Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

It's been a while since I featured my favourite fuzzy boy on the blog, so I thought I'd spam you with kitty goodness and show you Dexters latest 'haul', his bamboo radiator bed from Swell Pets

Forgot these pictures featured a wee cameo from my flatmates cat (and Dexters BFF) Tinkerbell. She's a wee cutie! Dexter is quite a big boy so I was initially worried that he wouldn't fit in the bed, but he can lie there quite snug with his tail hanging out the other end. The soft padding inside gets nice and warm once the radiator has been on for a while, and it gets these two fighting over a place inside it. Dexter already has two normal cat beds which he never uses, to it's nice to see him going for a snooze somewhere that isn't my bed/ontop of my wardrobe/ontop of my freshly dried clothes! Fellow cat owners will know my pain with this one. And with a cat like Dexter as the warmer months are coming in... WHITE FLUFF EVERYWHERE!

Does your cat or dog like to sleep anywhere and everywhere that isn't their own bed?

P.S a baby photo of my baby cat thrown in for good measure!

Do blondes have more fun?

For years I asked myself that question, and upon becoming blonde in the past 6 months or so I think I've been having fun no matter what my hair colour is. Apart from the time I used Bleach Londons Rose and it lasted a grand total of 48 hours, that wasn't so fun. It took a while to gradually lighten my hair up to the current colour, and the upkeep of getting your roots dyed every 6 weeks (or in my case whenever I can nag my mumma-bear) is beginning to get a BIT boring. But it is distracting me from going crazy and chop it all off a la 2010 pixie cut. So we will see how long the blondeness lasts this year.

My Mum is a hairdresser by trade but spends most of her days now teaching and session styling for photoshoots. She does one day a week in a salon to keep her old clients ticking over, so I popped in the other weeks to get my roots done. My wee mammy dearest is also a bit of a master with the old hair extensions and wig making...

You can view more of my Mums portfolio on her website, but look at these insane creations she made for a shoot last year! I had some new Foxy Extensions I was looking to get cut into my own hair, so we sorted that while getting my roots done too. As great as most extensions can be out of the packet you really need to get them cut and almost 'tailored' into your own haircut so that they flow seamlessly, and avoid that obvious poker straight SHE'S WEARING HAIR EXTENSIONS look.

First up, my mum washed the extensions and put a toner on them just to tie them into my own colour a little bit more. That's the major risk you take when buying hair online rather than being able to colour match in person. That lovely ball of hair above was the total loss we got from washing, toning, brushing and drying - which my mum said is quite normal as even expensive hair extensions can be highly processed before they hit the shelves, so there is bound to be a bit of loss as we start to use and abuse them. But now all the hard work has been done I promise to treat them with the utmost of care.

I was super pleased with the final outcome and think my Mum did a great job. I wanted a bit of a wavy look because I was going out after these photos were taken, but I will be sure to post a picture soon of them in and just straightened normally. As I mentioned before, she cut them into my own hair shape so I have 4 layers that I need to put in in a specific order for them to really look their best. From the base of my head there is a row of 4, row of 4, row of 3 to the right hand side, row of 2 to the left and a final row of 2 at the top just under my fringe.

What are your experiences with hair extensions? I am enjoying these clip in's from Foxy because they're an easy and temporary solution to long hair lust ♥

Not all those who wander are lost.

Firstly, I have no idea where that last rogue post came from (it was an old one about my ipad I posted last year, which decided to show it's pretty face at the front of my blog again?) In case you think I've suffered a bit of a time warp and went back to my brown hair.

I guess this month has been a time warp for me after all. Full of highs and lows and it has left me in a bit of a strange place to be honest. I started on the second series of fill your house for channel four at the beginning of the month, and 4 weeks of 14 hour days didn't leave much time for me to do much else. I managed to cram in some nights out on my rare days off but amongst the madness blogging was really the last thing on my mind. Ever get that feeling where ever day is groundhog day and you're just drifting through rather than actually living in each moment? That's sort of how I've felt for the bulk of the month.

I've got a couple of weeks off now so lots of time to redeem myself and hopefully build my spirits back up and get into blogging again. So I apologise in advance for coming across as a little deflated in this post. Thank you for sticking by me too even though I'm not the most regular blogger on the planet. Feel like I've lost my way at the moment, so any feedback on what you'd like to see from me on here would be greatly appreciated! So, here is a massive sum up of what February held for me! Warning, it's picture heavy :)

I attended an event at Snugglemuffin in Glasgow for lots of lovely tea and awesome cakes! Here's me and Amanda with some cupcakes we decorated.

My faves were the pink champagne cocktails (which tasted just like melted fab ice lollies) the chocolate covered strawberries and the smores brownies. Cocktails and cake are a sure fire way to this girls heart :)

On the same evening I also got my nails done at Rainbow Rooms. I'm a total sucker for a french mani, and couldn't resist a little sparkly fade feature nail.

Just before I started on the channel four job I had a night at the Hydro with my Gran for the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour. I wasn't a massive follower of the show but it was still a very entertaining night. My Gran had a lot of fun too which was lovely to see. She doesn't get night outs like this very often so it was a total joy to treat her.

First week on the job, out and about sourcing materials I popped by my Mums for lunch one day and ended up playing with my sisters dream phone. I never had one myself so I was chuffed that my Mum got a hold of one for her. I spent the rest of the afternoon calling up hot boys of course ;)

Another few days into the job entailed of visiting some of the big scrap yards in Glasgow (you will see why when the show comes on telly this year) It did remind me of the film The Brave Little Toaster. And I got to wear a super cool hard hat and high vis waistcoat for the afternoon too! What an outfit post that would have made for haha.

The first weekend after I started work called for a big girlie night in! Grant came by for a drink before he went out, and Gary and his boyfriend sat in with us for a while too. Once all the boys had vacated we got the tunes on and the alco-pops on ice (classy birds)

Instead of relying on my macbook for music I had a loan of the Pioneer X-SMC11DAB speaker, and all I can say is that I WANT ONE. I never realised how much of a difference in sound there would be from a laptop, to a proper docking system like this. John is a sound engineer so he set it up all up for me and had a play around, and was impressed too. My iphone 5 fit in the dock, which meant I was able to put Spotify on shuffle all night - which made for some hilarious music choices and we danced the night away to mostly 90's and early 00's pop, think Spice Girls, Britney and Christina Aguilera.

The night was full of hilarity and we ended up getting my flatmates unicorn head down for the bookcase and having a dance around with it (he made it when we were at uni... and lets face it what is life without a giant unicorn head) We went to bed at 5am and it was one of those nights where there are many videos and pictures that shall never see the light of day. The speaker also had a CD player and radio built in too, so it was quite nice enjoying it for a couple more days after the party. I love getting music on when I'm tidying up, cooking, or going for a shower. Definitely need to put one of these on my 25th birthday wishlist.

A slightly more sober weekend was to be had after the party, and Kyle treated me to a day of snowboarding up north! I was feeling quite stressed with work at this point so it was great to get away for the day with no phone signal and brush some of the cobwebs away.

I'm getting my roots done tomorrow, but boredom struck a couple of weeks ago and I ended up using Rose from Bleach London to give my hair a pastel pink tinge. This is how it turned out, and it literally washed out the next day. I know it is only meant to last between 2-10 washes but I was still slightly disappointed with the staying power. At least it didn't stain my hair in the slightest! How have you got on using any of their dyes?

I popped my Pinto cherry one lunch time at work before we started filming, and holy crap it was amazing! I'm not a huge fan of mexican or spicy food but the burrito I got was SO GOOD (even though it doesn't take the prettiest food porn picture)

I had the saturday off the weekend of valentines day, and was treated to this lovely parcel from F&F. 
OKAY I admit this picture is missing a huge pink hotel chocolat lollypop which was beautifully decorated, but I was naughty and gobbled it up before I got a chance to take the photos.

I got to use my lovely Soap and Glory glow lotion, lipgloss and Essie nail varnish on my date night with John that saturday (oh, and maybe the pretty new underwear set too! Can't believe Tesco have gorgeous sets like this) We went for a drink at Firebird in the west end then to Butchershop Bar and Grill for some epic steaks.

More cocktails at the Butchershop, and then dat steak. Oh my! It was brilliant.

We came a home a bit tipsy and proceeded to pull Dexter in for some selfies. He was less than impressed!

Back to work on sunday for a last minute push to prep for filming on the monday. Here's me with my super talented boss and production designer Laurel.

The week of filming was pretty intense, but it was a great job with a fantastic team and I felt very lucky to be back working alongside such a talented bunch of individuals. Very sad to wave goodbye to Max, Lee and Charis at the end of the week. But you might be seeing more from them sooner rather than later ;) My lips are sealed!

My first day off after filming I spent with John, and we went for a long walk in the south side which ended up in a bit of a pub crawl followed by dinner at Buddys. Another meat induced coma, no wonder I've not lost any weight this month with the amount of food that's been consumed.

The day after I finished up with channel four I ended up doing a comedy pilot with STV for a couple of days, and then my job last week and this week got cancelled :( Which I think turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was running on empty by the end of the month and didn't realise how much I have needed some time to myself. I met up with Jenn for breakfast the first day I was completely finished with all my telly work, and she borrowed some of my snowboarding stuff for her trip to Switzerland this year. Super jealous! Although I have done lots of snowboarding in scotland I have never been abroad to do it. This definitely needs to change.

After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup I headed into Glasgow to get tattooed. I'm trying to fill some of the gaps on my right arm and got this one on my forearm. A little one for my Mum, who is the biggest source of strength and inspiration in my life ♥ This week I am going to get another gap filled with something for my Dad. Watch this space!

Haha this post is going on for everrrr. Nearly done, I promise. Friday was Dexters 2nd birthday, which he celebrated by watching me doing my accounts, followed by some sleeping and eating of dreamies. It's a hard life eh?

On saturday I went into town to get my nails and eyebrows done, which ended up being a complete disaster. I won't name and shame the company on here but if you follow me on instagram (@hellorogue) you can see the photos and what happened. I bought some new clothes in town which felt so strange after I had been paid because I've not bought myself anything new in absolutely ages. Typical when you have some money to spend you go looking and hardly see anything you want to buy. On saturday night Uncle Greig and his girlfriend Anita came over for dinner, then me and Emma went out for an evening of drinking and dancing. We ended up bumping into Kyle so he came back to mine and stayed with us too. I was in fine spirits when I woke up on sunday morning, until I went out to the car to find this...

My car has been hit, again! After getting the back end fixed only a month ago, I can't believe another driver has rammed into my car and not bothered to stop and leave their details. It really makes me loose my faith and think that there are no honest people out there :( The parking is tight in my street, but I wasn't on a corner or anything so I have no idea how this happened. Currently waiting on a quote to get it fixed, but this is honestly the last thing I need right now. I know it's only a car, but it has been a pretty exhausting month with some personal struggles going on and I really wish this hadn't happened again.

But hey, that's life isn't it? When life gives you lemons, crack open the gin. I picked up my auntys dog murray on sunday afternoon so I've got him to keep me company this week, and have a few other nice bits and bobs planned to keep my spirits up until the next job comes along.

Well this has been the most eclectic and jam packed post ever, but now we are up to date with all of my goings on I promise that things shall get a bit more regular around here :) Remember to let me know what sort of stuff you'd like to see more of from me! And I'm always on twitter and instagram (links in the sidebar) so you can keep in touch via there too.

All the hugs!