absolutely impossible to find someone to take impromptu outfit photos for me. Next time I'll be chapping on the neighbours door, haha! Iphone next to DSLR pictures isn't the best *hides behind hands* I have a 15% off discount code for you to use on your very own OnePiece, it's LUCKYCAT and is valid until 1st October :) It's already 'that' time of year in Scotland - sun misleadingly shining while it's absolutely freezing.

By the time the weekend came I had total cabin fever, so ventured out the house and got my nails done by the super talented Bethany Lillico who works in the South Side of Glasgow. Told you, it's the simple things! Okay, these may be material things but they make me smile none the less.

I feel like my physical and emotional health takes such a battering during the week that I really need to devote my weekends to feeling good on the inside, and outside. Looking after my body, and ultimately realising how precious a thing SLEEP is! Looking after my mind by doing things I enjoy, and investing my energy in positive people and situations. Not really doing myself many favours by taking on the responsibility of a 5 week old kitten who requires a lot of love and attention. But despite how exhausted I am right now, I have a lot of love to give and feel like he has been my lucky charm after all the recent bumps in the road.

This Saturday I'm heading down to London for the Tattoo Convention, so if you're going I'll maybe see you there! In the meantime, keep in touch via twitter and instagram (@hellorogue)


  1. Your new family fluff ball is a load of gorgeousness! :)

  2. Thackery Binx, thou mangy feline; still alive? Love that little guy, so cute! I think a good rest, plenty of tea and girly sleepover should be prescribed. Hope you're feeling 100% soon xx

  3. Aww, hello kitten! And I'm currently working my butt off at the gym, trying to get myself in a better place emotionally when it comes to confidence about myslef.

  4. Oh my gosh his eyes! He is gorgeous! About a year ago my sister brought home a tiny kitten who was about 2 weeks old, also 'until she had a better home' and we still have her now - it took our two older cats a bit of time to get used to her but they're all a big fluffy family now. You're lucky Dexter got used to him so quickly! Healing emotionally and physically is a big part of my life at the moment... investing energy in the positive is definitely the best thing to do. Keep looking after yourself (: xx

  5. Oh my goodness Thackery Binx is a little beauty. Really made me consider getting another little kitten now haha. I would love a little ginger brother for our black cat Toby. ;o) xx

  6. Binx is beaaaauuuttiifull! I'm glad Dexter has welcomed him lovingly:) & I hope your road smooths out soon, sweet xxx

    Laura | elelibee

  7. Those nails are amazing! Been dying to head south to get Bethany nails, her Instagram is full of dreamy beauty <3

    Are you getting anything done at the London Tattoo Con? X

  8. Gorgeous Binx, your updates always make me jealous for kitty times!!
    I absolutely adore that skirt, the quilted stitching is such an awesome detail.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  9. How gorgeous is wee Binx! Love your choice of name for him. Well done on keeping up with the healthy eating and exercise, I really need to start back up again as feeling like a little round ball at the moment. Hope you feel better too btw. Lianne x

  10. Oh my goodness, how beautiful is Binx?! His eyes are stunning. I also love his name - so much love for Hocus Pocus! Happy to read he's going from strength to strength and putting on weight.


  11. Ha. Ayden, I was actually thinking about you the other day when I found a Christmas card I received from you so long ago :P anywaaaay Binx is a very handsome little man :) glad that he now has a loving furrever home. I hope you're feeling better as well. Between kitten cuddles & eating better, I'm sure you're already on the mend. X

  12. I haven't read your posts for a little while now - not through choice, I haven't had the time to go through my Bloglovin' feed and the posts are piling up! So I'm finally getting the chance to catch up now, apologies for the comment spam! Haha!

    The story about Binx broke my heart, his poor sibling :( still, he's had an awesome beginning to a new story and I'm sure him and Dexter are the best of friends! Xx

    1. PS. No need to explain to me where Thachary Binx came from! I have always wanted a cat called Binx (Thachary Binx for when he's been naughty ;) haha!) xx

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