Sunday Best

I really need to stop beginning these posts with 'long time no speak'. But life has kept me awfully busy in the past couple of weeks, so prepare yourself for the photographic evidence :)

I got sent a rather intriguing parcel as part of 02's Be More Dog campaign. I'm sure you've seen the adverts! Encouraging us all to be a bit more adventurous like a dog, rather than chilling out like a lazy cat (I sure do know one who is sitting rather close by to me right now) I got two boxes and the option of opening one of them, and as tempting as some 'safe' and lazy treats were, I opted for the dog box, unsure of what I had signed myself up for...

In this snazzy attire I got to spend the day paintballing at Bedlam! :) It is the first time I've ever done it before, and was always put off by the thought of getting shot at as I'd heard the paintball bullets were actually quite sore. So I put my brave face on, and ended up having a BRILLIANT day. I did get shot, yes, and it did hurt. But the adrenaline was pumping through my veins so much I didn't care at all, I think even John was surprised how much I got into it. Lesson learned that weekend is that fortune favours the brave, and I definitely want to do at least one thing a day that scares me.

The day before paintballing was actually the day John came back from the cruise he was working on! I think he was expecting a relaxing day with me, woops. It's so good to have him home, he got me some very generous pressies as you can see above. This boy done good. After paintballing we drove through to Stirling so I could get more of my half sleeve finished, and had lunch at a lovely wee restaurant just down from the tattoo studio.

John was home just in time for Luisa's wedding too. It was an absolutely beautiful day! Lots of tears, food, champagne and dancing were to be had. Look forward to seeing all the photos from photographer, Luisa looked amazing and the sun shone for her all day :)

More awesomeness from John (I'll stop being all gushy in a minute I promise) He got me flowers last week 'just cause', always makes me my favourite breakfast when he stays over, and has been looking after me all weekend cause I've got a horrible cold. Chicken soup and blackcurrant lemsips for the win! I would like to keep this boy forever and ever please.

Getting guaranteed weekends off with this current job has been great as I've actually been able to make plans come saturday and sundays. I went to the Benefit Benefayre one saturday and had a go at their funfair style games. Won myself lots of benefit miniatures! I wasn't very good at the giant mascara brush hoopla though :( And had a wee jaunt into the photobooth with Caryln and Lori too.

It's kinda hard to make plans after work during the week because I don't finish until late and usually like to go home and collapse into bed, but on friday night I went to Sloans with my friend Andrew to try their new Street Food menu. I had macaroni cheese and chips topped with bacon, and Andrew had chilli con carne with chips and jalepenos (hold the cheese!) It was SO good. These dishes are perfect for 2 to share but we were very greedy and had one each. This is the first time I had been to Sloans but the service was amazing and our waiter was an absolute gem. They do macaroni movie nights and hold a weekly ceilidh, so I'm definitely going to be back. Their main menu looked pretty extensive too but the street food was perfect if you're wanting to have a quick but filling nibble along with your drinks.

Another piece of minor news... I got a new car! I traded in my trusty yaris for a VW Polo and I am totally in love. It has been given the seal of approval from the 3 most reliable men in my life, and it even has a CD player (it was tapes all the way with my old car) so I'm a happy girl. Still need to name it though, any suggestions?

Perhaps not as exciting (and definitely not expensive) as my new car, but I got some galaxy print Vans from Office the other week and I've hardly taken them off. I don't think I'll ever get sick of galaxy print stuff.

Wouldn't be a proper blog post from me without a feature of this wee guy. Remember I said about lazy cats at the start? I don't think Dexter's pose could get any more laid back than this!

As of tomorrow I've got two weeks left of this fourteen week job for CBBC. It has been hard work but amazing fun. LOOK AT MY NEW PINK SAW.

When I'm not working or sleeping I am the fully cliche'd tea drinker. I got sent some loose leaves tins from Twinnings to try out, and got to make use of my Cinderella Teapot from The Tea Palace in Covent Garden.

I've actually been drinking a lot of white tea at work lately so it was nice to go back to drinking something more traditional. There is something about loose tea that feels like a real treat in comparison to normal tea bags.

The loose tea came in those lovely tins with a tote bag too. I love the modern London theme with the city skyline, and would totally kill to go for afternoon tea at The Strand! Definitely on my to do list :)

Dexter photobombing, I think he liked the bag as much as I did. What is it with cats wanting to go inside every single bag they see?

One final photo, so well done if you got this far :) This weekend I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself cause I'm full of the cold, but today I wrapped up and braved a road trip to Dundee to get tattooed by Billy Hay at the Dundee Tattoo Convention. I am so glad that I managed to get a slot, as Billy's diary is fully booked up until february. Bit of a hard angle to photograph as it sort of wraps around my inner arm but I'm so pleased with the final result. I can also safely say that getting tattooed in that little ditch part of your arm totally sucks!

I'll hopefully be able to keep a bit more on top of my blogging as this job comes to an end, so my next post shouldn't be as epic/picture heavy as this one was. Good times though, I feel content with life right now ♥

A very vintage hen party

So this weekend sees one of my best ladies Luisa getting married. Waterproof mascara at the ready ladies, I am going to be a roaring mess! A couple of weekends ago myself and the two other bridesmaids threw Luisa a hen day with a 1950's pin up theme. I made Luisa an invitation on illustrator with the date, start time and theme, and left everything else a complete surprise until the day.

8am - On the road to Edinburgh.
(and stopped off at Krispy Kreme for a very nutritious coffee and donuts breakfast)

Luisa being a wee photobombing bandit... but it's okay because she was allowed to be the centre of attention on this special day.

9am - Arrive at our first secret location.

Our first surprise to Luisa was the amazing girls at Miss Dixiebell (who I spotted at the Edinburgh Tattoo Convention) doing our hair and makeup. Absolutely loved the wee set up they have there, with a shop on the top floor and the salon downstairs. There were loads of inspirational scrapbooks with styles of hair and makeup that you could go for. We drank prosecco out of teacups and it was such a lovely morning :) Couldn't recommend them enough and I'm already thinking of the next excuse to go through and get dolled up

12.30pm - Back on the road to Glasgow.
 We dropped Luisa off home and headed onto our second secret location to change into our outfits and get set up. Oh and ate more donuts without trying to ruin our lipstick.

I went for a classic rockabilly look with three victory rolls, half up/down and curls in my hair, cat eyes and red lips. I would like to be done up like this every day of my life please! I wore a black and white flamingo print halterneck playsuit (old favourite from Matalan years ago) and my plain black Carvela heels. So I didn't buy anything new for this occassion but if I had more time and money I would have totally splashed out on these polka dot t-bar platforms from Iron Fist (the amazing makers of my sparkly unicorn heels a few posts back, remember?)

2pm - Secret location number two, Intoxicating Tea Party at St Judes.

We held afternoon tea with a twist for Luisa in the penthouse suite of St Judes in Glasgow. We had tea, cakes, sandwiches and cocktails served in teapots. The Sailor Jerry Daquiri seemed to be everyone's favourite, so Luisa's mum Elaine and sister in law (to be) and fellow bridesmaid Amy got to have a go of making us some. I got most of our decorations from Etsy, Ebay and Paperchase. The knitted willy was a good giggle and hand made to measure (tee hee) by a lovely seller on Etsy.

We did want to make the day a little bit naughty/cheeky without it being too cheesy, so the next part of our afternoon included a burlesque perfomance and mini masterclass! It was such a giggle.

We stayed out for some drinks and nibbles after the tea party. Everyone seemed to have a great time so I'm hoping it was a success! :) It's the first time I've had to organise anything like this and I didn't have a clue where to start. I had only been to one hen party before this (my step mums) so it was a baptism of fire but I'd happily do it again. Maybe if my career in set design fails I could start up as a party planner... hmm!

Have you ever had to organise an event like a hen night, surprise birthday or any other sort of party? I think it has made me realise how much of a trojan and control freak I will be when it comes to my own wedding. I JUST LOVE TO BE ORGANISED. Keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day for us on sunday ♥ Have a lovely weekend whatever you're upto.