Little april shower

A couple of weekends ago my lovely friend Sally came to visit from London for the weekend. We had tickets for Fall Out Boy on the Saturday night at the Hydro, so I wanted to spend the rest of the weekend giving her a super quick tour of Glasgow. Sally does the same job as me but down in London, so we always manage to have a good gossip about work (and boys, and unicorns... all the usual stuff really)

Last time Sally and I saw each other was during my London trip in October, and I definitely need to do that again this year. Some of the highlights from that trip were Drink Shop & Do with Sally and Chloe, Spitalfields Market with Erin, epic hotel room gin drinking with Matt, Dim Sum with Max, and all the wandering around the shops that I did on my lonesome during the days (WAH Nails, Lauduree, Drop Dead, Liberty, the list goes on...) London is a dangerous place to spend your wages! Not to mention The Harry Potter Studio Tour. Oh my days, I would do that again in a heartbeat. Next time I'm down I've got my eye on taking the Muggle Tours which I spied on the Hotel Direct events calendar. It is a tour of Harry Potter film locations around London, and sounds right up my street. I wish we had more stuff like that up here :( But I'm a proud Glasgow Girl and I was still determined to give my London sweetheart a weekend to remember!

Glasgow was rainy for Sally's arrival, but not surprised with that weather to be honest! I like that the days are getting longer - well, it's lighter into the evening. Reassuring sign that summer is on its way.  We went to the Cathouse on the friday night for lots of drinking and dancing, and on Saturday before the gig I took Sally to my local BBQ joint, Buddys. It's only a 10 min walk away so we braved the showers and took a stroll. The odd thing about the weather at this time of year (especially in Scotland) is that it can be raining one minute, then sun bursting through the clouds the next. I love wrapping up cosy, but still want to feel colourful and able to strip the layers off if I need to.

Jacket: Fred Perry
Snood: Zalando
Dress: Zalando
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Dr Marten at Cloggs

This is probably my best attempt at cross seasonal dressing. Thick tights and these new (and surprisingly comfy) Dr Martens shoes, along with a waterproof raincoat and snood. The dress from Zalando was actually quite thick, almost a velvet like material so quite warm even though it doesn't look it! Oh, and I may have dyed my hair pink :) I used crazy colour so after a couple of weeks it has faded to a pastel pink now, which I am quite enjoying. Any tips for dressing between seasons? I absolutely hate getting caught out, and can be a very grumpy lady if I'm out and about but too hot or too cold (and wet feet too, bloody awful)

We got some well earned burgers and poutine at Buddys, and if my memory serves me right had to go home for a nap before the gig because we were so stuffed! Fall Out Boy were brilliant and we spent the concert dancing away, reliving our youth :) On sunday Sally had to catch the train home at 3pm, so we went into the city centre for a wander around the shops and some lunch. I was very sad to wave this lady goodbye.

London and Glasgow, have you been to either city? What are your favourite things to do in both? I'm a total home bird but wondering if my career will maybe take me to London one day (and knowing my luck, I'll take the rain clouds down with me) Watch this space ;) ♥


  1. Wow, look at your hair! It looks very awesome, I love pink hair. Wouldn't it be such a pain to maintain I'd dye it right away <3 Love this on you! I have been to London, which was okay, but I was not blown away. I guess its just too similar to Berlin where I'm from - a bit muddy, a bit artsy, lots of little shops, cool corners and not so cool corners..although I have to say people were much more friendly and helpful than back home. I would love to visit Scotland some time! :)

  2. I'm desp to come to Glasgow! take me out <3 xx

  3. Love your outfit Ayden! Sounds a wonderful time, and Buddys looks GOOD.

  4. this sounds like the best trip. Friends, food and FOB, what more could you ask for? Love the detail on your shoes x

  5. Aw I love glasgow so much. Feels like aages since ive been! Bf and I do shopping and eating mostly hehe! Btw I love your hair :)

  6. Your hair is wonderful and those shoes are lovely!
    Looks like you had a great time, I love being able to show people around my city :)

  7. I really need to go to the Harry Potter studio tours :( I want to go so badly!!x

  8. Love the dress! I'll be spending my summer interning in London and I plan on taking a little weekend trip to Scotland at some point! It looks like such a beautiful place to explore!

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