Summertime Sadness

I must admit that even though I am excited for autumn and winter, I do have a bit of summertime sadness now that our blue skies and light evenings and mornings are coming to an end. I can't believe that it's september already, but I really can't complain as this year has been jam packed with work on exciting new projects and lots of fun times. Here's what I've been up to with the last of my summer days and nights.

A good catch up with my buddies Lee and Max at the Fill Your House For Free wrap party. I art directed this four part series for Channel Four, with the lads above and the lovely Kirstie Allsopp. It was a great job with an amazing team. I would be so grateful for more work like this. Did you catch the show when it was on? Would love to hear your thoughts!

A final two hour sitting with Stephen Kelly and my half sleeve is finished! He added more waves and sky around my mermaid to block it all in. Will be sure to share a picture when it is properly healed :) I think that's me done with getting inked for the next wee while (famous last words) as much as I love it, it is a sure fire way of draining your bank balance!

I had a lovely girly saturday night in catching up with my gal Ashley. We will be planning my first SG shoot soon. Absolutely terrified but I know I am in safe hands ^_^

Have you seen these rather crazy and quirky Ikea adverts on tv lately? I would love to know who made the doll masks for them, plus the dolls house (super intrigued as that would normally be my job on that sort of production) Mandy the doll in the advert even has her own twitter page. I have an Ikea gift card to use up and I know I should spend it on new curtains, rugs, etc but I'll always be distracted by their apple pie and mountains of the famous meatballs...

Being super busy with work it was nice to catch up with my little brother and sister last weekend. I took them to my friend Gemma's little boys birthday party, where there was lots of dancing and bouncy castle fun to be had. Can't really think of a better way to spend a sunday! Haha. Now that I'm off work for a bit I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family who I haven't seen in weeks :(

One absolute diamond for me has been this handsfree kit from tom tom. I was chosen to be a safety and security tester for Tesco Compare, and it couldn't have came at a better time with my new car and work being so busy. As I mentioned I've not seen much of friends and family lately but this little gadget has allowed me to make phone calls safely whilst on the move. I have been meaning to get one of these for SO long, and I really wish I had done it sooner.

I initially got John to set this up in the car for me, but I actually didn't need to as it is very easy to use. Think just like your satnav - you literally plug in and go! It charges via the 9V lighter socket in your car, and connects to your phone via bluetooth. This is really handy because it means your phone can be in your bag and still connect without you having to fiddle about looking for it. The built in speaker and microphone are small but powerful enough that when you connect you don't need to shout. I was worried that it would just make me sound like I was on speaker phone, but everyone who I spoke to said I sounded so clear you wouldn't even have thought I was driving. I keep this in the car with me now permanently as it is such a handy thing to have. So many accidents are caused by people texting and answering calls when they are driving, and with great gadgets like this around there is absolutely no need for it! So if you're like me and would like to be able to safely chat to people while you're on the move I couldn't recommend this hands free kit enough. Plus it lessens the time I sit singing along to the radio - badly :)

A few fridays ago marked the end of a 3 month job for me with CBBC. We worked hard and partied equally as hard at the wrap party afterwards. I didn't stumble in until 8am on saturday morning, which is crazy for me considering for the months before that I had already been in work for an hour by that time.

After some sleep and a recovery McDonalds the morning after the wrap party, I spent the rest of the day cleaning the flat in my new Boohoo ladybird onesie, and packing to head off on holiday to Cyprus on sunday. My hangover was definitely comforted by the fact I spent the day feeling comfy and looking like a giant ladybird (okay, I think the fast food helped too!)

John and I went out to stay with his family just outside Paphos. We were there for a week and it went in too quickly as usual. I'll post lots more photos soon - it was the holiday we had both been needing. Sitting out on the balcony with a nice cold drink in my bikini is probably the best way to write a blog post - if only it could be that way every time!

Music, movies and pretty things

This is a wee scheduled post since I am on holiday, but I'll be back with a bigger update soon. I feel like doing a little inspiration fix here and there amongst my other lengthy posts, featuring some of my favourite music, films and items I am lusting over at the moment. What do you think? I feel like through my blog you all know so much about my day to day life but not much about the little fine details which make me tick. So if this is well received I'll make it a regular thing. Would love to hear your faves at the moment too, please link me :)

 Currently listening to:

Daughter - If You Leave

Beautiful album, filled with lots of wonderful chilled out tunes. My favourite track is actually from their 2011 EP His Young Heart, and is called Candles. But the whole of their debut album is just wonderful. Perfect music to sink into the bath with a glass of wine and candles lit.

Currently watching:

The Place Beyond The Pines

'If you ride like lightning, you're going to crash like thunder'

I've spoken of my Gosling love before (much like most 20 something year old females) and The Place Beyond The Pines was no exception to this. Ryan Gosling with tattoos and riding a motorbike has to be the ultimate combination for me. It was also really strange to see Bradley Cooper in a serious role, but he played it so well. The romance between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes is electric and intense which makes for a great (if not slightly jealous) watch. If you haven't seen it already then definitely do so.

Currently lusting over:


Womens workwear at Hobbs

Because sometimes I just wish I had a normal job and got to wear pretty work clothes. Y'know? Until then, paint, glue and other crafty substances will annihilate every item of clothing that I own.