You Know Me Now

Sleepy Saturday mornings with pj's and a pot of coffee - I like you!

I did take a handful of pictures in London on my camera as well as the ipad mini. Highlights being my lovely macaron dessert at Laduree and Dumbledore's costume at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Currently obsessed with this lip and cheek tint from Shu Uemura. How pretty is the packaging?

I'm wearing the Princess Coral colour, which is a lovely creamy consistency and a great one to keep in your hand bag for topping up your lip and cheeks, rather than having to carry around a few different products.

I teamed up my coral lips and cheeks with this vintage Hard Rock Cafe shirt from Brag Vintage. They have some lovely stuff on the site at the moment. I must admit I can get a bit lazy when it comes to rumming through rails in vintage shops - so online is often the best and easier option for me! My 'Dope' all in one is from Choies. Was a bit nervous about the 'one size fits all'... but it worked out okay.

Sitting writing this blog I've just had a text from Kyle to see if I want to go out tonight, and it will be a perfect chance to wear my new black blazer from Persunmall. I was quite surprised and impressed with the quality of this jacket and the thickness of the lining - initially quite worried that it would be paper thin but it isn't at all! I've been missing a nice black staple blazer like this in my wardrobe.

I was lucky enough to be featured on a set of Fashion Blogger cards by Stylefruits (which was a real compliment as I struggle to dress myself decently most mornings) and managed to pick out a few of my favourite bloggers from the pack too. Recognise any of them? :)

Another gem from Choies, my crazy galaxy bag! Because who doesn't need a bag in their life with a cat shooting lazerbeams out of their eyes. I feel like that cat right now with the amount of sleep I've been getting lately, and was glad to hear that tomorrow at 2am the clocks go backwards and we will get an extra hour in the day. Warren Evans are running a competition on their blog where if you tell them what you'll be doing with this extra hour you could be in with a chance of winning a handmade double bed and luxury mattress! (the though of that makes me think I will definitely be spending my extra hour snoozing) The winner will be announced on monday so be sure to pop over and enter, and let me know what your answer is. Hopefully more creative than mines haha ♥

Something else lovely that I read recently was about GHD's 10 year partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer. They've just released a new styler and £10 of each sale goes towards the charity, and they've raised over 6.7 million pounds over the 10 years together. It really warms my heart when big companies join up with charities like this, especially ones so close to home. I tried to share their infographic on this post but I can't seem to resize it big enough, so in the meantime you can have a wee look at it through the link above.

I shall love you and leave you with the new music video from my super talented pal Iain's band. I'm not just being biased here, Iain is an amazing drummer but I absolutely love the tune. Playing it loud is sorta motivating me to get out my jammies and start getting ready... maybe not just yet though ^_^

You look like you're from Landan!

I decided to take a break from Glasgow and go on a little trip down to London to catch up with some pals that I've not seen in a while. The train down took 6 hours and I had the best intentions of reading and blogging on my way there, but ended up sleeping for 4 out of the 6 hours - ooops! I must have needed it (I felt pretty refreshed by the time I reached Kings Cross anyways) I took my new ipad mini from Argos on a test run with me to London, I am totally in love with it and all the pictures you see in this post were taken using it!

I booked into my hotel room on the top floor of the Megaro, literally right across the road from Kings Cross. The room was lovely, and the hotel itself was in a pretty handy location and hard to miss as I came out of the train station. The whole front of the building is covered with an amazing painted abstract design. I would definitely stay there again. I unpacked and headed to Harrods to spend a voucher gifted to me by the oh so lovely Jenn.

I treated myself to lunch and some macarons from my fave place - Laduree. Afterwards I spent a couple of hours wandering around Harrods, starting at the top floor and working my way down to the bottom.

The top floor held the pet section, including loads of lovely accessories for pooches and kitties, and even a doggy spa! I did find it quite odd that they had puppies for sale too. They were all piled up sleeping in a tiny little room with a big glass window. Didn't sit quite right with me to be honest. My favourite section was the food market on the ground floor (duhhh) where I got some lovely sparkling wine and fresh sushi. 

Back at the hotel, I cracked open the wine, got ready and had a catch up with my design buddy Max. We worked together on Kirstie Allsopps Fill Your House For Free a few months ago. Max is another one of these people who keeps me super inspired and reminds me why I love what I do for a living! And he's definitely one to watch when it comes to upcycling - you read it here first ;)

We took a walk and ended up going for Dim Sum and cocktails at Ping Pong. This is my first time properly trying dim sum but I was pleasantly surprised (despite them looking like little aliens) Mind you, I wasn't actually that brave because I made Max take a bite of them all first.

One thing that I love about London is all the amazing places you can go for breakfast. I LOVE breakfast (okay I love all food but that's not the point) I spent Saturday shopping around Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, and at night I sat in the hotel catching up with my art department friend Matt, eating percy pigs, bitching about work and polishing off a bottle of gin. My head was a wee bit sore on Sunday morning, but I checked out of the hotel quite early and went to meet my best gal Erin for a wander around Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane.

Fresh coconut water (or milk?!) was a pretty amazing hangover cure! We had a massive breakfast (standard) and a catch up as we wandered around all the different stalls. On Sunday night I headed out to the east of the city to stay with Chloe :) Another wonderful bloggy pal I have met online, whom I would now consider as one of my closest friends. Myself, Chloe, her boyfriend and flatmate headed to Watford for the Harry Potter Studio tour. IT WAS AMAZING. That's all I'm going to say.

At this stage in my career I mostly work as an Art Department Assistant, but have been the Art Director on quite a few small to medium sized jobs too. The Art Department got such a big shout out on this tour, and it made me really proud to be doing what I do for a living, but also quite depressed as I would absolutely LOVE to work on something as big a scale as Harry Potter. Maybe one day eh?

I won't ruin the tour with too many photos for those who haven't been on it yet, but if you haven't then I definitely recommend that you do. I'm not the biggest HP fan out there, but from a work point of view it was so inspiring to see everything up close.

I stayed with Chloe on sunday night, and on Monday I went to Camden Market and Covent Garden to visit the Tea Palace and pick up some macarons from Laduree for Leah. Up until then I had felt fine walking around London on my own, but was feeling a bit claustrophopic so ended up walking from Covent Garden to Kings Cross rather than taking the tube. I met Chloe and Sally (another art department lovely!) and we headed to Shop, Drink & Do to have dinner, drink cocktails and partake in some DIY headband making.

Shop, Drink & Do hold regular crafty events in a really laid back setting. It was a brilliant night and I wish we had something similar in Glasgow!

Another thing I wish we had in Glasgow - WAH nails. I couldn't leave London without getting them done at Topshop on Oxford street. They've help up pretty well and are helping me grow my nails as I wouldn't dare biting these off, haha. I think by the end of my trip I have totally been converted to the ipad mini. I bought a lovely cover for it from Paperchase and it was so handy to keep in my bag for the whole trip. London is pretty great for free wifi everywhere, so I was able to upload pictures as I went. I know some people think what is the point in an ipad mini when you have an iphone, but it is just a lot handier to keep in your handbag than the full sized ipad, and I keep certain apps on the mini that I wouldn't keep on my phone.

On the tuesday morning I headed to Kings Cross for my train home, and was much more productive this time and sat doing some work and reading of my current book The Peaceful Warrior. Gutted I didn't get to see a show, get tattooed or attend a blogger event while I was down there, but I think I crammed as much into my trip as possible. Always gives me an excuse for another trip before the year is out :)

Stand by me

Hello! Right now I have that weekend feeling even though it's monday, cause I've been working on a kids tv show since I got back from London and today is my first day off. Been staying at my grandparents house the past week because my bathroom is getting done up, but I think it will be done by tomorrow so I can finally come home. Although Dexter and the piggies are thoroughly enjoying some tlc at grannies house (thats what gran and papas are for though eh?) Got a wee London post lined up for this week, but here's what I've been up to before I went away.

My new favourite casual bag from Spartoo. I wouldn't normally go for a sports brand like this but I just love the bag so much. It's a great size and goes with pretty much everything.

New shoes, again from Spartoo. Polka dot Rocket Dog slip ons and glittery pink zombie brogues from Iron Fist. They are both super comfy. And talking about zombies, who is excited for the new season of The Walking Dead?

My lovely friend Luisa whose wedding I was bridesmaid at a couple of months back is pregnant and due in february :) So to celebrate that and her birthday we went for afternoon tea at a lovely new cafe in Glasgow called Snuggle Muffin. The sandwiches were amazing, the cake even better and they also serve my favourite tea, Teapigs! They had decaf tea and coffee too which was a hit with Luisa - shes in the midst of finding out what she can and can't have while shes pregnant so it was nice that she didn't need to miss out on afternoon tea and that there was plenty of choice to suit her dietry requirements at the moment. It's a really cute little shop too, just a few minutes walk from the city centre so we will definitely be back.

On a completely random note, I stumbled across these rainbow roses at the flower market a few weeks ago. How beautiful is this?!

Early morning drives in the van and visits to the flower market were for the new spar adverts I worked on before I went to London. We were filming down in Dumfries and the drive down was beautiful. It was long hours as usual but it's so nice to escape the city every now and again.

Meanwhile back in the city, so many new burger joints have opened in town! I went to Burger Meats Bun with Leah, and again with Lyzi when she came up for a visit with her boyfriend Doug. SO GOOD. The bottom picture is a fererro rocher milkshake and burger style vanilla macaron, with chocolate filling! Pretty awesome desert if you ask me :) Too cute.

Blue skies outside my flat, more blonde in my hair, and Dexter being a lazy lump. Hoping to get back into the swing of blogging and managing my work and play life much better. This year has went in so quickly I can't believe that it is almost halloween. Any good outfits planned this year? I'm torn between Grumpy Cat, The Joker and Bride of Frankenstein. What do you think?

Hello Autumn

There are some people you stumble across in life who become a real source of motivation and inspiration. Ashley is one of those people for me. As the seasons change I am making a lot of big life changes too. Change is scary, but it's during coffee dates and walks in the park that I really remember it's just life. We are all on this journey together and all we can do is make the most of it. We're here for a good time, not a long time.

I'm struggling for clothing choices in my wardrobe as the colder months creep in (luckily it actually wasn't too nippy wandering around the park with just a dress and tights on) I'm craving a staple black leather jacket and skinny jeans like these ones from BLK DNM. Think I need to have a complete re-jig and ebay clear out!