Feelin' Blue

Well HELLO there strangers. I feel like starting this post with my usual excuses of being busy, life taking over etc... and I guess that is the truth. But I'm not gonna moan. I've had a tough few weeks dealing with long hours at work and a break up in the midst of that. I finished up my BBC job on monday and have decided to take a bit of time off to recharge my batteries. I've been running on empty for the last wee while and it hasn't been fun. It's been a hard decision to turn down more work but I need to be selfish right now and have some time for myself. Catching up with friends and family, blogging, sleeping, exercising and going on some adventures are the simple life pleasures I've got my sights on at the moment. So be expecting to see a lot more of me on here from now on :)

The picture above was taken at the weekend when I went away to a big house out in the countryside with some of my gal pals.  A night away in the middle of nowhere, with no phone signal, good company and a hot tub were much needed.

One night definitely wasn't enough, but I had a great time while we were there. I know a hot tub in the middle of May in Scotland isn't the warmest of situations to be in, but the prosecco definitely warmed my blood up. Oh, and noticed the pink hair is gone?! This time I'm feeling blue!

My first blue application a few weeks ago was using Crazy Colour, which washed out quite quickly so second time around I used the dye above by Chill.

On the left is the before, and right is the after (both wet hair) I used the turquoise, which I like as it still has quite a mermaid green tone to it. I'm going to use the blue this weekend on my hair in time for the Katy Perry gig on sunday! You can use the Chill toner to make pastel versions of each colour too. Or of course to eliminate brassy tones in blonde hair! I've not seen my white blonde locks in a while now but I do miss them. Will be sure to post pictures after I use the blue this weekend!

New sunnies and trying to channel my inner Katy P. Anyone else going to her gig this weekend? What colour do you think I should go after the blue?

Up until a month ago I knew TOMS did shoes, but not sunglasses. In case you are not familiar with Toms, they have an initiative where with each shoe purchase, a new pair of Toms is given to a child through one of their 100+ shoe giving partners. I was pleased to hear that an eye wear purchase also gives help to restore sight to an individual through sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses, or medical treatment. So it is nice to know while I am enjoying my comfy black flats and pink retro sunglasses that someone in need is also benefiting.

It had been 2 years since my last eye test so a few weeks ago I popped along to my local Specsavers Sauchiehall Street. Thinking that my prescription has always been quite weak, I found out that it is moderate, I have astigmatism in both eyes and I should be a full time glasses wearer. I was not expecting to hear that! After the super high tech eye test I got to see a photograph of the back of my eyeball. Sounds pretty gross but it was actually quite cool haha. Okay Ayden, okay...

Since I need to wear glasses all day err' day now, I opted for the 2 for £99 from the new Cheap Monday range. I love Cheap Monday! I have jewellery, tshirts and jeans from them, so it was a nice surprise to see they have very reasonably priced glasses now too.

Left or right, which pair do you prefer? I've been alternating daily between the two at the moment. Blue is definitely a theme all around me at the moment - and rocking my favourite new blue Volcom dress from Spartoo. Hurry up summer, where are you?! Mind you, it can be 12 degrees in Glasgow and that's classed as 'taps aff' weather. We are such a classy bunch in Scotland.

Blue things, you can stay. But blue mood, you are getting obliterated! Good times only from here on out ♥


  1. Hope you have a good amount of time to recharge love! It is so important to your health to have some wind down time :) I've just come out of a 6 week stint and am so looking forward to a couple of days of nothing!

  2. Enjoy your down time - from what you've shared of your work in the past you totally deserve some relaxation! Loving your hair colour too, wish I had the guts to dye mine such a gorgeous colour. I'm off to see Katy on the Saturday & the Sunday this year (and at Big Weekend next weekend too!) so might catch you there xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. Your hair looks amazing! Enjoy your time off.

  4. You deserve a bit of relaxation & recharging Hun!
    Chin up lovely, don't forget you are awesome !!!!

  5. You really suit the blue hair. I love the glasses on the right!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  6. Your hair looks amazing, I miss mine being blue! May have to try that dye range too, it looks good! xx

    ☾ www.liquoricepearls.com ☾

  7. Ahh, this makes me miss my blue hair but I'm happy with my change of orange. I love the Toms initiative that they have, I've wanted to buy a pair for a long time and you can't feel too guilty if you are giving back at the same time.

  8. You are so lucky that you seem to suit every hair colour! I love the turquoise colour - the pretty mixture of green and blue reminds me of mermaid hair.


    p.s. how amazing was Katy Perry?! I went to see her last night as well and was blown away.

  9. Your hair is absolutely amazing! What a fantastic colour! Love it

  10. You look fantastic, blue hair really suits you!